The Monthly Wrap Party!

Let loose with your housemates & celebrate each month at The Wrap Party! Join BigBrotherBingo for this month’s Wrap Party on Monday 30th April in the diary room. Games play every 15 minutes from 7pm & you can win bingo funds!
Bingo first on the pattern below to win these prizes on Monday 30th April.  
Game Plays Bingo on the: Prize Ticket Price
7pm Letter B £25 bonus funds 1p
7:15pm Letter I £25 bonus funds 1p
7:30pm Letter G £25 bonus funds 1p
7:45pm Letter B £25 bonus funds 1p
8pm Letter R £25 bonus funds 1p
8:15pm Letter U £25 bonus funds 1p
8:30pm Letter V £25 bonus funds 1p

Terms & Conditions:

  • If there is more than one winner prize value will be equally split amongst all winners.
  • Funded players only

Exclusive Prizes!

Ever wished you could be part of the cheering/jeering Eviction Night crowd, dreamed of dining in the House, or imagined having your own piece of Big Brother history? Well BigBrotherBingo could make those wishes come true!

Just some of the exclusive prizes we have in store for BigBrotherBingo housemates are:

  • Exclusive VIP access to the Big Brother House!
  • VIP guest passes to Eviction Nights and Interviews!
  • Signed Big Brother props from inside the REAL House!
  • And much more to follow …

To make sure you know how and when you can win these exclusive prizes, make sure you sign up for the BigBrotherBingo Newsletter and check in to the diary room on a regular basis!

Weekly & Weekend Promos!

Earn some Home Comforts from BigBrotherBingo with our weekly & weekend promotions!

All weekly games run from Monday to Friday, whilst the weekend games play every Saturday & Sunday! If you win, your prize will be credited to your account the following Monday – you could start the week with a nice little treat!

Weekly Promotions

Make the House your Home!
Call house the most each week overall in ANY of our 90 ball rooms & win a £25 Ikea voucher!

Live From The Studio!
Look ready for your 5 minutes of fame with a £30 High Street voucher! Bingo the most overall on the call number #55 during the week to win!

I love Blinkin’!
Blink & you’ll miss it… bingo the most on the Big Brother pattern during the week & win 10,000lps!

Rich Side/Poor Side
Play on BigBrotherBingo during the week and if you win the most on bingo or instants you’ll win £15 each – but if you lose the most on bingo or instants you’ll win £20 each!


Weekend Promotions

Get the Star Treatment!
Bingo the most on the Star pattern over the weekend & the top five players will win a share of 20,000lps.

Store up some Goodies!
Win a secret stash of goodies & hide them from your housemates! Take home a sweet hamper every week – just wager the most on bingo & instants combined over the weekend!

Up for Nomination!
Will it be you this week? Bingo the most on the Question Mark pattern over the weekend & if you’re one of the top five players you’ll win a share of 25,000lps!

Ultimate Housemate!
Become our Ultimate Housemate of the week! Wager the most on our instant games over the weekend & you’ll win £25 cash!

Coupling Up!
Enjoy a little lip locking with your housemates this weekend! The top two players to bingo the most on the Kiss pattern will share £20 bingo funds!

Terms & Conditions
Funds will be credited to winners account the following Monday.
Home Comfort weekly competitions run from Monday 00:01 to Friday 23:59 unless otherwise stated.
Home Comfort weekend competitions run from Saturday 00:01 to Sunday 23:59 unless otherwise stated.
If there is more than one winner prize value will be equally split amongst all winners.

£25 Daily Highlight!

Tune in to the BigBrotherBingo House every day and win the £25 Daily Highlight jackpot! It’s FREE to play, you just need to deposit that day to enter the room & claim your six cards!

The game plays seven days a week @ 10pm, and the room is open to housemates all day – so whether you deposit at 5.42am, or 9.50pm, you can visit the room to collect your cards anytime. Up for grabs is:

Fullhouse: £12.50
2 Lines: £7.50
1 Line: £5

However if you fund your account after 9:50pm on the day of the game you won’t miss out – you’ll simply be eligible to play the following day’s game – just make sure that you go and get your free cards straight after you’ve deposited, because you won’t be able to get back in the room after midnight. The room will open for the following day’s game straight after that day’s game has played. Sounds complicated? We promise it’s not!

You’ll find the room in the lounge tab, so deposit now and claim your free cards TODAY!

