Online Bingo Popularity Growing

The New Generation is Scooping The Online Pot.

Online Bingo Popularity

Internet Bingo is enjoyed by 100 million people worldwide, or 85 percent of all Bingo players, including those still laying out their cards and troll dolls on long tables in Bingo halls. About 50 million are online daily. Players that are age 65 and over are more likely to travel to Bingo halls for their fun. Almost 14 percent of online players are under 24 years old and younger. The next age group, 25-34 are at nearly 16 percent. In the UK, 70 percent are women, and 30 percent are men, but worldwide, the percentage slightly shifts to 80 percent women and 20 percent men. According to a new report on a gaming study, most online Bingo players do not find the game addictive. Only 0.6 percent say online Bingo is their favorite gaming activity.

Not so for Graham Taylor, whose addiction cost an engineering firm nearly $2 million and employees, who were managers, their jobs. Graham was recently sentenced to five years after he pleaded guilty to four charges of theft and two charges of fraud that were acquired because of the position Taylor held at the firm. He was at the firm for 12 years prior to his sentencing. The firm was profitable up until 2008 as the economic downturn began affecting businesses in general. At least, back then the company blamed the loss in profits on the economy. Because of his position, Taylor was able to influence the managing director into dropping three staff members.

Bingo is out of Control

As the profit losses continued, the firm called accountants in November of 2010 to have a look at the books. It was then Taylor admitted to the theft, and said it was because of his online Bingo habit. After his arrest, Taylor’s habit turned uglier when he told police his mother’s estate was also a victim. He had stolen over $15,000 from the estate to keep playing. The detective in the case was flabbergasted because not only had Taylor’s actions caused three people to lose their jobs, but his mother’s grandchildren will now inherit nothing. The detective said Taylor was greedy and self-serving.

New Players Attracted to Online Bingo

Most online Bingo stories aren’t filled with so much trauma, and sadness. In fact, one website is currently bragging about their latest winner, a young, unmarried female, who won the jackpot after registering just days before. She raked in a little over $2,000 in a classic 75-ball game that was created as a popular variation of traditional Bingo. The site continually offers a variety of games and bonuses. This particular game holds predetermined patterns that are designed as the numbers are marked.

Each game has a different pattern, and all games come with bonus play to give players more chances to win big. But the players must qualify. First, they buy a ticket. Then, players are chosen at random to enter the bonus round, which is time-based. Online Bingo gamers are enthusiastic about the site. Constructed by a team of developers, the site aims for profitable entertainment. Online Bingo, casino games and slots are the team’s area of expertise. The online Bingo games have led to a place in the international online gaming spotlight.

No one was prepared for the young woman to win since she recently became one of the site’s regulars. She expressed her shock and couldn’t believe her good fortune.

Bingo Gaming Falls Short of Expectations in Italy

Despite the struggling Italian economy, people are still hoping to hit that big jackpot that may lurk on every street corner. In a neighborhood located near the ancient Roman walls, players can enjoy bingo and slot machines at a gambling parlor that was once a movie theater. This parlor is complete with a bar, tobacco shop, video betting games, horse race betting, bingo, lottery tickets and scratch cards. Italy is Europe’s largest gambling market and one of the largest in the world which weakens consumer spending during a time of economic crisis.

Italian Bingo Problems

Bingo, as well as other forms of gambling, as started to create many problems for the Italian government and operators alike. A Christian charity located in Rome called Sant’Edigio, has seen an increase in problem gamblers since Italy began loosening its gambling regulations as gambling addicts pour into the parlors each day. Initially, the de-regulation was welcome as many thought this would reduce the power of organized crime syndicates and increase state revenue. However, revenues have only slightly risen since 2001 while the turnover has quadrupled. The mob is also adapting to the de-regulation as it is moving its operations to legal gambling ventures. Many Italian lawmakers are now starting to believe that the deregulation has gotten out of control and some regulation should be reinstated.

