50% Re-Deposit Bonuses


Play with 50% more, every time you deposit!

You can get a 50% bonus on every deposit from £10 – £100! That means if you deposit £10 you’ll play with £15! You just need to use the monthly redeposit promo code each time you deposit, so that you don’t miss out on the extra cash.

The promo code for April 2015 is: SHOPPING (valid from 01.04.15 – 30.04.15).

Each month, we’ll display the latest redeposit bonus new promo code right here.

Plus, the bonus may by surprise you and be higher than 50%!

This could happen anytime in the month, between 7pm – 11:59pm from Monday – Thursday.

Which means that the same monthly promo code could give you with an even bigger redeposit bonus, totally by surprise!

The redeposit bonuses will be automatically credited to your BBB account in a bingo bonus, and can be used in our regular bingo rooms or to purchase cards in advance for special games!

Terms & Conditions:

  • The promo code for March is valid from 01.03.15 – 31.03.15
  • The promo code for March is valid from 01.04.15 – 30.04.15
  • The promo code must be correctly entered into the Cashier, as written above, when depositing in order to receive the 50% redeposit bonus.
  • A new 50% redeposit bonus promo code will be published every calendar month on this page.
  • Larger re-deposit bonuses may be awarded randomly to players who deposit with the above mentioned promo code during the month from Monday – Thursday between 7pm – 11:59pm.