Terms & Conditions

  • Min cards 6 – max 6.
  • If you fund after 9:50pm you will not be eligible to play that day’s game, however you will be eligible to enter the following day’s game. Just make sure you go into the room before midnight that same day to get your cards.
  • Players must have funded a minimum of £5 that day to claim free cards.
  • If there is more than one winner per line, cash value will be split.
  • Game plays daily at 10pm.
  • Cash prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.

Bingo Mates

Make some Bingo Mates & play your way to FREE funds!

Build some alliances in the BigBrotherBingo House & feel the benefits of friendship! Team up with your fellow Bingo Mates and use your playing power to earn points – the more points you earn, the better chance you have of topping the leaderboard and winning a share of the FREE LPS!

Each Bingo Mates period lasts for a fortnight and the top ten teams win a share of 155,000lps!

To join the fun, simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below … then each time you play bingo you’ll earn Bingo Mates points!


Bingo Mates Results 9th April – 22nd April

Sanakatie493, nickyjr86, GrumpyGert, shaygav6137
Santa FeCauncie, luckyinlove2010, luckylad41, sexybeast281136
Mendozacabbages1, Grey2Win, sindie1231, nanange56125
Vancouvernicola59, dance4charlie, jue24, carty65
Gibraltarkarmakayla, sallyannc, patandy2, WELSHJULIE56
KawasakiDOLLY75, spoiltprincess1, lje369, cat193955
Ottawasuzieq098bb, popsplus5, cowpat, carrottop6846
Hamburglovemyboys, linda15059, vonny27, Traceygo43
Madridtammytickulous, shibdj, katymichelle, ke1bel42
Algiersluckime50, reece, sxychic, mags636
Darwinlainy123, goldenball, nicky1279, cheekydi3735
Paramaribojanicemary, dixie9, anna80, me1973hrd34
Odesarandomgirl111, joanmark1, tan1985xx, lucasfrost33
Kingstownmrs007, lesnmick, mumandson191, grainne32
Indorenanna1, sadiewoo, sharon1970, cath2831
Abujaamobatty, October, florry4, sheff12329
Genevachris2647, maryfairy, winplssss, colly31x29
Austinroxyfoxy, destany75, serendavies, ruby33328
OaklandClaiireeee_x, FoxyMutha, lyonslee, xKittyKatx26
Orlandogemma4812, Jan41uk, stamponmeplz, soul68girl26
VeracruzFraggle1, vickifairbang, kels050, adele9226
Jinzhouannie1962, minidriver, rusticsteve, micha424
Rigaete, xaphis, MooMooMoo87, carl2win24
Adenjoamu, kram57, tymetowin, ZEBRA123422
Ammanblissifur, glc171111, baffinboys, frannysfeet22
AsuncionAHSCARFACE, ashtowin, lounieve, bingoemma3422
Cheyenneitmexx, snowhite1972, audb40, chattycarol22
Yaound�pinktaxi, smirfy11, hotmommy, dizzyjack5122
Baker Lakeanner693a, patgor, angieadams, dgill0726321
Dalianchancer, donnab3957, tilly2011, rubynharry21
Kinshasaniaroo1, blokey, coffee1959, jade9521
Balikpapanelliott83, cazz17, chattylass, Nette12319
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyjennymark, sarah8181, xxcuddlesxx, emma240319
Rio de Janeirostorm69, johnnylove, stacey56, kirstynbob197119
Shijiazhuangdaph, pacemakerjock, cayla10, Jaxinabox19
WhitehorseChocolicious, garry2win, samebadluck123, juzy1219
Dublinjenn88, jacqueline81, coral46, x64x18
Zibocharliet123, vaniti, jo196829, cupid196818
Chisinauwhydoilovebingo, jamiee84xx, lizjayne, sharon4u16
Hangzhouloukaimia, suzyr60, denandsimmo, omagirl16
Irkutskstaceyboo, chippy66, xxjuelsxx, amymay1216
Noumeabrianscouser197, kirsti777, claire4pad, lukeskywalker16
Visakhapatnamramraider69, loganjoe10, xxbrandysnapsxx, bluestar3216
Nouakchottbingocrazychik, bigboobs, chris31leon6, emacav9915
Venicesiajane2811, jen1978, poppysmom, shell19714015
Fayettevillecupcake123, lealea1972, diane68, Tarni14
Providencejill36, unsy34, cheeseus, bigwinner7314
Richmondkarenb9117, whyalwaysme, carol117, mikey4414
Amsterdamgoldden, squizz69, angelina, weejinky2713
Belmopanterri3, nifnafnof, mrsparry, xxstuartxx13
Dohaunluckytasha, o0onikkio0o, emmat73, lol197813
Maduraicouple69, everton28, casinocrazy, xsteph95x13
Melbourneheymickey, beth09, beth1972, dan555513
Virginia Beachtwolildux, caelansgran, happygrandma, ian00713
Albanypopcorn13, dolly4040, towsey111, xcherry76x12
Barnaulshellybelly1, debbsy32, luckymety1, havensweetie12
Des Moinesmarymag, coll72, xxsrwxx, whatidone12
Fairbankslain118, goldengirls43, veronicas, letmebawinner12
Pond Inlethitch172, nannyoggggg, hampton1362, mazk4312
Vaduzsuebrand, critch1970, princessmarixx, houseee12
Bucharestanna1204, lynlyn53, dexxie, davemarie2111
Bakuflufty777, djsture, sham69, miguel_10410
Belushya Gubabigbingo99, mjsmith, fergs44, fmc196210
Chicagojenny2113, nannaspaff10bb, nedfreelander, krystol7210
Dilisamkyanne, yasmin1823, bigbrothergaz, xxlucky4mexx10
FesEllexus, ky10, scottmustwinplz, ladyel6410
LeonSTUPID99, kezcarl01, luckyboop68, win4stacey10
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London (U.K.)skyegal, Grazy79, donnagbb, lisadaz59
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San Diegothill01, jodie333, sazzy420, stulinc9
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San Jose (USA)denny, suzzb, sweetielou12, BekaNasty2
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Thimphuchellenap, riddler1975, sunbeem57, mich1965470
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How does it work?

