Facebook Plugs into the Popularity of Bingo

Bingo is Leading the Way to Growth at Facebook!

The gambling industry continues to rise in popularity. That increase results in an ever-growing amount of real money spent online and through mobile gaming. Facebook looks to the future by recognizing the income potential of mobile Bingo.

Consistent Increase in Online Betting

Online gaming is an ever-growing global industry, and especially so in England. In 2011, players spent £1.9 million. According to Mintel – Online Gaming and Betting UK October 2011, the 2012 estimate for internet betting is in excess of £2 million. There are six basic brands that control 60% of the online gaming field: Ladbrokes, 888, William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair and Bet365. There are only a couple of primary head-terms in the Bingo market. The result is fierce competition among brands. Facebook provides an expanded customer source, making the connection between Bingo and Facebook lucrative for the online gaming industry.

Facebook: A Move in the Right Direction

 Facebook offers more than simply a new market base. The social element of bingo, and in fact that of all internet and mobile gambling, has been a key concern of online casinos. The top five online brands regarding social adaptation include Sky, Betfair, William Hill, 888 and Paddy Power. The attempt to imitate the warm human ambiance of brick & mortars led to the advent of chatrooms and other real time social connections between players. Facebook is a giant step forward in regard to that social connection.

Facebook Revenue Growing

 The five most lucrative markets for Facebook, in order of user numbers, are: U.S., Brazil, India, Indonesia and the U.K. In the past three months alone, the U.K. has grown 2%. The 5th most popular app is Zynga’s Texas Hold’em. It is interesting that no ads are shown on mobile apps to access Facebook. The growth in mobile gaming has been documented by Q2 research. In a comparison between 2012 and 2011, Facebook experienced a 28% increase in advertising during the same quarter. That quarter in 2012 saw advertising revenue in the amount of $992 million, which was 84% of Facebook’s total income.

Bingo Brings Revenue

 Facebook brings aboard Bingo with extremely lucrative potential results for Facebook as well as for the Bingo industry. In England, the gaming market is growing by leaps and bounds. Britain’s citizens love to bet on anything and everything. An example of England’s wagering propensity is the 1,000 to 1 Ladbrokes’ odds in January 2012, as to whether the Thames will freeze in winter.

Bingo provides Facebook with a possible niche in other European countries. Further the addition of Bingo to its repertoire carries a relatively low risk in a country such as England that leans toward the spirit of gaming. Bingo also offers to Facebook an immensely lucrative potential, along with the opportunity to diversify its revenue.

Regarding the competitive nature of the gaming and Bingo markets, Facebook has taken on more than a few partners. This places Facebook in a position to control the degree of competition in the industry. Meanwhile, Facebook is establishing their own apps, opening new channels for further engagement and income. Let’s not forget about the player who has easy mobile access to Facebook and all of the most popular games, including exciting versions of Bingo. Facebook is globally known to be a trusted platform, adding greatly to the comfort of the gamer.

Bingo Friendzy

There is a technological similarity between Texas Hold’em, which is the 5th most popular app, and Bingo Friendzy. The real money involved in the Bingo app sets the two apart. The key to Bingo success on Facebook may very well be their ability to manage the app concerning notice of Bingo game promotions as they occur. The promotions are the bread and butter of online and mobile gaming.

The Facebook edge involves the personal information that they carry concerning age, interest, gender, location and a myriad of other data. That data provides Facebook with a great heads up as to who to notify regarding each Bingo Friendzy promotion. The decision to add Bingo Friendzy to its list of apps produced a strong futuristic picture of Facebook. The 28% increase from one quarter of 2011 to the same quarter in 2012 appears to be only the beginning of a great revenue increase in the present year.

The connection with Bingo is a totally positive step for Facebook, the Bingo industry and the gamer.

Bingo! Online and Brick & Mortar

Competition is a way of life in the U.K. and U.S. Online bingo sites fiercely compete for gamers’ cash. Amid the flourish of online bingo games, land-based bingo halls remain magnets for local players. Bingo is a global favorite, regardless of venue.

