Bingo Club Raises Money For Marie Curie Cancer Care

A leading UK bingo club will be raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity during the month of March.  The club will be taking donations for this charity in return for a yellow flower pin.  The Marie Curie Charity provides care for terminally ill cancer patients who remain at home during their final battle with cancer. 

Fundraising for Cancer Patients

A bingo club in the UK will be supporting the Marie Curie Cancer Care fundraising event this March.  This charity has their annual fundraiser called the Great Daffodil Appeal where donations are taken in exchange for a yellow flower pin.  The bingo club is asking their staff and customers for donations and will be holding auctions for the charity and hosting yellow inspired occasions to raise money.  The Daffodil Appeal is the largest fundraiser that Marie Curie hosts and all volunteers are encouraged to display their flower pins in support of cancer patients.

About Marie Curie

The funds that are raised go to the care of terminally ill cancer patients at their homes.  The bingo club has participated in the Marie Curie fundraising event for three years and has helped raise over £400,000.  Marie Curie and the bingo club hope that people will wear their pins to raise awareness and money for this noble cause and ultimately to give cancer patients the best care available in their time of need.  The flower pins can be obtained at the bingo club, Marie Curie’s shops, website, and volunteers as well as the bingo club.

Milton McGregor Found Not Guilty in Bingo Casino Case

Milton McGregor was found not guilty on all charges in the bingo corruption case.  McGregor and the other defendants were charged with accepting or offering bribes in regards to legislation that was created to protect bingo casinos from being closed by the state of Alabama.  Jurors deliberated for seven days before reaching their decision on Wednesday, March 7th 2012. 

Case Background

The investigation began when three Alabama legislators told the FBI they would receive contributions to their campaigns if they voted for a 2012 gambling bill to stop the shut-down of bingo casinos.  Recording devices and tapped phone calls were used to gather evidence against McGregor and the other defendants in regards to accepting or offering bribes.  Alabama Governor Bob Riley also created a task force that seized bingo machines as they were said to be slot machines and not electronic bingo machines before any gambling bills were passed.  Ronnie Gilley, Country Crossing’s casino developer and lobbyists Jarrod Massey and Jennifer Pouncy entered guilty pleas of conspiracy.  Former Representative Terry Spicer entered a guilty plea to accepting bribes from Gilley and Massey and they were used as witnesses in the trial of McGregor and others.

The Trial and Verdict

Federal prosecutors in this trial alleged that lobbyists and casino operators offered free polling, campaign contributions, fund-raising concerts, and additional incentives for votes in support for the 2010 gambling bill.  Prosecutors based their case on their witnesses and evidence obtained through phone calls and recorded conversations to project McGregor and the other defendants as criminals.  Prosecutors said the defendants were driven by money, greed, and power that lead them to bribery.  Defense attorney Joe Espy there was simply not enough proof to indicate bribery and that the prosecutors’ were only trying to advance their political careers with loose evidence and witnesses that received plea bargains.  The first trial took place in the summer of 2011 where jurors were deadlocked on some of the charges and decided on a verdict of not guilty on the others.  Prosecutors only presented their evidence for 2 weeks compared to the 7 weeks they spent on evidence presentation in the first trial.  McGregor and all the other defendants were found not guilty on the 3 charges of federal programs bribery and not guilty on the conspiracy charge the morning of March 7th, 2012

The Information Age of Bingo

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As in other industries, the online bingo market is a competitive and thrilling one. For this industry to be successful it must draw in new members with promotions. If these promotions, however, fall short of what they are advertised to be then players will inevitably search for a better one. The advantage of using topnotch bingo sites to search for offers is that they permit players to efficiently find the best offers that can be played.
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iGaming Online Gambling Initiatives Halted in D.C.

