Bingo Laws in Alabama

Bingo might be gone for good in Alabama! On Tuesday, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange spoke to the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce regarding several issues that are receiving a great deal of attention in the media at this time, including bingo in the state.

Charity Bingo in Alabama

Strange said that when he took office, bingo was a highly-discussed issue.  He said that the bingo debate must be resolved as it is not good for the state to keep the legality of bingo in limbo.  He also states that Alabama must go back to the basics and discuss what the law actually says about the legality of bingo and gaming.  Strange also wants to give bingo operators and the public an opportunity to speak in court about the bingo issue.

Strange added that there are 18 counties in Alabama that allow charitable bingo, and in these counties, there is a clear demarcation in the law of what constitutes legal conduct in terms of bingo and what does not.

Bingo Laws at Indian Casinos

In April, Strange’s office wrote a letter to the federal government, asking that electronic bingo machines be banned in Alabama’s Indian casinos. These machines are similar to slot machines and slot machines are illegal throughout the state of Alabama.  Strange says that electronic bingo must comply with other state laws.  He also says that it is up to the legislature and the people of Alabama to decide whether they want gambling or not and it is his job to enforce whatever law is standing in the state of Alabama.

Strange went on to concede that he did not have jurisdiction on Indian land, adding that he does believe that electronic bingo machines are illegal whether it be on an Indian reservation or any other county in Alabama.  He says it is his job to make sure the laws of Alabama are enforced fairly and that the law does not favor any group over another.