Bingo Halls & the Social Scene

Getting out of the house with your spouse is a treat. Just leave the kids with a babysitter, and head for the nearest brick & mortar to play bingo. Join up with your friends at the bingo hall; have some snacks; immerse yourself in a game; shout BINGO! a few times; and enjoy the evening. There’s nothing like it!

The social atmosphere of a room filled with people anticipating the thrill of the game simply cannot be matched. When the same people meet up every week at the bingo events, friendships develop. A bunch of individuals become a group of friends. Whole families get together to chat and play bingo. It’s the life of Riley.

Online bingo has its definite benefits. Where brick & mortars are lures to criminals looking to make some quick cash through a heist, online bingo has no such security worry. Make sure that you visit only licensed and regulated bingo rooms and you’re good to go.

From the comfort of your home, you can tune in to bingo 24/7. When the baby naps, the kids go noisily off to school, or you return home from a difficult day at work, there are many online bingo sites waiting for you. Energize your day with an hour of bingo now and then.

As to socializing, real-time global chat rooms are provided at most bingo sites. Get to know the other players. Chat with your friends. Come into contact with bingo lovers like Jeremy Stersky at www.bingo-room.com. Read up on the latest bingo news, and enjoy a very real slice of life at anytime during the day or night.

There are other advantages to online bingo. Bonuses are the name of the game at most sites. Check out the signup bonuses and no deposit bonuses before setting up your account. Save your money by playing a wide variety of free bingo games online. You also have the option of playing for pennies. With online bingo, you are in the driver’s seat.

Online sites use state-of-the-art technology to recreate the vibrant and social nature of bingo halls. You will find sound effects and lively graphics at most internet bingo rooms. You may even come across a caller at some of the sites. In the snow, or the rain, or the sweltering heat, your temperature-controlled home provides the backdrop for bingo.

The variety of bingo games offered online is huge. Progressive jackpot games are thrilling, and so are bingo side games. The popularity of online bingo is forever growing. A younger set of players make use of online sites. Many games are fast and furious, others are slower, and all are exciting.

Bingo! is the shout of the energized winner – both online and in a brick & mortar.

Traditional and Online Bingo Booming

Big cheeky promos are going on at Zingo Bingo. Meanwhile, at the Mesquite Vet Center bingo players are treated to snacks and exciting games. There is a world of difference between Zingo Bingo and the Mesquite Vet Center Bingo. Zingo is cheeky with major promos, while the Vet Center is down home social comfort. Both are exciting!

Zingo Bingo’s Big Promo

The hot promotion at Zingo Bingo is 50 Shades, happening 17 – 26 September 2012. Themed after the best selling paperback book, 50 Shades of Grey, the promo at Zingo offers steamy prizes like silk sheets and satin chemise. The daily draws will produce two winners a day who will receive a prize item found in the box of secrets.

So what does the player have to do in order to be eligible for this promo? Simple: Play more than 50 games of bingo in a single day, call bingo in the 75 ball bingo room on the 50 pattern and bet more than £50 on instants. Wait! There’s more! You may win a copy of 50 Shades of Grey from the runners up draw if you qualified for the major draw but did not win a box of secrets prize.

Vet Center Bingo in Nevada

The Veteran’s Center in Mesquite, Nevada is offering a monthly bingo event to provide an evening of fun for local residents. The initial bingo night took place on Thursday, August 30. Vet Center president Cliff Jenkins observed that all of the players appeared to be enjoying themselves.

49 happy gamers showed up and were treated to many bingo games, prizes and yummies. The treats included beer, popcorn, soda, water and coffee. Community stores and friends of the Center contributed all of the prizes. The contributors consisted of Eureka Casino, Carrie Tragale, Breadenstuffers Express, Blvd Hair and Salon, Suzanne Clayton, Pizza Hut, Susan Holecheck and C.I.T.Y. Shoppers. The great variety of prizes and enthusiastic volunteers from the Vet Center added to the bingo success of the evening.

