Pechanga Casino Opens Bingo Hall

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians of the Temecula Valley in California opened the first Casino and Resort in 2002, diversifying their self-reliant economy.  Electronic bingo was one of the many games offered at the $262 million dollar Casino and Resort.  In order to make room for new gaming areas, in 2003 the Casino removed all Bingo games.  The Pechanga Casino is proud to announce that Bingo is back!  Starting June 7th Bingo will be available throughout the summer, in celebration of its’ 10th Anniversary.

History of the Pechanga Band

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has a solid history of self-reliance and has established a strong economic base for the people of the tribe.  Heavy emphasis is placed on progress, sustainability, and preserving the Pechanga way of life.  Their reservation was established in 1882 in the Temecula Valley, California.  The advent of electronic bingo, and other games, gave rise to numerous casinos, including the “Pechanga Resort and Casino.”  In 2004, however, the Casino determined that taking out all bingo games would be more cost-effective than upgrading the power system to accommodate new games that were being added to the myriad of electronic gaming available in the Casino.

Although many people were disappointed by the removal of bingo, the Pechanga donated all of the electronic bingo equipment to a local school, thereby giving the school a means in which to raise funds for a new school building. Spokesperson Ciara Coyle estimated the value of the equipment at $20,000.  The generous contribution is an example of the charitable contributions and partnerships made by the Pechanga to improve their own infrastructure, as well as make charitable contributions to benefit those outside the tribe, as well.

Bingo with a Bang

Since the removal of the bingo games at the Pechanga Casino and the subsequent equipment donation to the local schools, Pechanga bingo was typically held on Monday nights in the high school gym, according to Principal Tim Ritter.  To every bingo enthusiast’s delight, bingo will now be available at matinee and evening sessions in the grand ballroom at the casino.  For consumer convenience, pre-sales events for both paper and electronic hand-held bingo options will be made available in advance.  The casino anticipates a grand turnout, as many citizens are excited about the return of bingo.  They can accommodate up to 650 guests per session and anticipate a full ballroom, as the bingo hall is slated to operate through the summer only.