Sands of Fortune

Play Sands of Fortune Slots
Sands of Fortune Slots has rapidly ascended the rungs of the world’s most popular adventure slot games. It features 5 spinning reels and 9 paylines of wild action, a la Indiana Jones and The Mummy-style entertainment. With a veritable treasure-trove of jackpots waiting to be hit, this popular game has become the numero uno selection for slots gaming aficionados. As with all other games of chance at BigBrotherBingo, the more you wager the more you stand to win. This thrilling slot game features affordable betting selections starting at 1p per line, up to £10 per line or more. With 9 paylines, that’s a max bet of £90+ per spin. The jackpot is listed as 100 coins, and the second jackpot is 150 x the line bet. Players can toggle their wagers to suit their specific bankroll requirements. The best part is that the game can be played in a free game mode too. That way, you can rack up as much experience as necessary without risking a cent of your cash.

sands of fortune

How to Play Sands of Fortune Slots
The game features a range of symbols. Foremost among them is the Wild symbol – Anubis. When this symbol appears, it substitutes for all other symbols except Scatters – represented by the Bonus – to form winning combinations. Multiple symbols adorn the 9 spinning reels. These include the high cards, scorpions, pyramids, scarab beetles and the all-seeing – Eye of Ra. Players will witness these symbols coming to life when they are hit on activated paylines. The most impressive symbol to hit is the bonus symbol. When you hit 3 or more bonus symbols, a special bonus game is triggered. This takes players into a subterranean sanctuary of frightening proportions. Slots gamers will have to make quick decisions about which direction to take – with no clue as to where you’re headed. The bonus feature in this game is the must-play component. Sands of Fortune Slots features multiple passageways with jackpot cash, multipliers or bonuses, but there are also perils adorning these aisles. If you fancy yourself as an intrepid adventurer, then this is one thrilling slots game you’ll definitely want to play.

Sugar Train

Play Sugar Train Slots
Bingo fans have plenty to cheer about with the all-exciting Sugar Train Slots game. This wildly popular slots escapade features a treasure trove of jackpot riches at every turn. Here at BigBrotherBingo we know that our patrons have a sweet tooth. And with Sugar Train Slots there’s plenty of jackpot-juicy treats to enjoy. The game features a blast of bright colours – green, gold, red, yellow and rich hues of chocolate brown! The best part of playing Sugar Train Slots is that it’s loaded with sweet success. For bingo players seeking a little time out from 75 & 90 ball gaming, this bingo side game is plenty popular. It’s like a walk down memory lane to a time of candy stores, candy land and glorious jackpot treasures. Adorable creatures pepper the gaming arena, much to the delight of BigBrotherBingo gaming aficionados.

sugar train

Playing the Game: Sugar Train Slots Online
If you fancy taking a virtual bite out of the tastiest slot game, then Sugar Train Slots is the bee’s knees. Enjoy sinking your teeth into cupcakes, rainbow lollies, juicy sweets, gummy bears, doughnuts, candy canes and so much more. In fact the perfusion of flavour-filled treats is so delectable that the only thing to do is to play the game. Sugar Train Slots features 5 spinning reels and 25 paylines of mouthwatering entertainment. Hit the right combinations of symbols and watch your winnings add up. An array of symbols is available, including the Scatter Gummy Bear symbol – it substitutes for all other symbols except the Rainbow, doughnuts, rainbows, teddies and more. A glittering free spins bonus round is available to players with up to 25 free spins available when 3+ Gummy Bears are hit. This cranks up the Slots Bonus Round and with it, your free spins winnings.
The game is really affordable to play too. Players can bet as little as 1p per game to 50p per line. With 25 lines that’s up to £12.50 per spin. If you’re looking to hit the progressive jackpot in this game, then it’s advisable to play the max paylines. 5 x Sugar Train chocolate sweetie symbols will win you x 25,000 your line bet. And if you’re playing at 50p per line, that’s a whopping £12,500 waiting to be hit. Players can opt-in for the auto-play function (with between 10 and 100 games) and even tailor the sound (on/off) according to expectations. Play Sugar Train Slots and experience the sweetest deal in a virtual slots game!

