The Battle for Bingo Legalization in Guam

Supporters and dissenters feverishly debate the bingo legalization act!

The ‘Legalization of Bingo Act’ or Proposal A has been drafted in a way that could allow for a bona fide casino at the former Guam Greyhound. This position is being argued by a grassroots organization that is in opposition to the proposal. This proposal could allow slot machines or any other gaming machine to be legal by putting the word ‘bingo’ on the machine according to Jay Arriola, an attorney for the ‘Keep Guam Good’ group. This group and several other individuals have submitted comments on Proposal A to the Guam Election Commission.

Opposition to Proposal A

Proposal A will be put on the ballot for the November 6th, 2012 General Election. The analysis of the bill by the Guam Election Commission states that this proposal has a broad definition of bingo which includes the use of all forms of computer, electronic and other technologies. It is because of this definition that groups like Keep Guam Good are arguing against the proposal. This group argues that the definition in Proposal A will allow for a monopoly on all bingo operations and activities. This monopoly could cause non-profit organizations that benefit from bingo to lose players to the casino-style bingo that may be legal with Proposal A. The loss of bingo players will then cut the amount of money that non-profit organizations can raise for their charities.

Proposal A also allows for the expansion of the Guam Greyhound to include other facilities and buildings for the use of bingo operations. Although the Guam Election Commission says this proposal will only apply to the physical address of the Guam Greyhound and will not affect other bingo operations, many are still opposed to the proposal. Those who oppose Proposal A also site this part of the proposal as a problem as it allows for the unlimited expansion of gambling and bingo operations rather than containing those activities to a single place. This is the 4th time that casino-type gambling has been proposed at the Guam Greyhound since 2006 and it has been defeated by Guam voters every time.

Supporters of Proposal A

Juan O. Blaz, a retired director of Veterans Affairs, put in a written statement to the Guam Election Commission that stated he was a supporter of for profit bingo operations. Blaz argues that about 20% of the funds raised from the proposal will be put toward public safety, public education spending and public health. Proposal A would put a 20% tax on the Greyhound for its total bingo revenue. Blaz also says that a commercial bingo operation in Guam would help the tourism industry and in turn, this could create additional jobs because more tourists would be visiting so more people would be needed to support the thriving tourism industry. Mark Martinez of Tumon, otherwise known as ‘Paps’, also put in a written statement to show his support for Proposal A because he thinks it will assist the local government in collecting much needed revenue. Martinez says that any bingo operation that is outside the senior citizen centers needs to be taxed.

Different Sides of the Coin in Guam For-Profit Bingo Initiative

A vote for the Bingo Initiative is a vote for education!

The government of Guam has announced that the next general election will include a For-Profit Bingo Initiative on the ballot. The election is scheduled to take place on 6th November 2012.

Proposal A

This is an initiative to institute for-profit bingo in Guam. Proposal A includes tax specifics regarding the bingo profits: 1) Gross bingo income is defined as revenue minus prizes; 2) 20% tax on gross bingo income; 3) Guam Bingo Fund will receive the bingo taxes – a) 30% to GMH Board, 30% to Education Policy Board, 30% to GPD and GFD, 10% to Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT). The Bingo Operations would be regulated by DRT.

To better define the beneficiaries of the proposed bingo profits, GMH stands for Guam Memorial Hospital, GPD is the Guam Police Department and GFD is the Guam Fire Department. Thus a full 20% of the gross income of for-profit bingo would be returned to the citizens of Guam in the form of support for the national hospital, police and fire departments and Education Policy Board. This clearly appears to be a win-win situation.

Players would have the pleasure of social gatherings around the excitement of bingo games; and the community would benefit directly from the profits. As a measure to ensure fairness and honesty for the players, the bingo operations would be supervised by the government. Further, the bingo hall owners would have the opportunity to reap substantial gains, providing the incentive to offer state-of-the-art technology, longevity of operation and proper maintenance of the facility.

