Play Bingo & Help to Restore the Venice Circus Arena

The historic Venice Circus Arena, which is the largest venue in Sarasota County, is looking for bingo players to help with its restoration. Lots of great bingo games and generous prizes are up for grabs.

The Venice Circus Arts foundation is looking to generate funds by bringing in more bingo players to support their efforts to repair the historic Venice Circus Arena. The circus bingo games are held on Saturdays in a marketplace in Venice called King Solomon’s Treasures. The games are themed around the circus and feature things such as traditional circus popcorn, circus contraptions and decorations. The bingo games feature generous cash prizes and also a shot at winning a handsome jackpot.

Supporting a Good Cause

The funds that are generated from the bingo tickets and the sale of concession items go directly into the general fund for the Circus Arts Foundation. The cause is further supported by King Solomon’s Treasures via generous donations of cash and prizes for their 50/50 drawing.

The arena was the home to the famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus during winters from 1960 to 1992. The funds generated will contribute to the ongoing work on the arena’s restoration. The Venice Circus Arena is not only a great historical site in Venice, but it is also one of the largest arenas in the area around Sarasota County, capable of holding about 4,500 people. It is also more than twice as large as the Van Wezel Circus in Sarasota

The organizers of the charity are hoping that the arena will once again be used as a venue for concerts, circuses, and other large events. They are entering into their second year of restoration efforts. The executive programs director of the foundation says the arena is about 80% ready to be used. The goal of the restoration fund is to repair the remaining 20%. With the support of Circus Bingo and the support of the community, the arena will be soon be returned to working order.