Here at BigBrotherBingo we like to make sure all our housemates have a chance to get to know each other, that’s why instead of choosing your own team, you’ll be randomly placed in a new team with three other housemates every two weeks. This means that everyone gets a fair chance of mixing with a winning team!

To earn points, simply play as much bingo as you can in the two week period between 8am & 11pm in our 75 & 90 ball rooms. (still confirming these parameters) At the end of the period, the winning teams will be the ten that accumulate the most points between them. If there’s a tie between two teams, the points for that place will be equally shared amongst the housemates.

Position Prize JPS per player
1st place Share of 45,000jps 11250
2nd place Share of 35,000jps 8750
3rd place Share of 25,000jps 6250
4th place Share of 20,000jps 5000
5th place Share of 10,000jps 2500
6th – 10th place Share of 20,000jps 1000

At the end of the two week period the scores will return to zero and the teams will be reshuffled. We’ll announce the winners in the Winners Newsletter on a Monday, and if you’ve made it to a top ten spot we’ll credit your account with points on the day the new period starts. (Each period starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday).

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be a funded player to take part in Bingo Mates.
  • You must be signed up for Bingo Mates before the start of the new period. Entries received on or after Monday will NOT be considered for the current competition, but will be entered into the next competition.
  • Aliases who have not wagered for a month prior to the start of a new promotional period will automatically be removed from Bingo Mates and players will need to re-add themselves if they wish to take part in the next period.
  • You don’t need to re-register for Bingo Mates. (Unless you’ve not wagered for 1 month). Once you are in a team you will be automatically entered into the next competition. All 75-ball bingo wins and all fullhouse 90-ball bingo wins count towards your teams score.
  • Only bingos between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00pm UK Time will count towards your team’s final score.
  • LPS will be credited to the Top Ten teams on a Monday following the latest promotional period.
  • If you would like to opt out of Bingo Mates, please email our support team.

Only a few days until Celeb Big Brother kicks off … we can’t wait!

The CBB year, 2012 – the sofa’s year, 1974

Another year, another new Celebrity Big Brother line-up. But while we still haven’t had the famous people confirmed, we do now have the pictures of the new house – which is pretty cool to be honest, though not cool enough to make us want to go and live with that (inevitably) weird lot.

Special features to note: the blankets on the bed which look so cosy we’re chucking out our rubbish old duvet immediately, the jacuzzi we’d be reclining in before heading to our cosy bed, and the giant moose head which, er, isn’t cosy but is quite funny.

There’s also a pretty decent-sized swimming pool, so all those celeb-types can keep fit while they’re in there. There are also tables set FOR TWO as though those naughty CBB types are planning on matchmaking. WE LIKE THIS.

The new series of Celeb Big Brother starts on Thursday on Channel 5, and rumoured names going in include Frankie Cocozza, Kirk Norcross and Denise Welch.

We can picture them all happily sitting on the sofa and not fighting or getting on each other’s nerves at all already.