Temple of Isis

Play Temple of Isis
Bingo fans love a little variety in their gaming diet and here at BigBrotherBingo, that’s precisely what’s on offer – lots of top-tier gaming. Players can enjoy a veritable mix of topnotch entertainment in the form of the Temple of Isis slot game. Online bingo players will be thrust into a world of ancient Egyptian treasures, at a time where the fertility Goddess Isis reigned supreme. This wildly entertaining slot game delivers bolus after bolus of topnotch entertainment, replete with Egyptian relics, hieroglyphs and symbols at every turn. Temple of Isis slots features 5 spinning reels and 25 paylines of entertainment pleasure. Join the quest for wealth beyond your wildest dreams in an ancient Egyptian paradise of games. For players just starting out, Temple of Isis slots can be played for fun and for real at BigBrotherBingo.

temple of isis

The Temple of Isis Slot Game at BigBrotherBingo
Multiple winning combinations are available in The Temple of Isis slot game at BBB. The max jackpot payout is 9,500 coins and wagers in the game start at only 1 cent. This generous payday can be hit when 5 Priestess symbols are hit in a row. This selfsame symbol features as the Wild symbol in the game. It substitutes for all other symbols in the game with the exception of the Scatter symbol. Hitting 5 Priestess symbols translates into mega-jackpot payouts. Players are advised to bet the maximum coin values on the maximum paylines in order to hit the biggest jackpot payout.

Lots of extras are available in the game, including Bonus features and Free Spins. The Scatter symbol is featured by the Pyramid. The payout for Scatters is as follows: 2 Scatter doubles the bet, 3 Scatters multiplies the bet by 5, 4 Scatter symbols multiply the wager by 20 times and 5 Scatter Symbols multiplies the bet 450 times. More good news is available to players in the form of 3 or more Pyramid symbols on any of the spinning reels. These give rise to 15 free games. During the free spins round in The Temple of Isis game, all winnings are tripled. Players will be chuffed to know that the free spins round can be re-triggered at will. As the premier online slot game, The Temple of Isis features as the definitive game of jackpot riches. Ancient-Egyptian artifacts, relics and treasures form the bedrock of The Temple of Isis slots.

Piggy Payout Jackpot

Play Piggy Payout Jackpot
Progressive jackpot gaming fans have long punted the game Piggy Payout Jackpot. It’s a fun-filled farm-style casino slot game where hogs rule the roost! The game features an eclectic combination of richly-animated symbols and adorable farm animals. But more importantly, it’s jackpot rich – as evidenced by the fact that it’s a progressive jackpot slots game. Getting into the swing of Piggy Payout Jackpot is really easy. All it takes is a love of farmyard animals and a quick-click to set the reels spinning!

piggy payout

Piggy Payout Jackpot at Big Brother Bingo
Bingo fans love a challenge and where better to get your kicks than the Piggy Payout Jackpot game? The game features 5 spinning reels and 25 glorious paylines of cute piggy entertainment. But it’s the jackpot potential that’s so grunting good! Players need only hit the right winning combinations of symbols in order to secure piggy-sized payouts. Among the many entertaining symbols in the game are the following: a sunflower, a dog, a cat, a rooster, maize, a windmill and sheep. All of these loveable creatures are secondary to the adorable Piggy – who stars in his thrilling game.

Added Extras in the Piggy Payout Jackpot Game!

The Scatter symbols are represented by the Sheep and the Piggy. When you hit 3 Piggy characters, you’re automatically entered into the Free Spins round. This stunning, feature-rich round doubles all player prizes. When you hit 3, 4 or even 5 Sheep, you’ll be able to nab an equal number of Prize Picks. Each of these Prize Picks pays out x 100 the wager placed. With such terrific gaming variety and topnotch paydays, Piggy Payout Jackpot is the game to play!

The Scatter features – the Sheep and the Piggy – can be triggered over and over again. This provides players with plenty of opportunities to hit winning combinations. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols besides the Scatter symbol, to form winning combinations. In Piggy Payout Slots, the Wild is the Windmill. The Wild offers a x2 multiplier on all winning combinations. Payouts in this exciting game are huge: hit 5 Cows and win 5,000 credits on a single line wager. And if you substitute the Wild Windmill, you’ll nab 10,000 credits. But the crème de la crème of Piggy Payout Slot is the progressive jackpot payout – valued at £9,000!

Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra Slots ranks among the most alluring of the video slots games on the market. The game is set in a time that’s worlds apart from modernity. Anchored in ancient Egypt, this riveting adventure game brings the past alive in flurry of jackpot-rich adventures. 5 spinning reels and 20 paylines of scintillating casino slots action awaits the eager player. The game is simply dazzling beyond compare and feature-rich animation and crystal-clear audio-visuals pepper the gaming arena.


Ancient Egyptian Treasures in Cleopatra Slots
Cleopatra Slots showcases the Egyptian Queen and all the treasures of Egypt of old in startling realism, and it’s available right here at BigBrotherBingo. Fans of casino slots will relish the opportunity to spin and win in this game. The game comes replete with flash-gaming software – meaning it can be enjoyed in an instant. You can play for fun or play for real and win. Winning in this exciting casino slot game is as easy as hitting the right combinations of symbols.

