Only a few days until Celeb Big Brother kicks off … we can’t wait!

The CBB year, 2012 – the sofa’s year, 1974

Another year, another new Celebrity Big Brother line-up. But while we still haven’t had the famous people confirmed, we do now have the pictures of the new house – which is pretty cool to be honest, though not cool enough to make us want to go and live with that (inevitably) weird lot.

Special features to note: the blankets on the bed which look so cosy we’re chucking out our rubbish old duvet immediately, the jacuzzi we’d be reclining in before heading to our cosy bed, and the giant moose head which, er, isn’t cosy but is quite funny.

There’s also a pretty decent-sized swimming pool, so all those celeb-types can keep fit while they’re in there. There are also tables set FOR TWO as though those naughty CBB types are planning on matchmaking. WE LIKE THIS.

The new series of Celeb Big Brother starts on Thursday on Channel 5, and rumoured names going in include Frankie Cocozza, Kirk Norcross and Denise Welch.

We can picture them all happily sitting on the sofa and not fighting or getting on each other’s nerves at all already.