Jenkins commented that the prizes also included a $50 pot from a Lucky Seven game and $112 from a 50-50 raffle. More than half of the players signed up for the next bingo evening, scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 20 at 6:00 PM. Flexible is the middle name of the Veterans Center. Jenkins said the Center has decided to let the players choose the day for the October bingo event: Any Friday at 6:00 PM or any Sunday at 4:00 PM. The players get the choice. Is this America or what?!?

In July 2012, the Sun City Mesquite presented the Veteran’s Center with $3,830 in honor of the continued community contribution of the Center. The money was presented to Jenkins and Vet Center vice president Ken Maynard. The Sun City Mesquite subdivision collected the funds from bingo, raffles, billiard tournaments and putting tournaments. There is one Sun City Mesquite homeowner who donates the entirety of her notary public fees to the Mesquite Veterans. The Center is truly appreciated for its consistent contribution to the well being of the community.

Zingo Bingo and Mesquite Veterans Center: Worlds apart; however, both offering bingo at its best.

Online Bingo Popularity Growing

The New Generation is Scooping The Online Pot.

Online Bingo Popularity

Internet Bingo is enjoyed by 100 million people worldwide, or 85 percent of all Bingo players, including those still laying out their cards and troll dolls on long tables in Bingo halls. About 50 million are online daily. Players that are age 65 and over are more likely to travel to Bingo halls for their fun. Almost 14 percent of online players are under 24 years old and younger. The next age group, 25-34 are at nearly 16 percent. In the UK, 70 percent are women, and 30 percent are men, but worldwide, the percentage slightly shifts to 80 percent women and 20 percent men. According to a new report on a gaming study, most online Bingo players do not find the game addictive. Only 0.6 percent say online Bingo is their favorite gaming activity.

Not so for Graham Taylor, whose addiction cost an engineering firm nearly $2 million and employees, who were managers, their jobs. Graham was recently sentenced to five years after he pleaded guilty to four charges of theft and two charges of fraud that were acquired because of the position Taylor held at the firm. He was at the firm for 12 years prior to his sentencing. The firm was profitable up until 2008 as the economic downturn began affecting businesses in general. At least, back then the company blamed the loss in profits on the economy. Because of his position, Taylor was able to influence the managing director into dropping three staff members.

Bingo is out of Control

As the profit losses continued, the firm called accountants in November of 2010 to have a look at the books. It was then Taylor admitted to the theft, and said it was because of his online Bingo habit. After his arrest, Taylor’s habit turned uglier when he told police his mother’s estate was also a victim. He had stolen over $15,000 from the estate to keep playing. The detective in the case was flabbergasted because not only had Taylor’s actions caused three people to lose their jobs, but his mother’s grandchildren will now inherit nothing. The detective said Taylor was greedy and self-serving.

New Players Attracted to Online Bingo

Most online Bingo stories aren’t filled with so much trauma, and sadness. In fact, one website is currently bragging about their latest winner, a young, unmarried female, who won the jackpot after registering just days before. She raked in a little over $2,000 in a classic 75-ball game that was created as a popular variation of traditional Bingo. The site continually offers a variety of games and bonuses. This particular game holds predetermined patterns that are designed as the numbers are marked.

Each game has a different pattern, and all games come with bonus play to give players more chances to win big. But the players must qualify. First, they buy a ticket. Then, players are chosen at random to enter the bonus round, which is time-based. Online Bingo gamers are enthusiastic about the site. Constructed by a team of developers, the site aims for profitable entertainment. Online Bingo, casino games and slots are the team’s area of expertise. The online Bingo games have led to a place in the international online gaming spotlight.

No one was prepared for the young woman to win since she recently became one of the site’s regulars. She expressed her shock and couldn’t believe her good fortune.

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Bingo! Is Back on Niagara TV

Players and charities win big at Kiwanis TV Bingo!

