The Pittsburgh Public Library Presents Banned Books Bingo

Books and Bingo are the perfect combination!

Although censorship is generally frowned up, Bev Clarkson of the Pittsburgh Public Library wanted to create an activity that she could host for children and teenagers in order to inform them about the issue while having fun at the same time. That is how she came up with the idea to host Banned Books Bingo where book titles that have been challenged or banned replace the bingo numbers on the card. For the last several years, Clarkson has played Banned Books Bingo with children and teenagers ranging from 6th to 12th grade in tribute to Banned Books Week. As a prize for those who get a bingo, Clarkson gives the students copies of the challenged or banned books. On occasion, Clarkson asks the children if they know why the books were banned.

Banned Book Bingo: Informative and Fun

A book titled ‘And Tango Makes Three’ was banned because it was about two male penguins, Silo and Roy who became a couple. Roy and Silo are housed at the Central Park Zoo in New York and the book tells their true story about how they made a nest and attempted to hatch a rock. The zookeepers gave them an egg from another couple, who were male and female because they were not able to take care of 2 eggs at the same time. Silo and Roy each sat on the egg until it hatched.

The zookeepers named the healthy female chick Tango. This was the most challenged book of between 2006 and 2010 with the exception of 2009 when it was the 2nd most challenged book. Some of the high school students’ favorite banned books are ‘The Hunger Games’ series and ‘Harry Potter’. Clarkson said that she read an article about an author who was asked to speak at a school in Kansas but was then told she could not attend because the teacher believed the author’s book might offend some of the parents of the children. Clarkson says that parents have a right not to let their child read a book but she does not believe they have the right to stop everyone else from reading it.

The Banned Books Bingo Benefit

Once the game is complete and every player has received a banned book, the students are asked to give their opinion on Banned Books Bingo and censorship. Jeremy Hall, and 8th grader at Pittsburgh Community Middle School says he likes Banned Books Bingo because it really makes him think about censorship and how the students should be able to choose what to read, not the adults. Pittsburgh High School senior Megan Lee also said she does not appreciate when people tell her what she can and cannot read. She says she enjoys Banned Books Bingo, particularly when there are other students who are competing for the same book because knowing a book could be banned makes her want to read it even more. Another senior at Pittsburgh High School named Lauren Geiger says there are some books she believes are terrible but that nobody has the right to tell someone they cannot read them. Geiger says it is not right to ban books because it is like telling someone they do not have a right to have their own thoughts.

Math Bingo for Kids

Math Bingo takes the popular game, Bingo, and transforms it into a repetitive mathematical challenge for children. This game is traditionally a game for the elderly, and is the most widely played numbers game in the world. Even children know the pleasures of playing the game, and using it to teach math is a concept children will quickly be drawn into. Math Bingo isn’t just a game, it’s an app for most well-known devices. In the app, a set of 20 questions or more is timed at the child’s respective level of knowledge in math. Division, multiplication, addition and subtraction are implemented in the questions that are placed in squares, like the squares for numbers in the game. Fourth grade students, for example, are able to add and subtract large numbers. First grade can handle one and two digit numbers in adding and subtracting, and multiplying and division are learned in third grade.

Rewards for Correct Answers

For each correct question, the Math Bingo app answers back with a happy, animated figure, and the figure fills the squares as the child correctly solves the problems. The timer continues throughout the game, instead of counting down like a stopwatch. Watching a timer that is counting down takes away from the fun of Math Bingo, which is teaching children to expand their math skills. Before playing the Math Bingo app, children should have some iota of how math works. The app then takes over, giving children the opportunity to fill their squares without realizing they are learning life-long lessons.

Variants to Enjoy

There are many variations to Math Bingo, as an app or a classroom game. Some of the games are for smaller children and some are more difficult than basic arithmetic. One website for teachers suggests Decimals Bingo, in which players can learn decimal numbers and convert fractions to decimals. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are each games in Decimal Bingo. Decimal Rounding Bingo is yet another teaching game. Math teachers have taken to adapting this game for math instruction, and now use Geometry Bingo and Roman Numerals Bingo. Bingo is also used to teach shapes, and games are 2D Shape Bingo and 3D Shape Bingo.

