Bingo Fun for Everyone at the Westland Senior Friendship Center

Every Tuesday, there is a gathering of bingo fans who come together to try their hand at scooping the pots.  The Westland Senior Friendship Center hosts a weekly bingo event that is not only for seniors, but for everyone to enjoy.  They offer a variety of games including progressive jackpots, pull tabs, and of course bingo.

The Joys of Bingo

Volunteers and players start pouring in around noon every Tuesday at the Friendship Center to enjoy their weekly bingo fun.  There are usually 50 participants that are there every week to play, and the game starts at 1:00 PM.  The payoffs vary by week and depend on the number of participants, but most people come to enjoy the company, and their love of the game.  This is not just for senior citizens though; anyone who is at least 18 years old is encouraged to join in the fun.  The bingo cards cost $1 for 6 cards and there are also progressive jackpots, pull tabs that are like paper slots available for $1, and other specials.  The senior volunteers all say they enjoy their time at the bingo event and that it allows them to build friendships and exercise their minds.  The bingo events usually are played for 3 hours and the proceeds are used to buy goods for the Friendship Center.  Many of the players have enjoyed bingo for many years.  One participant started playing when he was in college and another used all the money she had won from bingo to go on a cruise.

Keeping it Fresh

In order to make the games even more exciting, there is a lucky number every week.  This number is the first that is called and every time it is called $1 is put into the lucky number pot.  If a participant wins a bingo game with the lucky number then he or she will win the pot.  If nobody wins a lucky number bingo game, the pot is used for the following week.  There are nine standard bingo games each session.  After 3 standard games are played, a special game like Around the Free or Crazy L is played.  After this 2 coverall games are played and the final game is the progressive jackpot.  Another fun aspect of the Friendship Center bingo even is that the first woman or man who bingos alone is crowned the Queen or King, and each time their winning number is called they get $1.  The lucky players will remain Queen or King for the next bingo event until someone else bingos alone.  Overall, this is a great bingo event  – full of fun, entertainment, and friendship.