Opposition to the Announcement

The election announcement contained a welcome mat for any and all opponents of the initiative to come forward. Those opponents could file a written argument with the Election Commission. At least one group chose to file its objections to the for-profit bingo initiative. The “Keep Guam Good” organization recently held a news conference at the Sinajana Community Center to announce its stand against Proposal A. The Good organization opposes any form of gambling in Guam. The members of that group believe that it is imperative to protect the family nature of the community. Organization founder Benit Dungoa is a professor at the University of Guam (UOG). She stressed that the views of her group do not reflect those of the UOG.

The raison d’etre of Good is to keep all forms of gambling from materializing on Guam. Four years ago, this same organization successfully opposed the establishment of a casino at the former Greyhound Park in Tamuning, the proposed site of the bingo hall. Dungoa has characterized the organization members as “anti-gamblers”. She commented that when the proposal was first announced, the group discussed what needed to be done in order to negate the bingo initiative. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, clearly the efficacy of bingo games is in the differing staunch views of interested parties in Guam. Since for-profit bingo would contribute substantially to the well-being of the community, it will be interesting to see the actual voter reaction on the 6th of November.

DoubleDown Casino and IGT gaming platform Adds Bingo to their Portfolio

International Game Technology’s DoubleDown Casino is expanding its horizons in sync with a growing demand for virtual gaming software. Bingo is now featured as one of the many casino-style games already available at DoubleDown. The most exciting aspect is the option to play bingo on Facebook with the ‘free-to-play’ application also launched by IGT. As part of a rapidly growing social gaming market, IGT stands to significantly increase the revenue via their gaming platform.

BI Intelligence predicts that the 5.2 million active daily participants will more than double by 2015 – increasing from the current earnings of $2.0 billion to an anticipated $5.5 billion annually. IGT anticipates new contracts as well as international expansion as the social gaming market booms. The effect that IGT and IGT Cloud Services will encounter is expected to be well-received by casino properties, both virtual and land-based. Stock recommendations remain neutral for the current time as the initial stages of expansion could involve costly product development costs for the short term.

Introducing BINGO to the Mix!

 Virtual bingo fans can now play at DoubleDown casino as the International Game Technology expands its service and presence in the social gaming market. While launching the new Bingo game at DoubleDown, IGT also provides the gaming platform and application that allows Facebook users to play free bingo with a downloadable application. In this completely new version of Bingo players enjoy 12-carded plays per round compared to the typical 4-carded standard offer at other sites.

Additionally, players may now experience bingo using theme rooms such as ‘High Orbit’, Fashionista, Art Deco, and more. Catering to bingo enthusiasts of all levels the application allows players to select their speed of play depending upon their skill-set. Another pleasing feature is the option to play in automatic or manual modes. The new bingo application on Facebook is expected to boost the player base for the company. 

 Social Gaming Market – Contemporary Demands

IGT presented bingo to the already existing plethora of games available to gaming enthusiasts at DoubleDown and they will not stop there! Plans to market the bingo and casino-style gaming products to land-based casinos in the near future. Furthermore, the company sealed deals with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Jacobs Entertainment last month. The DoubleDown platfrom stands to fare well in the social and mobile gaming industry with enormous growth potential. Recently winning new contracts, the relatively new company is emerging as a market leader with remarkable potential for expansion.

The vast product portfolio offered by IGT stands to grow as it maintains expeditious development and progress in the gaming industry. Investment recommendations remain neutral for the time-being, however, due to the nature of product development in which operating costs can be driven up during this phase of growth. While this may imply a ‘hold’ rating for the short term the long term potential is extremely positive as more, and more, and more bingo fans and gaming buffs flock to the social gaming arenas.

At Bingo Pet Salon, the Dog is the Client

Bingo Pet Salon goes all out for your buddy!

The attitude at Bingo Pet Salon in Royal Oak, Michigan is to treat your pet with human needs in mind. Among the many services provided are dog grooming, cat grooming, pet sitting and dog walking. Bingo also offers pet accessories and loving care for your four-legged companion. John Beasley, the owner of Bingo Pet Salon, is a pet lover who prioritizes your dog and cat .