Washington D.C. was set to put forward proposals to offer Internet gambling to residents of the District of Columbia. The iGaming program would have been the first such initiative in the country and it was looking to provide much-needed revenues from Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack and Bingo games online too. The sad news came from the Council of the District of Columbia when they repudiated the iGaming initiative. The reasons cited included the fact that this bold endeavor had insufficient public comment. What has resulted from this proposal was a 10-2 vote against approving online gambling. The ballot was held on the 7th February 2012. This puts iGaming’s hopes and dreams onto the backburner – indefinitely. What has resulted since the repudiation of this measure has been an investigation into the conduct of government officials.  The long list of malfeasance plaguing federal government officials does not bode well for the hopes of iGaming to generate a successful outcome with regards to legalization of online gambling and online bingo in the District of Columbia.

Corruption and Back-Door Politics

The iGaming initiative has been linked to corruption, scandal and treachery. But e-gaming hopefuls continue to remain optimistic about the eventual overturning of the ban on online gambling activity. The good news however, is that a recent DoJ (Department of Justice) ruling has allowed Internet Gambling programs. The iGaming program was ratified in 2010 and added at 02h17. It was however suggested that the online gambling proposal was surreptitiously slipped into the proceedings. Many opponents of online gaming are intent on ensuring that the iGaming program will remain hamstrung. This would mean that online bingo gaming would not be legal in the District of Columbia. iGaming’s chief supporter – Michael A. Brown – stressed that during the process of trying to legalize online gaming in D.C, there was nothing untoward taking place behind closed doors.

Massive Gambling Revenues through Regulated Online Gambling

Indeed the revenues that were expected to be received by the government were in the region of tens of millions of dollars – not the $13 million that the city suggested.  Brown believes that all the rules of correct application and processing were followed to the letter. Indeed the controversy that has been generated from the iGaming ‘kill-shot’ run deeper. The District of Columbia has been embroiled in a difficult saga involving the District of Colombia lottery.  This all began back in 2007. This was due in part to people claiming lottery prizes for tickets that they never bought. The winner of the lottery contract was the Greek gambling titan – Intralot. The local partner of the venture was Warren Williams Junior.

Play for Fun Games before Play for Real Games

Lottery games remain one of the most enjoyed games for players. And in this vein, iGaming was seeking to provide a wealth of gaming options to players. These games would be available in an instant-play free gaming mode. The benefit of playing games for free is to allow players to enjoy the games prior to them being made available for real money games. These include games of bingo online such as online Multiplayer Bingo.

The Kentucky “Roadkill Bingo” Controversy

Mike Cooper resigned his position as Kentucky Tourism Commissioner after he violated state ethics laws. Cooper made an unauthorized trip to London to meet with Gosh P.R. firm. Kentucky Tourism officials are also displeased with the description of “Roadkill Bingo” on Gosh P.R.’s website stating that it is factually inaccurate and offensive to the state and people of Kentucky.

Resignation of Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper resigned on February 29th, 2012 as Kentucky Tourism Commissioner after he was involved in overseeing a controversial $179,900 contract with British marketing firm, Gosh P.R. On February 28th it was reported that Gosh P.R. paid for Cooper’s event tickets, expenses, and meals while he was in London on an unauthorized visit in June of 2011. This is considered to be a state ethics violation and the cabinet has ordered Cooper to repay all the money he was loaned by Gosh P.R. The controversy continues with the content about a game called “Roadkill Bingo” that is featured on Gosh P.R.’s website as one of Kentucky’s tourist attractions. “Roadkill Bingo” is a game where travelers count how many deceased animals they encounter on Kentucky highways. The Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet of Kentucky stated that this content is offensive, stereotypical, and factually incorrect. The Cabinet demanded that the website be disabled on February 28th, 2012 and the next day the Cabinet also dissolved their contract with Gosh P.R. The cost of the contract since 2008 is $647,769 and the website cost the state of Kentucky $20,000 per year. After the contract was dissolved Cooper announced he is resigning which will be effective on March 15th, 2012. Cooper received $111,353 per year in income as the Kentucky Tourism Commissioner.

Cooper’s Additional Transgressions

In December 2007, Cooper was made Kentucky Tourism Commissioner and served for 2 years before any problems arose. In 2009 until present, Cooper was reprimanded by the Tourism Cabinet and his pay was withheld for 5 days because he travelled without authorization and misused his credit card given to him by the state. Cooper had been monitoring Gosh P.R.’s website and had previously suggested corrections but it seems he stopped monitoring the site since the “Roadkill Bingo” article was posted at the end of 2011. Tourism Cabinet members have stated that their contract with Gosh P.R. has been a great waste of taxpayers’ money because the website has simply promoted offensive stereotypes and not the true essence of Kentucky.