5 Cleopatra slot symbols hit on any active payline will x10, 000 your wager. And 5 Scatter symbols – represented by the inimitable Sphinx – will multiply all bets by 100. The game cranks up into high gear when 2 Sphinx symbols are hit, because that triggers a Scatter prize. With 3 Sphinx symbols however, the Free Spin Bonus round rolls in and that’s where you can enjoy up to 15 free spins.

Play Cleopatra Slots at BigBrotherBingo
Bingo fans love a little variety in their gaming diet and Cleopatra Slots is the perfect in-betweener. This game features as a viable and lucrative selection in the casino arena. It can be enjoyed for fun, or for real. Practice the game for free, gain experience and enjoy the action. The switch to real-money gaming is cinch, and that’s where real-jackpots are waiting to be hit. Payouts in Cleopatra Slots have been known to climb to stratospheric levels – much to the delight of gaming aficionados!

Irish Luck

Play Irish Luck Slots
May the luck of the Irish be with you at Irish Luck slots. This popular online slot game features 5 spinning reels and 30 paylines of golden treasures. A wealth of wildly entertaining symbols abounds. These include the Irish Harp, the Shamrock and card values comprising the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The jackpot symbol in this exciting game is the Rose symbol. Further, the game sports a uniquely Irish theme where the Irish Leprechaun brings a sprinkling of magic to the reels. The inclusion of the double or nothing gamble feature is a delightful accoutrement to a quality game. Top-tier gaming software brings this game to life with startling realism. Rich animation, crystal-clear audio-visuals and a wealth of added effects makes for a quality gaming experience.

irish luck

Winning Symbols at the Irish Luck Slots Game

The Scatter Symbol is the Gold Pot symbol, as is the Bonus Symbol. The Wild Symbol is represented by the Lady symbol in the game – the red-headed maiden. The Multiplier symbol is the Lady symbol and she doubles each and every win. The game features a free spins round (with 3 or more Scatter symbols) and a gamble feature too. Players can play up to 30 coins per spin. Coin values are denominated by the values £0.01per coin through to £5 per coin. That’s a minimum bet range of £0.01 to £150 per spin in Irish Luck slots. The jackpots in this game are plenty stacked with big prizes. The max jackpot is 10,000 coins. And at £5 per coin, that’s a whopping £50,000 in jackpot cash waiting to be won. To win this jackpot prize, players need to activate all paylines on the max bets. Further, 5 x jackpot symbols must be hit on the active paylines. Play Irish Luck slots for your chance at mega-money paydays!

Fluffy Favourites

Play Fluffy Favourites
BigBrotherBingo ramps up the entertainment action with the popular slots game – Fluffy Favourites. This world-class adventure slot game sports 5 spinning reels and 25 paylines of fun-filled gaming. Players will relish the prospect of playing Fluffy Favourites slot alongside a cast of adorable creatures in ducks, giraffes, hippos, dragons and rhinos, among others. These fuzzy creatures adorn the spinning reels and when hit in the right combinations, they provide players with plenty to smile about.

fluffy favourites

Instant Win Gaming with Fluffy Favourites
BigBrotherBingo provides players with instant win entertainment in this thrilling slots game. Winning combinations can be formed on any of the 25 paylines on Fluffy Favourites. Players are enamoured by the range of free spins (up to 25 free spins) and big bonus offers available in Fluffy Favourites. 3 or more Elephant Scatter symbols trigger the free games feature and there are lots of terrific prizes in store. Other features include the Claw symbol – a throwback feature – and other relics of yesteryear such as the teddy bear grabber machine. The fluffy toys in this slots game are worth a mint. Players can make use of the auto-play function and toggle with the audio on/off option too.

How to Play Fluffy Favourites Slot Game Online

Getting started with this adorable game is a snap. Players simply select their bet amount, from 1 penny per coin to 50p per coin, per play. The more you wager, the more you stand to win. No strategy is required, unlike at the fun fairs where skill is needed to pick up the teddy bears in the glass-cased machines. It’s just a quick deposit, a spin and a win! The top prizes are worth some 10,000 coins – which could be £5,000 if you’re playing at 50p per coin. And the progressive jackpot prizes (there are 3 progressive jackpots) – are much bigger – somewhere in the region of £50,000. Play Fluffy Favourites and watch fantasy come alive!