Bingo Players Should Research Games Before Playing

Bingo enthusiasts looking for good sites to play need to keep several criteria in mind – a baseline to work from when determining which sites are the most credible. Even more experienced players may be drawn into shoddy marketing campaigns and unbelievable offers. Many Bingo sites strive to assist players in giving the best possible rewards and wins, which creates fierce competition among the sites, and consequently, larger jackpots. Online Bingo resources serve to aid players. The resources lay out locations of free games and bonuses, while working independently for Bingo players and as review specialists for the sites themselves.

Bingo Site Attributes

Adding to the fun are sweepstakes competitions, which have become increasingly popular. Even more popular is the social aspect. By joining an online Bingo community, players are offered more chances to win through freebies and forums. Recorded statistics in the communities also give players an edge. But simply researching a resource isn’t good enough. Players must know how valuable the resource is to begin with. Promoting registration is great marketing, however, sites must be welcome to all players of all ages, and encourage user feedback. A site’s glitz and glamour is the second step in attracting players – welcoming all players of all ages is the site’s first responsibility. Independent researchers will vouch for the best Bingo sites.

Validate the Qualities of Bingo Sites

Jackpots and testimonials to wins are valuable. If a research site promotes testimonials, players will feel validated in their choices of which Bingo sites to play. For example, one site has two testimonials as promotions. The total purse between the two players was over $6,000! Traditional Bingo hall managers don’t like to see those figures published because prizes are better online. Jackpots highly publicized carry more credibility, researchers say. Players can trust the large jackpots that aren’t awarded in traditional Bingo halls. Many players may be leery of what they consider to be astronomical jackpots, but it’s the perfect opportunity to find independent reviews of Bingo sites.

The popularity of online Bingo grows because players are continuously assured of site authenticity, where jackpots are guaranteed for wins. In addition, credible online sites offer free games and bonuses while players climb to the ultimate jackpots. Aside from the jackpots and variety of offers, hundreds of players enjoy online Bingo. In a fast-paced world, online Bingo gives players a sense of privacy because they are playing at home. They don’t have to battle the traffic on the way to a traditional Bingo hall. Professionals wanting to take a short break while at the office, find online Bingo very convenient. The thrill and excitement of playing in a Bingo hall can be experienced in the home or at the office because of the choices online Bingo offers.

Licensed and Regulated Bingo Sites

Players need to be aware of which sites deserve their trust. Credible sites have seals of validation, and players will find many sites that do because online Bingo is rapidly expanding. The validation seals will help players determine where to deposit their money and begin playing. Participating in forums is one way to find the best Bingo sites. Forums reveal online scammers, who are seeking to take money from innocent players. After players weed out the scammers, they can begin to enjoy choosing sites to play, and take part in registration bonuses, and other bonuses unavailable in traditional Bingo halls.

The Mind Wins in Games of Bingo

Research has verified the positive effects of Bingo on the mind. Previous studies validate the research, which was recently conducted, and concluded that Bingo lessens the chances for dementia and Alzheimer’s. It uses mental agility and constant stimulation to increase brain activity. According to the research, fans aren’t likely to spend their time in long term care homes, and oblivious as to whom they are or where they are. Dexterity contributes to the visual skills and hand-eye coordination is needed for Bingo success. In a separate study, older participants were given a set of physical cards and had to memorize the numbers. Then, they threw the cards away and recorded all the numbers they could remember. Many players recalled every number on the cards.

Research Proves that Bingo is Best!

