Great British Bake Off Bingo!

Everyone agrees: Great British Bake Off is done to perfection!

Soggy bottoms to the viewers; and don’t forget crumb structure. Millions of viewers are crazy about the catchphrases and program format of Great British Bake Off.

One Yummy Show

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are the judges. Hollywood is an expert baker and Berry is a cookery writer. They have a penchant for snap phrases that tickle the myriad viewers. The pot is the title of nation’s best amateur baker.

The TV hosts are Mel Gierdroyc and Sue Perkins, both of whom appear to be the bread and butter contrasted with the tasty delicacies, verbal and culinary, of the judges and competitors. The talents of the 12 amateur bakers competing to become the last man standing, include cheeky phraseology along with a colorful baking forte.

Great British Bake Off is the surprise of the summer for viewers and producers alike. A whopping 4.7 million viewers tuned in to the BBC2 program last Tuesday at 8 PM to see all the baking and hear the verbal treats. That’s 1.5 million more people than BBC2’s average for that slot in the evening. This is the viewing public’s top show.

Every week the competitors are challenged with a changed menu of desserts. A recent episode included a meringue, crème caramel puddings and a tasty torte. Brendan Lynch, a businessman 63 years of age, became star baker after thrilling the judges with a fruity torte and outstanding meringue. Meanwhile, voted off the show was Stuart Marston-Smith, a 26-year-old teacher. He had rendered the kitchen disaster city.

This show is so popular that it has sent baking utensil sales sky high. The demand increase at Marks & Spencer is 20%, and at John Lewis it is 46%! The Great British Bake Off has placed the public into a baking frenzy. Just throw calories to the wind!

During the airing, viewers make a beeline to Twitter and Facebook to discuss the good even bake and raise your game comments of judges and contestants. This reality show is an hour of pure pleasure for entire families.

Bake Off Bingo

Viewers are amassing online to share catchphrases and play Bake Off Bingo. As a signature phrase is said on the show, it is marked off on everyone’s bingo card. When the card is entirely filled, viewers shout. The viewer who is aware of the largest number of unsaid catchphrases by the episode’s finish, with perhaps one minute of action left, wins.

Innuendo Bingo, a somewhat bawdier version of Bake Off Bingo, involves double entendres spotted by viewers. The more exciting comments by judges and contestants are also shared online.

Drinking Game – Way Out!

Some younger viewers play a shot game in place of Bingo. Every time one of the major phrases comes up on Great British Bake Off, these gamers take a drink, fully expecting to get drunk by the end of the program.

It’s a Good Bake

If it’s got a good wobble, it’s a winner for sure!