Bingo Salon Sponsors Animal Rescue Organizations

John Beasley puts his money where his mouth is. He sponsors New Beginnings Animal Rescue (NBAR). Founded in 2010, the goal of NBAR is to find new homes for indoor companion animals that are in need. Many pet owners who can no longer care for their pets, due to a variety of reasons such as a move to a “no pets allowed” apartment, work with NBAR to re-home their dog or cat. The Bingo Salon also sponsors the N.B.S. Animal Rescue. The honorable motto of N.B.S. is: “Homeless dogs one by one until there are none.” Aside from being a monetary sponsor, Bingo freely grooms the adoptable animals. Additionally, Beasley opens the Salon doors for a full week, to present the rescued dogs and cats to the public for adoption. John Beasley is dedicated to the welfare of dogs and cats.

Bingo Pet Salon

 Royal Oak is a town filled with great dining, shopping and entertainment. Bingo Pet Salon is located in the lively downtown area of this thriving community. Beasley has a vision. Why should you feel the pangs of guilt from leaving your pet home alone while you partake of a wonderful dining experience? Beasley envisions the conscientious dog owner dropping off the pooch for an afternoon and evening of pet sitting at Bingo’s. While the pets enjoy themselves at the Salon, the doggie’s human goes shopping with friends, and meets their spouse for a candle-light dinner. And what does poochie do at the pet sitting salon? The doggie enjoys a warm bath, a good brushing, a meal with water, and a great run with their poochie friends in the Salon runway. Ahhh…the life of Riley!

Dog’s Eye View

Would a dog ask to be treated like a human if the pet could talk? Maybe a mammal by any other name is still a mammal; then again, maybe not. That is, perhaps a human is a human, and a dog is a dog. The person seeks out luxury and the enjoyment of entertainment, such as an exciting bingo game played amid family and friends. The pet’s take on its surroundings is much simpler. Food, temperature control, an alpha-beta trusting and loving relationship and the opportunity to run and evacuate, comprise the worldly needs of dogs. Nonetheless, for a pet salon to give loving care to the pet you love, is a very comforting concept.

U.K. Local Council Decision in Favour of Community’s Bingo Concerns

A local council in England listened to Kingston community  opposition to the establishment of a nightclub and gaming den in the area. Kingston Arena appeal of the council decision has been withdrawn. 

The Kingston community in England opposed the opening of the former Gala Bingo Hall as a Kingston Arena nightclub. The local council agreed with the concerns of the citizens, and rejected the Arena plans. At the end of the game, Kingston Arena withdrew its legal appeal from the council’s decision. The community is celebrating its victory!

Kingston Arena Bingo

Franco Lumba, director of Kingston Arena, bought the defunct Gala Bingo Hall for the huge amount of £1.975 million in October 2010. He had every intention of turning the former bingo hall into a nightclub, with a 2,000-person capacity. The citizens of Kingston thought otherwise.

The Kingston community, acting as the Richmond Road Residents Association, expressed their serious opposition to the Kingston Arena plans. Approximately one year after the acquisition of the building, the local council rejected the Kingston Arena plans. On the 1st of October, Lumba’s appeal of the council decision was set to be heard before the Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Franco Lumba thought it over. He decided to withdraw the Kingston Arena appeal and so instructed his solicitors. Local councilor Angela Craig was ecstatic, placing her excitement regarding the community victory on Twitter.

A member of the Richmond Road Residents Association, Bernadette Vallely, confirmed the Kingston Arena appeal withdrawal. She commented that the local citizens had won their cause as the result of their unified stand. Vallely added that the community had properly prevented the establishment of a nightclub, which would have ruined the family character of the area.

The question as to the future use of the former bingo hall has not yet been answered. However, the Kingston community, acting together, has succeeded in preventing an inappropriate establishment from becoming a detrimental element in their midst.

Traditional and Online Bingo Booming

Big cheeky promos are going on at Zingo Bingo. Meanwhile, at the Mesquite Vet Center bingo players are treated to snacks and exciting games. There is a world of difference between Zingo Bingo and the Mesquite Vet Center Bingo. Zingo is cheeky with major promos, while the Vet Center is down home social comfort. Both are exciting!