The research also found age is not a barrier to the game. Younger players are faster than their older peers, however, the mature crowd was more accurate on their completed tickets. All the research was taken into consideration for online Bingo as well, where the game is just as popular as in traditional Bingo halls. First of all, the ages of players were even more spread out, and secondly, players reported they easily coordinated their eyes to movements on the screen. They can play Bingo while tackling household chores. It is said online Bingo speeds up the game and further tests skills and memory. Numbers are called out quicker than in traditional games, and keeps players listening and sharp. The jackpots are larger in online Bingo, making the game’s appeal seem like a magnet for loyal fans. The online version also offers more variety in games.

Interactive Gaming with Bingo

Online Bingo supports a friendly community, and Bingo fans are actively socializing with each other. This will most likely increase as the weather starts to turn cold, and the snow hampers people from spending time outside. Fans want success, but in addition to that, they love the social stimulation Bingo provides. In Bingo, excitement lies in wait for users on a daily basis. The online sites offer fresh promotions, giveaways, tons of games and other amenities every day.

Older Woman Robbed after Bingo Game

One feisty lady, plus one determined robber equals criminal court!

A strong and feisty pensioner was walking home after an enjoyable evening of bingo. Along came a thief and then there were two people who each wanted one purse. Neither one would let go, and a tug of war ensued.

Criminal Court

The lady later told police that her attacker started pulling at her purse like a dog. The vicious attack took place on a quiet street in Seaburn, in the U.K. The lady was shocked that this would happen to anyone. The criminal pulled the woman, aged 72, across the street as the pensioner continued to hold onto her bag with both hands. She was pulled to the ground twice. As the mugger tripped backwards over the curb, the strap finally broke and the violent robber ran with the purse in tow. This lady was screaming for help the whole time.

In her statement to the court, the woman said she suffered the loss of £100 and personal items. Physically, she was bruised and sustained various abrasions as well as pain in her shoulders and upper torso from the violent pulling action of the thug. Emotionally, she was traumatized. Newcastle Crown Court held a hearing in the matter before a jury. Andrew Haikney was the defendant. At the time of the purse snatching, he had been out on license for a burglary from the home of an ill pensioner. Haikney admitted being in the Seaburn area when the offense occurred, but denied committing the crime.

Guilty Verdict

The jury found Haikney guilty. The street mugger was sentenced to five years in jail. That’s five years of increased security for pensioners in the area. It is doubtful that this brave woman, who sustained the shock of a mugging, will ever again be walking home alone from a night of bingo.

Ex-Lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy Gets Probation in Bingo Bribery Trial

A relieved Jennifer Pouncy goes home!

To save her job, ex-lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy broke the law. At the direction of her employer, Pouncy delivered bribe offers to state senators. She fully cooperated with prosecutors, testifying at two trials. On 26 September 2012 Pouncy was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty.

Bingo Vote-Buying Conspiracy

The State of Alabama, under the direction of Former Governor Bob Riley, issued a crackdown on electronic gaming. Pouncy’s employers, lobbyist Jerrod Massey and Ronnie Gilley, the operator of the Country Crossings casino, reacted to the crackdown by attempting to bribe various state senators. Their desperate objective was a constitutional amendment. That amendment would have determined the legality of Gilley’s electronic bingo machines, protecting his casino from Alabama raids.

Pouncy was directed by her bosses to deliver bribes in the form of campaign contributions, to two state senators. She fully cooperated with the investigation, and became a key prosecution witness at two trials involving VictoryLand casino and at least six individuals. Massey and Gilley meanwhile pled guilty to conspiracy and bribery. Massey was sentenced to 65 months in prison. Gilley received an 80-month prison sentence. Both VictoryLand trials ended in full acquittals for all defendants. Thus Milton McGregor, various state senators and the county sheriff all have been exonerated. The only individuals who have been sentenced in the case are those who entered guilty pleas.

The pleas of Massey and Gilley were the direct result of Pouncy’s cooperation with the prosecution. Pouncy had originally been offered a probation recommendation by the federal prosecutors. However, that offer was reneged upon after Pouncy told federal investigators everything that she knew about the attempt to bribe state senators for their bingo amendment votes. It appears that the new U.S. Public Integrity Section chief had decided to withdraw the probation offer.

