Bingo and Learn

A group of school children took part in a bingo event at the Thorold Public Library. This event was part of the children’s March break activities.  Literary children’s characters names were used in the game to encourage the children to read. 

Children Book Character Bingo

A group of children took part in a bingo reading game at the Thorold Public Library on March 13th, 2012 during their March break.  The director of the library called letters and then proceeded to read names of some of the most favorite children’s literary characters.  The characters names replaced the numbers used in traditional bingo games.  The children then had to place orange squares under the correct letter and character that was called.  The bingo started with the director slowly calling out the letters and numbers to give the children some time to place their squares.  Next, the director decided to play a few rounds of speed bingo with the children where the numbers and characters were called out at a faster rate.  In the final round, the children played full card bingo and had to fill all the squares to win.  A little girl raised her hand and called out “Bingo”, her card was checked and it was confirmed she had won the game.  The girl then got to pick out a toy from erasers, decorated pencils, key chains, and several other toys for her reward.  The director then allowed all the children who did not win a game to come pick their own prize for participating.

Benefits of the Children Book Character Bingo

First, bingo is a fun game for children and adults alike to play.  It gives children the opportunity to interact with each other and with adults in a relaxing and fun manner.  Children have fun during this exciting game, especially during speed bingo.  The rewards that were given make the children feel good and proud as well.  More importantly, however, are the learning benefits children get from playing a game like this.  It teaches them to recognize letters, and it encourages them to read when they seek out characters names.  It also allows the children to learn how to listen and then to interpret the words they hear to words that are on the bingo cards.  Games such as this are fun for children and then in turn make learning and practicing their reading skills fun as well.