Zingo Bingo’s Big Promo

The hot promotion at Zingo Bingo is 50 Shades, happening 17 – 26 September 2012. Themed after the best selling paperback book, 50 Shades of Grey, the promo at Zingo offers steamy prizes like silk sheets and satin chemise. The daily draws will produce two winners a day who will receive a prize item found in the box of secrets.

So what does the player have to do in order to be eligible for this promo? Simple: Play more than 50 games of bingo in a single day, call bingo in the 75 ball bingo room on the 50 pattern and bet more than £50 on instants. Wait! There’s more! You may win a copy of 50 Shades of Grey from the runners up draw if you qualified for the major draw but did not win a box of secrets prize.

Vet Center Bingo in Nevada

The Veteran’s Center in Mesquite, Nevada is offering a monthly bingo event to provide an evening of fun for local residents. The initial bingo night took place on Thursday, August 30. Vet Center president Cliff Jenkins observed that all of the players appeared to be enjoying themselves.

49 happy gamers showed up and were treated to many bingo games, prizes and yummies. The treats included beer, popcorn, soda, water and coffee. Community stores and friends of the Center contributed all of the prizes. The contributors consisted of Eureka Casino, Carrie Tragale, Breadenstuffers Express, Blvd Hair and Salon, Suzanne Clayton, Pizza Hut, Susan Holecheck and C.I.T.Y. Shoppers. The great variety of prizes and enthusiastic volunteers from the Vet Center added to the bingo success of the evening.

Jenkins commented that the prizes also included a $50 pot from a Lucky Seven game and $112 from a 50-50 raffle. More than half of the players signed up for the next bingo evening, scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 20 at 6:00 PM. Flexible is the middle name of the Veterans Center. Jenkins said the Center has decided to let the players choose the day for the October bingo event: Any Friday at 6:00 PM or any Sunday at 4:00 PM. The players get the choice. Is this America or what?!?

In July 2012, the Sun City Mesquite presented the Veteran’s Center with $3,830 in honor of the continued community contribution of the Center. The money was presented to Jenkins and Vet Center vice president Ken Maynard. The Sun City Mesquite subdivision collected the funds from bingo, raffles, billiard tournaments and putting tournaments. There is one Sun City Mesquite homeowner who donates the entirety of her notary public fees to the Mesquite Veterans. The Center is truly appreciated for its consistent contribution to the well being of the community.

Zingo Bingo and Mesquite Veterans Center: Worlds apart; however, both offering bingo at its best.

Charitable Bingo Damaged by Amendments in Texas Law

State laws take a little more out of the heart of charitable bingo!

Bingo is alive, well and successful in Amarillo, Texas. For the first 7.5 months of 2012, charitable bingo in Texas has accounted for $281 million in prizes and $3.5 million in taxes. However, 2009 amendments to the state’s Bingo Enabling Act have taken their toll on the charities that rely on bingo profits.

Changes in the Law

Prior to the 2009 changes in the law that controls charitable bingo, lessors like Littlefield Corp. of Austin were solely responsible for all building expenses. The charities had only rent to pay. The amendments currently allow lessors to charge their nonprofit lessees for all associated costs, including taxes, utilities, maintenance and insurance. W.L. “Dubb” Davis, the head of one of Littlefield’s lessees, has calculated that the annual bill for these expenses totals approximately $40,000.

Littlefield Corp. is the lessor for Amarillo Charitable Bingo Unit. That bingo group consists of Old Corral Club, Khiva Temple, a Tascosa High School booster club, Alamo Booster Club and Hilltop Senior Center. The income of the Bingo Unit dropped precipitously in 2011. Total revenue for that year was a little less than $104,000, as compared to the nearly $166,000 of 2010 according to the records of the Texas Lottery Commission.

A representative of the Texas Lottery Commission has concluded that the Littlefield rental agreements are legal. The amendments to the bingo law were passed with an overwhelming majority. Only one senator and 16 representatives stood against the bill’s passage. Rep. Debbie Riddle voted against it as she recognized that it was unreasonable of the state to deplete charitable funds. Rep. Riddle views the amendments as an intrusion of the state that potentially places charities in monetary difficulty.