The End of an Ordeal

Jennifer Pouncy is a wife and mother. Her young son is three-years-old. At the VictoryLand trial, the defendants accused witness Pouncy of exaggerating her testimony to obtain probation so as not to be separated from her young son. In reality, there was nothing to indicate that Pouncy’s testimony had been inflated. The sole criminal count to which Pouncy pled was conspiracy. Her attorney, Tommy Spina, asked the federal judge to grant his client probation. In his written pleadings, Spina stated to the court that the case had wrecked Pouncy’s life, causing her not only embarrassment but emotional trauma as well.

According to Spina, Pouncy had been terrified to testify against powerful characters such as McGregor. As a minor figure in the bribery case, Pouncy served the federal investigation in the role of informant and witness. The conspiracy conviction carried a possible five-year prison sentence. The federal prosecutors were said to be recommending two years of incarceration. Pouncy apologized to the court. Her life has obviously been turned upside down, and she will undoubtedly feel the emotional repercussions of her actions and the court hearings for years to come. Breaking the law to save her job was a judgment call that severely damaged Pouncy’s life.

Bingo Hall Robbery in Marion County, Ohio

The Marion County Athletic Boosters experienced a $6,000 theft in a bingo hall robbery. Two men, masked and armed with guns, came into the bingo establishment hollering for money. They entered through the unlocked back door.

Bingo Hall in Marion County, Ohio

Tom Cotton operates the bingo night. He hit the floor when he looked up into the barrels of a couple of pistols. Cotton said that the robbers walked directly into his office yelling, as he and another employee were counting the revenue from the bingo night. Cotton’s co-worker also hit the floor. Since no one went after the thieves, the sheriff’s office has no vehicle description and no knowledge of the robbers’ direction once they left the bingo hall.

Sheriff Tim Bailey is without current leads in the case. Bailey commented that gloves, ski masks and hooded sweatshirts covered the identity of the robbers.

Marion County Athletic Boosters

Five years ago, the Marion County Athletic Boosters launched a bingo fundraising activity. The Marion Athletics Boosters Bingo Hall has been in operation ever since, hosting bingo three nights a week. Bingo proceeds have substantially contributed to the sports program and band at five county schools.

Marie Yoder, a local resident, has been enjoying bingo at the Booster’s Bingo Hall since it opened in 2007. She is happy to be supporting her community schools. Yoder said that the October 1 robbery was the first difficulty encountered at the bingo hall. According to Yoder, there are children in the county whose parents do not have the financial means to pay for sports activities. The Boosters Bingo Hall takes up the slack, making sports and band available to all of the children in Marion County.

The cash taken in the robbery may not be permanently lost as the Marion County Athletic Boosters are insured. They expect to re-coop all, or at least a portion, of the money stolen. Tne positive result of the theft is heightened security. The Boosters have hired one or more security guards, and the back door is now kept locked.

Hollywood Casino Columbus

In another area of Ohio, many gamers and casino employees are looking forward to the October 8 opening of Hollywood Casino Columbus. Security is one of the top priorities of the casino. Cameras dot the ceiling, and security guards will be everywhere.

Anthony Dillard, Casino security supervisor, recently acknowledged that a large number of security guards have been hired. He commented that a few of the many potential security risks at casinos involve possible terrorists, card cheats and Ocean’s Eleven heists. Dillard also said that the casino is prepared for potential gang violence. However, the greatest probability of security problems arises through the emotional mix of alcohol and cash.

The goal of a security system is two-fold: The actual safety of the casino and imparting to players a comfortable feeling of safety. Bingo halls are slowly learning the lessons of casinos. To ensure the safety of the players and employees, as well as provide a secure feeling, an increasing number of bingo halls are equipped with cameras and guards. Meeting the challenges of the 21st century is essential for every enterprise.

