The Bingo Tickets Fiasco

There have been problems in recent years with two bingo players receiving the same winning ticket in linked games because of administration mistakes.  This problem is becoming more common due to electronic bingo machines where players can play many cards at once.  However, online bingo sites do not have this problem because a single software platform is used for all bingo tickets.

Duplicate Bingo Tickets

Bingo clubs in the U.K. are now facing problems with duplicate bingo cards in their linked games.  Linked games are bingo games that are played at two or more bingo halls and are electronically connected.  Bingo tickets are usually purchased in sets and due to administrative mistakes in linked games, some players have received the same winning ticket.  The Gambling Commission says that they have received reports of duplicate winning tickets and in these cases both players are given the full prize.  In recent years though, the winning prize has been split and given to both winners which leaves players with a feeling of disappointment.  The use of electronic bingo machines has greatly increased the risk of duplicate bingo tickets because participants can now play hundreds of tickets at a time.  The manufacturers of bingo tickets will verify that each linked bingo location has its own set of tickets, but they do not take responsibility for software problems in electronic bingo machines.  It is up to each bingo club to ensure the software is working correctly on their electronic consoles and that the software is compatible with the linked game software.

The Advantage of Online Bingo Games

Online bingo games do not face the same problem as linked bingo halls do.  The reason that online bingo sites do not have duplicate ticket issues is because the software is controlled by the same platform for all games and players and there is a single provider that controls the tickets for everyone. Online bingo sites can also uses bingo tickets sets that have the highest number of winning combinations possible for little cost.  Linked and in-house bingo games use sets with a smaller number of winning combinations because the cost of using a maximum combination it far too great.  It may be possible in the future to link online bingo games with land-based bingo games so online bingo sites might have to worry about the duplicate ticket dilemma at some point.  Linked bingo game providers should always be sure that their software is compatible with linked games.