Hilltop Director Iris Lawrence has commented that until a few months ago, Hilltop Senior Center was struggling to remain afloat. She said that the added building costs resulted in a depletion of their treasury fund. The community is benefited by Hilltop, which acts as a social meeting place for seniors, and provides nourishing meals to the homes of seniors who need the service. A financially healthy Senior Center is therefore helpful to the community as a whole.

Charitable bingo in Amarillo has enjoyed an upswing in game participation during the current year. The increase in bingo attendance places nonprofits such as Hilltop Senior Center on a more even keel.


Charitable bingo in Texas is huge. Since its inception in 1981, bingo has annually contributed millions to charities and taxes. Amarillo’s Lawndale Bingo is representative of Texas charitable operations. A manager of Lawndale, Tamara Tucker, stresses that all of the profits flow back into the local community through the various charities associated with that bingo hall. Included in the Lawndale nonprofits are Texas Panhandle Center, Catholic Family Services, Haven Health Clinic, Amarillo Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Family Care Foundation.

Bingo is wildly popular due to its social setting and exciting luck component, as well as the promise of prizes. It is simply an activity filled with fun.

Bingo with the San Lorenzo Sociables

Bingo keeps the San Lorenzo Sociables young!

The San Lorenzo Sociables, a social club that has been around for nearly 30 years, is a group of senior citizens that get together every week for bingo, dancing and other activities. Although they are elderly, these seniors really do know how to shake a leg. Many of the seniors have been part of the club for decades and they all say that they truly enjoy their time together. One San Lorenzo Sociables member, Charlie Spann, just celebrated his 100th birthday – a milestone that not many people get to experience. Spann is known as ‘Bingo Charlie’ and has been part of the San Lorenzo Sociables for many years. He celebrated his 100th birthday with his fellow Sociables.

Bingo Charlie

Maude, Bingo Charlie’s wife, is not far behind him as she is 95 years old. She says that the day she met Charlie was one of the best days of her life and she feels the same about him now as she did that day. Maude met Charlie at a family function in Arizona when a friend set them up. Maude said she fell in love with Charlie’s kindness, particularly when Charlie asked her to take a ride with him to get a coke. Charlie was instantly attracted to Maude’s trendy pageboy hairstyle. In December, the couple will celebrate their 73 year

anniversary. Charlie and Maude have two children, 5 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren and are still as in love as they ever were. Maude says that they have an almost perfect marriage and always work their differences out before they go to sleep. Maude says that she and Charlie have grown up together and their bond has only grown stronger throughout the years.

Every Wednesday, about 20 to 30 members of the San Lorenzo Sociables get together at 10 in the morning and dance their hearts out until noon then go to Wendy’s to have lunch together. One regular named George Lee is 94 years old and he says that the club keeps him feeling and looking younger than he really is. The members who go to dance each week pay a $3 cover fee to help pay for other activities like holiday parties and bingo. The funds from the cover fee also go to pay for a live musician to play music while they dance. Currently, Len Rogers is the musician that plays for the San Lorenzo Sociables. Rogers started singing and playing the keyboard for the San Lorenzo Sociables a few months ago.

Rogers provides a variety of music for the Sociables so they can all enjoy their favorite dances. A board with lights indicates which dance selection is currently being offered. This dance selection includes the Foxtrot, Waltz, Chair Mixer, Latin, Paul Jones and variety. The members of the San Lorenzo Sociables say they really enjoy Rogers’ music because it is upbeat enough to do the Jitterbug. Some of the other favorite dances of the San Lorenzo Sociables include the Swing and Latin-inspired dances. All in all, the members of the Socialbes enjoy their dancing, bingo and spending time with others who share their interests.

Rank Bingo Group’s Dividend Increases 35%

The online gaming, bingo and casino operator Rank Group has announced an exceedingly profitable year. Shareholders will enjoy a 35% rise in dividends. The pre-tax adjusted net increased by 9% to over £60 million. Gross revenue rose 3% to £600 million.