Charity Bingo to Help Raise Funds for Family

The Middleboro Elks Lodge will be the site for a fund raiser that will benefit Jeff Fuller and his family. The Fullers have been struggling since Jeff was bitten by a mosquito more than two years ago, and developed Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), a virus that affects humans, livestock, captive birds, deer, reptiles and dogs, and other mammals.

Advance tickets and tickets at the door will be sold to patrons, who will enjoy 10 rounds of Bingo, a 50/50 drawing and raffle tickets. The fund raiser will also host a cash bar. Light snacks will be provided. Proceeds will benefit the Fuller family and hopefully, an oxygen therapy machine that Jeff can use at home will be purchased. The machine is $4,500. The Fullers exhausted their insurance for oxygen therapy, and have since paid out of pocket for reduced treatments.

One of the coordinators for the fund raiser wishes to offset medical and legal costs for the family. The coordinator is a friend of the family, which continues to incur expenses on a daily basis. The fund raiser will bring awareness to EEE and how others can protect themselves from the disease, the friend said. She said the family’s simplest activities, such as camping, growing produce, cooking together and other events have been replaced with a plethora of doctor’s visits to help Jeff, who is enthusiastic about his recovery and has already exceeded expectations.

Fuller Falls Ill

The Fullers had been camping hours before Jeff, 43, suddenly became ill and went into a nearly four-month coma. His family was stunned. Nobody knew what to do, and doctors still don’t know because the effects of EEE aren’t yet known. Each person responds differently, and doctors have a difficult time explaining treatment to patients and their families. A cure isn’t known and treatment for EEE has never come to fruition.

Jeff was bit in August of 2010. In December of 2010, he opened his eyes, however, his speech and mobility were impaired. The disease is rare enough that doctors weren’t sure how Jeff would recover or if he would at all. Jeff spent the next year and a half in the hospital or rehabilitation facility under medical supervision. He was able to join his family in February of this year when the doctors released him to his home. Even after more than two years, Jeff needs medical supervision. Jeff has two children, ages seven and 10. His hobbies include deep sea fishing, mostly for tuna, outdoor activities in general, and he has won multiple awards for his home brewed beer.

Bingo Comes in Many Forms

 The Bingo rounds for Jeff and his family are similar to other fund raisers involving the game of Bingo. On the radar for charities is another game, Cow Bingo. Now everyone can play the game because a company has released interactive Cow Bingo on Facebook, which was developed in the Netherlands. Players select five cows that they think will exit the pasture first. Each cow on the screen is equipped with an identification chip that triggers the software when the cow leaves to be milked. As each cow leaves, a Bingo number is revealed.

The draw is cast live each day in the late afternoon. A webcam tells players which cows left the pasture first. The game even has a prize. Winners will be invited to visit a milking farm in the Netherlands for a weekend getaway.

Bingo! Online and Brick & Mortar

Competition is a way of life in the U.K. and U.S. Online bingo sites fiercely compete for gamers’ cash. Amid the flourish of online bingo games, land-based bingo halls remain magnets for local players. Bingo is a global favorite, regardless of venue.

Bingo Halls & the Social Scene

Getting out of the house with your spouse is a treat. Just leave the kids with a babysitter, and head for the nearest brick & mortar to play bingo. Join up with your friends at the bingo hall; have some snacks; immerse yourself in a game; shout BINGO! a few times; and enjoy the evening. There’s nothing like it!

The social atmosphere of a room filled with people anticipating the thrill of the game simply cannot be matched. When the same people meet up every week at the bingo events, friendships develop. A bunch of individuals become a group of friends. Whole families get together to chat and play bingo. It’s the life of Riley.

Online bingo has its definite benefits. Where brick & mortars are lures to criminals looking to make some quick cash through a heist, online bingo has no such security worry. Make sure that you visit only licensed and regulated bingo rooms and you’re good to go.

From the comfort of your home, you can tune in to bingo 24/7. When the baby naps, the kids go noisily off to school, or you return home from a difficult day at work, there are many online bingo sites waiting for you. Energize your day with an hour of bingo now and then.

