Facebook Plugs into the Popularity of Bingo

Bingo is Leading the Way to Growth at Facebook!

The gambling industry continues to rise in popularity. That increase results in an ever-growing amount of real money spent online and through mobile gaming. Facebook looks to the future by recognizing the income potential of mobile Bingo.

Consistent Increase in Online Betting

Online gaming is an ever-growing global industry, and especially so in England. In 2011, players spent £1.9 million. According to Mintel – Online Gaming and Betting UK October 2011, the 2012 estimate for internet betting is in excess of £2 million. There are six basic brands that control 60% of the online gaming field: Ladbrokes, 888, William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair and Bet365. There are only a couple of primary head-terms in the Bingo market. The result is fierce competition among brands. Facebook provides an expanded customer source, making the connection between Bingo and Facebook lucrative for the online gaming industry.

Facebook: A Move in the Right Direction

 Facebook offers more than simply a new market base. The social element of bingo, and in fact that of all internet and mobile gambling, has been a key concern of online casinos. The top five online brands regarding social adaptation include Sky, Betfair, William Hill, 888 and Paddy Power. The attempt to imitate the warm human ambiance of brick & mortars led to the advent of chatrooms and other real time social connections between players. Facebook is a giant step forward in regard to that social connection.

Facebook Revenue Growing

 The five most lucrative markets for Facebook, in order of user numbers, are: U.S., Brazil, India, Indonesia and the U.K. In the past three months alone, the U.K. has grown 2%. The 5th most popular app is Zynga’s Texas Hold’em. It is interesting that no ads are shown on mobile apps to access Facebook. The growth in mobile gaming has been documented by Q2 research. In a comparison between 2012 and 2011, Facebook experienced a 28% increase in advertising during the same quarter. That quarter in 2012 saw advertising revenue in the amount of $992 million, which was 84% of Facebook’s total income.

Bingo Brings Revenue

 Facebook brings aboard Bingo with extremely lucrative potential results for Facebook as well as for the Bingo industry. In England, the gaming market is growing by leaps and bounds. Britain’s citizens love to bet on anything and everything. An example of England’s wagering propensity is the 1,000 to 1 Ladbrokes’ odds in January 2012, as to whether the Thames will freeze in winter.

Bingo provides Facebook with a possible niche in other European countries. Further the addition of Bingo to its repertoire carries a relatively low risk in a country such as England that leans toward the spirit of gaming. Bingo also offers to Facebook an immensely lucrative potential, along with the opportunity to diversify its revenue.

Regarding the competitive nature of the gaming and Bingo markets, Facebook has taken on more than a few partners. This places Facebook in a position to control the degree of competition in the industry. Meanwhile, Facebook is establishing their own apps, opening new channels for further engagement and income. Let’s not forget about the player who has easy mobile access to Facebook and all of the most popular games, including exciting versions of Bingo. Facebook is globally known to be a trusted platform, adding greatly to the comfort of the gamer.

Bingo Friendzy

There is a technological similarity between Texas Hold’em, which is the 5th most popular app, and Bingo Friendzy. The real money involved in the Bingo app sets the two apart. The key to Bingo success on Facebook may very well be their ability to manage the app concerning notice of Bingo game promotions as they occur. The promotions are the bread and butter of online and mobile gaming.

The Facebook edge involves the personal information that they carry concerning age, interest, gender, location and a myriad of other data. That data provides Facebook with a great heads up as to who to notify regarding each Bingo Friendzy promotion. The decision to add Bingo Friendzy to its list of apps produced a strong futuristic picture of Facebook. The 28% increase from one quarter of 2011 to the same quarter in 2012 appears to be only the beginning of a great revenue increase in the present year.

The connection with Bingo is a totally positive step for Facebook, the Bingo industry and the gamer.