Enchanted Prince

Play Enchanted Prince Video Slot
When the British royals tied the knot, gaming patrons were immersed in the magic of the Enchanted Prince video slot. This instant-win online slot game features as the premier 5-reel slot adventure game. It showcases the memorable fairytale characters of the Frog Prince, the beautiful Princess and the murky lily pond. Now you too can immerse yourself in an adventure of a lifetime where romance blossoms, right before your very eyes.

enchanted prince

Tailored Gaming and Enchantment Aplenty
The Enchanted Prince encapsulates the essence of the magical romance story, with jackpot riches to boot. Getting started in this thrilling game is snap. All it takes is a bet selection and a spin of the Enchanted Prince reels. Online casino players at BigBrotherBingo have the option to engage the auto-play function or the manual play function.  In celebration of romance the world over, the Enchanted Prince slot game features prominently in gaming circles.

Big Jackpots and Thrilling Adventure in the Enchanted Prince Slot Game
Players will relish the opportunity to play Enchanted Prince as it brings a treasure trove of potential riches to the fore. Players will be able to delve into a world of fantasy, adventure and reward with this wildly entertaining game. The game is affordable and fun to play. The more you wager per spin, the greater the potential jackpot payout when you land the winning symbols. When you hit the right combinations of symbols online, mega cash rewards will be revealed.

Hollywood Stars

Play Hollywood Stars Scratchcard GameGlitz and glamour is the order of the day at Hollywood Stars. This fantastic scratchcard game features as the must-play instant-win game. Players at BigBrotherBingo can easily scratch to win with this popular game. Hollywood Stars requires players to match their Lucky Symbol to any of the 6 hidden squares on the scratch card. This game is a window into the world of Hollywood’s A-list, the crème de la crème of celebrity star power. BigBrotherBingo players can immerse themselves in a world of opportunity with the chic, suave and sophisticated allure of Hollywood Stars!

hollywood stars

How to Play Hollywood Stars Scratchcard Game

Hollywood Stars scratchcard tasks players with finding a match for the pic reflected under the Lucky Symbol field.  Plus, you are able to pick and choose your preferred bet from a wide range of betting options between £0.1 and £10. And the top prize is a whopping £10,000. Top prizes can be hit when your Lucky Symbol is the Oscar trophy. Simply match that Lucky Symbol to just 1 of the hidden symbols under the 6 squares on the scratch card and you could be a winner. Players have the option of scratching individual squares on the scratchcard or automatically revealing all 6 squares simultaneously.

Hollywood Stars Scratchcards Razzle & Dazzle

Six Hollywood Star symbols comprise the face of the scratchcard game. Players are tasked with revealing the hidden symbols and matching them with the Lucky Symbol. Just off to the left of the scratchcard is the Lucky Symbol. Click to reveal it and then match that same symbol with the on the Hollywood scratchcard game. The amount of cash up for grabs is dependent on how many times it appears on the scratchcard game. Symbols include Popcorn, the Oscar Statuette, the Cinema Ticket, a Champagne Bottle and much more. The top symbols are the Oscar and the bottle of bubbly. The top prize combinations can reward players with prizes in the thousands.

*A top trick for the Hollywood Stars scratchcard game is to wager the maximum amount possible, in order to receive the highest paydays.

Santa’s Presents

How to Win with Santa’s Presents Online

Santa's PresentsSanta’s Presents Scratch Card game is a wildly entertaining online casino game. This game is peppered with Xmas cheer and none other than Santa Claus himself is there to drop off 7 presents for online players to unwrap. The moon is out, the stars are bright and the night is cool. Santa Claus and his reindeer are shooting across the midnight sky delivering Xmas cheer and gifts aplenty. The game encapsulates the essence of the holiday season. Players can enjoy quick and easy access to world of gently falling snowflakes, Xmas carols and presents aplenty.

santas presents

This enticing online scratch card game is relatively straightforward to play. Santa fly’s by and  drops off 7 boxes into the snow. Each of these presents holds a particular gift. All that players need to do is to match up 3 identical gifts to win the prize associated with that gift. Prizes are paid out in the following combinations:

  • 3 Chestnuts x 10,000
  • 3 Silver ornaments x 1,000
  • 3 Blue ornaments x 100
  • 3 Red ornaments x 10
  • 3 Green ornaments x 5
  • 3 Fuchsia ornaments x 2
  • 3 Purple ornaments x1

The game is available to players at Big Brother Bingo in a free-play mode and a real-money mode online. Betting starts at a minimum of £0.25 and goes as high as £10 per scratch card game. An AutoPlay function allows players to set the game to make 5 attempts. Should any winnings accrue, they are instantly credited to the player’s bankroll – whether in real or fun-play mode. Players have two options when it comes to revealing the hidden gifts within the game. They can either click on individual presents or click to reveal all the boxes simultaneously.