Rank Bingo Group has the Product and know-how for Successful Competition

Competitive marketing and popular products are the hallmarks of the continual rise for the Rank Group. In the face of the 2008 global economic downturn, Rank has made ongoing strides. Dividends have increased annually at a compound rate of an amazing 31% during the last three years. The enormous rise in dividends at Rank, exemplifies stock market investment potential for the everyday investor. Though the markets are difficult, companies such as the Rank Group have the ability to phenomenally succeed.

Minimal Impact of Spain’s Economic Woes

Reflecting the negative Spanish trading conditions, Top Rank Espana’s revenue of a little over £29 million, represented a drop of almost 13%. The Spanish operation of the Rank Group netted slightly less than £1.5 million: a decrease of 65%. The Spanish downturn however, has an overall minimal effect on the Rank Bingo Group. Rank’s entire business in Spain accounts for only 7% of the company’s revenue, and 5% of their net. Therefore the European economy is not likely to have an overall impact on the growth pattern of the Rank Group. To underscore the lack of significant impact, Rank has continuously grown revenue and profit since 2009.

The Rank Bingo Group

The majority owner of Rank is the Guoco Group, a subsidiary of the Hong Leong Group of Malaysia. The current value of Rank is £490 million. A Rank spokesperson recently commented that throughout the challenging economic times, the Rank Group brands, such as Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos, have enjoyed a continuous upswing in popularity. Through excellence in marketing and product performance, Rank rises in the face of tough European economic conditions.

The “Beanzy” Basket Bingo fundraiser is a winner!

In a small dot on the U.S. map, over 100 people are expected to get together and play bingo, eat hotdogs and pay tribute to the memory of a life-loving lady. Thelma Jean “Beanzy” Foote was Ann Arcurie’s good friend. After Beanzy’s death, Arcurie needed a catharsis.

Bingo to the Rescue

That catharsis materialized when Arcurie put together the bingo that Beanzy loved with the needs of local fire departments. Two of Beanzy’s grandsons are volunteer firefighters. The thought of an annual charitable bingo event to honor the memory of a great friend was a natural. All of Beanzy’s family and friends jumped at the idea. Thus was born the “Beanzy” Basket Bingo fundraiser. Most of the profits go to local volunteer fire companies.

Friends and family who loved Thelma donate the prize baskets and homemade goodies, along with their time and energy. This is the fifth year for the fundraiser. The date is September 23, 2012 from 12:30 PM on into the afternoon. Arcurie, a Moscow, PA resident, is the founder and co-chairwoman for the event.

Thelma was predeceased by her husband of 54 years. They had three daughters and various grandchildren. Their daughters are Cherrie Bentler, Debra Colarossi and Francine Edmondson. The Footes were friendly folk, who often hosted their many friends and family at their home. Their doors were always open. It gives everyone a feeling of happiness to participate in Thelma’s bingo tribute.

“Beanzy” Basket Bingo Fundraiser

Over 100 people have attended the bingo fundraiser in each of the past four years. At least as many participants are expected at this year’s event. So far, the “Beanzy” Basket Bingo fundraiser has contributed $8,200 to three local volunteer fire departments: Elmhurst/Roaring Brook, Madisonville and Gouldsboro, in addition to the North Pocono Senior Center and North Pocono Food Pantry. The 2012 goal is to donate more than $2,000 to those same worthy causes.

Admission prices vary according to the number of bingo cards players want. 18 bingo cards come with the $20 admission price, 12 bingo cards are available for $15 and the $10 admission price consists of 6 bingo cards. 15 bingo games will be played, and many baskets won. Other prizes include gift certificates to restaurants in the community and homemade delicacies.

Bingo Celebrations for One and All

More than bingo will be enjoyed by the families and individuals who participate. Sausage and peppers, hotdogs, wimpies and hamburgers will be available for purchase. And you can bet there will be plenty of beverages on hand.

A special, newly organized feature will be provided at this year’s event. A kids’ corner for those 14 years of age and under will give the younger set something fun to participate in while their parents play bingo. The kids’ corner, including games, prizes and crafts, begins at the same time that the bingo event opens.

Arcurie and the other volunteers look forward to the frenzy of the bingo fundraiser. They consider it to be a fitting memorial for a happy friend.