Annual Online Bingo Summit

On April 19th and 20th, 2012 the Annual Online Bingo Summit is going to be held at the London hotel Paddington Hilton.  Some of the topics that will be discussed are technological advances with bingo gaming and how to market and increase profits for online bingo.  There will be many bingo insiders that will be attending the Summit.

Details of the Summit

The Annual Online Bingo Summit is a most exciting event for the online bingo world and will be occurring on April 19th and 20th, 2012 at the Paddington hotel in London.  This is the seventh year that the Annual Online Bingo Summit will be taking place.  The most influential people of the online bingo world will be attending this event to instill their knowledge and ideas to others on the future of online bingo.  Some other attendants of the Summit will be from companies that deal in online bingo who will be there to discuss their opinions on the future of the online bingo industry. 

Topics of the Summit

Representative of online bingo from around the world will be at the Summit to share and learn about the opportunities that online bingo has created.  These include mobile and social gaming technology, how to increase profit from online bingo, and the most exciting innovations will be showcased in the Summit’s exhibit.  There will also be speakers who have in depth knowledge of the online bingo industry who will speak and then answer questions about online bingo.  The Annual Online Bingo Summit has been said to be an event that should not be missed as the Summit should influence the direction of online bingo gaming.  This event is expected to generate new ideas that will help increase the popularity and enjoyment of the online bingo industry. 

Thursday Night Bingo with Sal Bednarz and Steffy Sue

San Francisco is famous for many things, and bingo is certainly one of them. This wildly entertaining, artistic and oftentimes extravagant city is home to a population of thrill seekers. And in this vein, bingo features prominently in gaming circles. One of the hottest new cafes in SF is Actual Café.  The owner, a smooth-looking made guy named Sal Bednarz had the distinct honour of teaming up with Steffy Sue (a starlet entertainer) for Thursday night bingo magic.

Bingo Treats with Bingo Meets

On Thursday night, 23 February 2012, a stationery vintage Schwinn Bicycle set featured at the end of the bingo room. This was no ordinary Schwinn Bicycle. It showcased a novel bingo cage that was affixed to the back seat. The bingo hopper was attached to the bicycle chain, so that as the bike was being ridden the bingo hopper was spinning. The bingo balls would then move down bingo chute. And none other than the gorgeous Steffy Sue was riding a bicycle. She was kitted out in a stylish outfit, with a beautifully done up hairdo. The crowd in attendance at Actual Café was anxiously awaiting the bingo calls. Of course they had to act quickly because there were no automatic bingo daubers available. The crowd of players had to manually daub their own cards with their own bingo markers. And the chant rang out: This Is Not Your Grandma’s Bingo!

A Thriving Base of Players in Attendance

Steffy Sue got loads of attention on the night and she was a deserving recipient of such overwhelming praise. Succulent foods, delicious drinks and a startling selection of entrees and hors d’oeuvres were available for players to enjoy. The entire mood was buoyed by an atmosphere of merriment and expectation. 75 Ball Bingo is played on 5 x 5 bingo cards with the numbers one through 75. The letters B, I, N, G, O make up the 5 columns with 15 numbers assigned to each letter. And this was no ordinary bingo game because the owner of Actual Café – Sal Bednarz – requested audience members to come to the front of the restaurant and ride the bicycle to help out. This just goes to show that bingo is a community game where interaction and community cheer is alive and well.

Prizes Galore, Cheers and More

Each and every week Sal collects all of the bingo takings (donations begin at $3 each) as well as a percentage of Actual Café’s takings and donates it to a worthwhile charity. There are for specific charities that Sal has in mind: first Thursday of every month goes to East Bay Bicycle Coalition, on the second Thursday of every month the goes to Rebuilding Together Oakland, on the third Thursday of every month it goes to East Bay College Fund and on the last Thursday of every month. The charities donated to the United Roots Oakland.