After E Coli Outbreak Bingo Fundraiser Gives Locals Hope

The Friarswood Primary School had to close its doors this month after 14 individuals had positive test results for a string of e coli bacteria.  A groundswell movement by members of the community, students, parents, and teachers joined together to help put the school back on its feet. A specialized cleaning team was brought in to clean the building. Lots of equipment had to be thrown away in order to prevent additional cases of e coli.

Bingo Fundraiser Gives Locals Hope

The PTA organized a bingo fundraiser at the Newcastle school. Several dozen children and their parents joined in to assist with the fundraiser. There were loads of Easter Egg prizes on offer to buy new equipment for the school. A difficult time was had by all at the local school and now parents and students are coming together to put the nightmare of the infection behind them.

The school currently has 153 students enrolled. They were expecting to remain closed during Easter, however due to the strong support of the community they were able to open their doors ahead of schedule. Lots of supplies such as crayons, toys, pencils, erasers, and glue sticks were unable to be salvaged. The walls on the school looked bare as all the artwork had to be removed too.

The Official Response

Prior to reopening the school, the City Council made it possible for the students who were well enough to continue classes at NCHS – The Science College. It was discovered through testing that the e coli  infection was most likely  brought inside the building from an outside source.

The local PTA raises approximately £5,000 annually in support of the school. The PTA expected to bring in hundreds of pounds from the slated bingo night. Local citizens cite the PTA for being really proactive. Local parents and students were grateful for the fundraiser as it will go directly towards replacing the lost equipment at the school.