Electronic Bingo Comes to Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Bingo halls in Greater Sudbury are planning on adding electronic bingo machines to their halls in Spring 2012.  The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation hopes to increase bingo hall attendance with electronic bingo.  The goal is to increase revenue for the bingo halls and to raise more money for charity.

Decline in Bingo Hall Attendance

This spring, some bingo halls in Greater Sudbury, Ontario hope to add electronic bingo machines to their premises.  Along with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the bingo halls are planning to open a line of new electronic games as part of a plan to increase business in declining bingo halls.  The income from these bingo halls has dropped in the last several years because of economic decline and the decrease in appeal of playing traditional bingo.  The electronic bingo plan is expected to draw in more business for the bingo halls.  Recently, the income of the bingo halls has decreased by 14 percent since 2007 and in turn, the charities that receive donations from these halls have also suffered.

Revitalizing Ontario’s Bingo Halls

The release of new electronic bingo machines will be used to supplement the original bingo games.  These games will feature touch screen technology that offers tickets like instant and break-open as well as fast-draw bingo that is played at several different bingo halls.  Slot machines will not be a part of the electronic bingo hall plan.  An electronic bingo game has been already been tested in Sudbury that has raised income for the bingo hall, charities and the city by 370 percent.  In the long-term, electronic bingo machines are expected to make about $5 million for charities through the next 5 years and an additional $600,000 for Sudbury.  The test machines that have been released have halted the bingo hall decline and the bingo halls in Sudbury as ready to participate in this new plan despite the opening costs of these machines.