The Niagara region of Canada is the location of Kiwanis TV Bingo. Beginning its eighth year on TVCogeco Niagara, the Kiwanis clubs throughout the region offer Sunday evening Bingo. The initial airing for this television season will take place on September 9, 8-9 PM. This is local cable TV at its best. The three Kiwanis clubs that provide volunteers who operate the game show are: Stamford, St. Catharines and Welland.

Kiwanis TV Bingo

Project manager of Kiwanis TV Bingo, Jack McKiernan, points out that a large variety of local charities are supported through the Sunday Bingo revenue. The community receives great benefits. The Bingo dollars go to Easter Seals, day care literacy, student scholarships, fire victims, Women’s Place, hockey equipment for disadvantaged youth, projects for seniors at long-term care residences, and Kiwanis entities like Kiwanis Aquatics Center and Kiwanis Field.

Approximately $250,000 is donated annually! McKiernan commented that in looking for fresh avenues of fundraising in 2005, his St. Catharines Kiwanis Club fashioned their TV Bingo after a successful similar activity that had been running for 30 years through the Hamilton Kiwanis Club.

The Niagara area Kiwanis clubs began small, in just a few towns, and grew into its current region-wide base through the popularity of Bingo and the dedication of Kiwanis members. Every week, Kiwanis volunteers crisscross the region, visiting many variety stores and dropping off bingo cards. Each of the cards contains individual serial numbers, all of which are entered into the data base of a computer program. 

Easy Way to Win

As of September 1, Bingo card packs are available for sale to the public at variety stores in 10 towns that dot the Niagara region. Each pack consists of three cards. Approximately 5,500 packs are sold weekly. The Bingo viewer estimate is 2,200 people throughout Niagara every week. On Cogeco’s channel 10, the numbers are called out. The station provides a TV Bingo telephone number for players who think they’ve won. The thrilled gamers read off the serial numbers of their cards. A computer confirms the players’ prizes.

A lot of the excitement of playing Bingo comes from the opportunity to win. In Kiwanis TV Bingo, the winnings are big. Every week a total of $2,500 is won. The prize money is increased to $3,500 one Sunday in each month. Excitement reigns as Central Taxi sends around its taxi drivers to deliver the winnings to the many ecstatic players at their homes on the same night as the TV Bingo is played. Friends often get together at Sunday evening Bingo parties, sitting around the TV, marking their cards, snacking and chatting.

Donating for the Fun of It

Kiwanis clubs in Niagara provide local residents with an enjoyable evening of Bingo. Along with the thrill of the game and the win, is the very real contribution to the various communities in the Niagara region of Canada. The hours spent each week by Kiwanis volunteers have resulted in enormous donations to community endeavors. Everyone wins with Niagara Kiwanis TV Bingo!

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Is Online Bingo on the Brink of Shutting Down?

Online bingo moderators are worried that online bingo is reaching its saturation point.

A report released last July 26 has got many people worried because of a report concluded for the second quarter of the year. July is over and according to the data collected, figures show that there are indeed less people playing bingo. There was a significant decrease as compared to the data from last quarter. The decrease was about 6.1%. If you are an avid online bingo player, what can you say about this? Have you been playing less? Are you not spending as much time as you did before?

A Lesson Learned: BingoPort

The figures released are data from BingoPort which is an independent authority when it comes to online bingo. The company basically does their job in order to inform online bingo websites regarding the trend of visitors and the traffic of players. The tracking of online bingo activity started last June of 2011 and is still on going.

The managing director of BingoPort, Scott Logan, said that the data implies the full maturity of the market. One factor is that April to June was summer and had a real warm weather. In the past year, this season really marked reduction on online bingo activity. Probably because people want to enjoy activities under the sun during summer.

Players Question the Bingo Data

Thus, as an online bingo player, do you believe that the market is too large and that there are too many websites out there? Do you really play less nowadays? Does Scott Logan’s theory regarding the summer season hold true for you? What do you think could have decreased the numbers to such?

All other data is available via BingoPort subscriptions. Bingoheads can access the detailed quarterly trend numbers along side access to the exclusive Player Activity Interface. The database is so advanced that daily numbers are available too.