As to socializing, real-time global chat rooms are provided at most bingo sites. Get to know the other players. Chat with your friends. Come into contact with bingo lovers like Jeremy Stersky at Read up on the latest bingo news, and enjoy a very real slice of life at anytime during the day or night.

There are other advantages to online bingo. Bonuses are the name of the game at most sites. Check out the signup bonuses and no deposit bonuses before setting up your account. Save your money by playing a wide variety of free bingo games online. You also have the option of playing for pennies. With online bingo, you are in the driver’s seat.

Online sites use state-of-the-art technology to recreate the vibrant and social nature of bingo halls. You will find sound effects and lively graphics at most internet bingo rooms. You may even come across a caller at some of the sites. In the snow, or the rain, or the sweltering heat, your temperature-controlled home provides the backdrop for bingo.

The variety of bingo games offered online is huge. Progressive jackpot games are thrilling, and so are bingo side games. The popularity of online bingo is forever growing. A younger set of players make use of online sites. Many games are fast and furious, others are slower, and all are exciting.

Bingo! is the shout of the energized winner – both online and in a brick & mortar.

Editor Derek Jameson Brought Bingo to Newspapers

Editor Derek Jameson was the force; hot bingo for newspaper readers was the result!

All innovations begin with someone. For newspaper bingo that someone was Editor Derek Jameson, an amazing man who rose from the pit of an orphanage to become the editor of three national newspapers, as well as a radio and television personality and author to boot.

Derek Jameson: A Man for All Seasons

Born into poverty on 29 November 1929 and raised in an orphanage, Derek Jameson awoke to his life’s calling through the inspiration of a teacher, Ernest Hare. That teacher gave Jameson a love for reading.

At the age of 14, the editor began his career as a newspaper messenger. However, with his intelligence, will to work and talent for communicating, Jameson rose rapidly in the newspaper world.

The Craze for Newspaper Bingo

Jameson became the editor of the Daily Express in 1977, and remained in that position until 1980. During his tenure at the Daily Express he took on the job of editor of the Daily Star as well. Jameson’s push for newspaper bingo at the Daily Star paid off in spades for the publisher. The initial bingo game appeared in the Star in 1981. The bingo cards were mailed out to readers, and the bingo numbers were published in the newspaper.

Newspaper bingo created a craze for the game. The Daily Mirror and Sun soon jumped on the band wagon. The circulation battle among competing newspapers focused on the amount of the bingo prize. The Daily Express won the war with an enormous pot containing £1 million for its initial bingo game in 1984. All of England was drawn to newspaper bingo, to the extent that the bingo numbers were carried at TV-am every morning. Editor Jameson had started something huge.

Newspapers Enter the Online Bingo Industry

Both of Jameson’s papers, the Daily Express and Daily Star, were associated with the former CyberBingo Network. The Sun is invested in Sun Bingo on the internet, through Gamesys. Mirror Bingo is owned by the Daily Mirror, and powered by 888 technology on the Cashcade network.

Education Organization Looks to Bingo Fundraisers

Editor Jameson in England knew that newspaper bingo would enhance the circulation of his paper. By the same token, the Lake Elsinore Valley Education Foundation in California recognized that bingo could provide the funding for extracurricular activities.

Student scholarships, along with community outreach programs, are supported by a yearly bingo event at the Lake Elsinore-Wildomar Elks Lodge. To enhance the reading enjoyment of students, bingo profits also contribute to a book distribution program. Those books consist of easy readers, grade-school-level novels and mysteries.

Education Foundation president Kevin Page commented that bingo is fun for the players, the Elks Lodge does a fine job of running the event and the profits are beneficial to the school district. Page added that some players like to arrive in time to prepare their spots with seat cushions, bingo set-ups and fans. The registration fee is $25 for each gamer. No one under 18 is admitted. Players are happy with the almost $2,000 in pot money. Around 16 games keep players busy and cheerful.

Hand in hand with education and newspapers, bingo works for the community!