Online Bingo Summit 2012 was a Success

The Online Bingo Summit took place on April 19th in London, England. It was a great success owing to the  many companies that took part. Aside from the fun, participants brought home new knowledge on the online bingo scene.

The first online casino opened in 1995. It provided players with just 18 online games. People embraced it, and ever since then online gaming has grown in leaps and bounds – especially online bingo. That having been said, it makes sense that Online Bingo Summits are being held every year.  The 2012 Online Bingo Summit was held on April 19th and 20th at the Hilton Paddington in London England. This year, the summit focused on information dissemination; it wasn’t all gambling and games. Participants were informed of the advancements and massive opportunities in online bingo. Many established bingo companies participated in the Online Bingo Summit.

 The Success of the Online Bingo Summit

The participants were very pleased with the knowledge they took home with them. The attendees learned how to establish mobile and multi-screen techniques to upgrade their online bingo products. Further, they learned how to gain a greater market share while enjoying a vastly-improved online bingo experience. The summit was full of useful information that gave players greater opportunities in the European bingo scene. The summit highlighted the growing importance of social media commerce in the online bingo arena. The organizers were able to take home invaluable information on how best to boost their rankings with bingo technology.