The Start of Bingo Deregulation

The deregulation of bingo and other types of gambling started in 2991 when Italy was in desperate need of additional revenue during the economic crisis similar to the one that Italy is facing today. Last year, the Italian government received approximately 8.5 million euros in tax revenues but this number has only increased by 3 billion euros from 2001 to 2011 while consumer gambling spending has increased by 60 billion euros. There is a 21% sales tax on most consumer goods, excluding food, but gambling operators are subject to much lower taxes as an incentive. The tax on gambling revenue was less than 11% in 2011. Experts believe that the Italian economy will shrink by 2% this year but revenue from gambling is expected to increase by more than 12% to over 90 billion euros. This figure makes up approximately 5% of Italy’s annual GDP. It is estimate that the gaming industry in Italy has generated about ¼ of the world’s entire $368 million in gaming revenue in 2010.

The Effects of Bingo Deregulation

Unlike companies that product consumer goods, bingo and other gaming operations do not create wealth but simply redistribute it. The car company Fiat generated less than half of the income that the gaming industry did in 2011 but the production of cars supports many other industries that help create more than 10 times the amount of Italian jobs that the gaming industry does. In a time of economic recession, additional consumer spending is needed to compensate for it but when consumers spend more money on gambling, they are less likely to buy consumer goods. Before the deregulation of Italian gambling began, there were only lotteries and soccer game betting. Other gambling activities were only allowed in the 4 legal casinos in Venice, Campion d’Italia, Saint Vincent and San Remo. The state concessions buyers were given a low tax rate that allowed them to set high percentage payouts to peak interest in new games. This means that a player would get small payouts that gave the illusion that the odds could be beat.

This has resulted in more than 700,000 gambling addicts in Italy and the 400,000 Italian video slot machines make up more than half of all the betting that takes place in Italy. This has caused much concern to many people because it has been made so easy for gamblers to play anywhere. For gambling addicts, this means greater access to their addiction which leads many of them to incur large debts, become estranged from family and even lose their homes. People who have been affected by gambling addiction believe that Italian gambling halls need to be shut down completely and all video and slot machines need to be destroyed. The Italian gambling environment has made it even more difficult for addicts because there are very few places that do not offer gambling. It seems that the deregulation of gambling in Italy has caused even more economic and social problems than it has fixed.

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Online Bingo Player Sentenced

Online bingo has become a very popular activity as well as a thriving and growing business. In addition, new research has indicated that thousands of people may have an online bingo gambling addiction. This addiction is the cause of depression, debt and divorce for many people. A prime example of online bingo addiction is Luccienne Mainey, a 41 year-old mother who stole money from her employer to feed her online bingo addiction. Mainey has recently been sentenced to 16 months in jail for her crime.

The Results of an Online Bingo Addiction

Luccienne Mainey seemed surprised when she was sentenced to 16 months in jail for stealing from her employer. Mainey stole over £76,000 to pay for her online bingo addiction. During her trial, Mainey told the court that her online bingo addiction began after her divorce. Her addiction only became stronger when she sank deeper and deeper into debt in order to feed her addiction. Finally, her debt became so great that she had to steal money so she could continue to play online bingo. Mainey worked as an account administer at ADP in Suffolk and was thought to be a trusted and valuable member of the staff. The owners and other employees at APD were in shock when they heard the news that Mainey stole money from the company. Everyone who worked with Mainey had a hard time believing that someone who they considered to be a friend could betray the company in such a way.

Dealing with Online Bingo Addiction

Mainey confessed to 5 counts of fraud by false representation and requested that 25 other counts be added to her charges. That judge stated that she was guilty of a gross breach of trust and stated that this must be a lesson to others who may give into the temptation of stealing from others to feed an addiction. Gambling addiction expert, Claire Hegarty, says that online bingo has created more gambling addicts but that these people can overcome their addictions. Hegarty works with many people around the United Kingdom and offers advice to gambling addicts over the phone at no charge.