Aztec Rising Community IG – win up to £10,000!

Win up to £10,000 every seven minutes!

The instant game challenge is on. Hunt for treasure in the jungle, top the leaderboard and you could win up to £10,000 every 7 minutes! Experience the new and exciting Aztec Rising multiplayer slot, brought to you by Joy of Bingo. Play in real time against players across our Joy sites and win a share of 2 community jackpots which pay up to £10,000!

How do I play?
Find and launch the Aztec Rising Challenge Edition in the Instants Tab. There are two leaderboards, the red and the blue leaderboard. As you play, you’ll earn points onto both leaderboards. The more points you earn, the higher up the leaderboard you climb!

How come the jackpots are so high?
It is a community game which means you’ll be competing against players from all of our Joy of Bingo sites so everyone contributes to the jackpots which means there are HUGE jackpots to be won!

How do I win points on the blue and red leaderboard?
To win points on the red leaderboard you’ll need to score 3 or more Challenge Edition symbols on any payline.You can win points on the blue leaderboard randomly on any spin, regardless of the symbol display.

What is the minimum stake?
It is as low as 25p so get your mates together and its game on! GL!

Missed the start of a game?
You can join in anytime and earn points until the current game ends. Each tournament lasts 7 minutes, after which the community jackpots on each leaderboard will be paid out to the top 10 players only and a new game will start promptly.