Newbridge Bingo Anniversary and the Joy of Bingo Brigade for Charity

25 years ago Seamus Egan of College Park founded bingo in Newbridge and the anniversary celebration is set! A cheese and wine celebration is scheduled to commemorate a quarter of a century of bingo fun. Seamus promises that there will be some surprises that evening and expects quite a gathering. The wine and cheese are reason enough to come socialize with fellow Newbridge bingo enthusiasts, but the surprises add a dash of spice to the evening! In London, the Joy of Bingo group, a family of bingo is raising money for breast cancer care. A plethora of promotions were made available to customers at 888ladies bingo this summer in the effort to provide a summer of donating to good causes while enjoying the sense of community with the 888ladies! The 888ladies and promos put the ‘fun’ in fundraising! Receive bonus funds and welcome packages by signing up today!

Wine, Cheese, and Bingo Surprises

 Mainly a social gathering, the sense of camaraderie that bingo brought to Newbridge offered a fantastic purpose to ‘gather’. There were ‘regulars’ who claimed seats as almost as their very own! Seamus is said to have missed only two events during the entire 25 years. Seamus highlighted he fact that the ladies of bingo are absolutely brilliant and have been loyal participants. There are men that take part in the bingo festivities, as well. There funds raised go toward the needs of Newbridge’s football leagues including two junior teams and three adult teams. Many citizens of Newbridge have contributed their enthusiasm, friendship, and assistance to the football teams via active participation in weekly bingo events. In line with the technological advances during the course, Seamus ensured that the hall kept up ‘with the times’ and went to all digital bingo to continue to attract large crowds and a diversified age range.

He made note that although the regulars have ‘reserved’ themselves their favorite seats in the house, there are plenty more available and encourages everyone to come out and share the joy! Many members that have contributed to the development of Newbridge Bingo over the years and watched as the bingo hall evolved to what it is today. The contributions to the Newbridge football teams were priceless and the organization used to have three busses coming to four different bingos, now on Tuesday nights, from at least a 15 mile radius! While there is typically only one bus arriving these days, there is plenty of fun and lots of fabulous jackpots to be had! The young people in the community may classify bingo as ‘an older person’s game’, but according to Jimmy Dowling, club member, the facility has really kept up with modern technology. The young and ‘older’ alike can enjoy the games for £10.

Joy of Bingo!

The Joy of Bingo community launched a ‘fun-tastic’ summer of bingo exuberance with their Strawberry Tea Bingo Games. The £1k grand prize keeps the best of the best yummy-mummy bloggers coming back for more! Bloggers can share stories, ideas, and the joy of bingo camaraderie. Twenty bloggers were selected and given £50 in credits to play bingo! The bloggers were also able to contribute additional money of their own, as well. The idea – all bloggers agree upon an amount to be donated from their winnings, personal contributions, and even welcome bonuses to a good cause….their charity of choice. The more they play the more they raise – for charity! It’s a ‘win-win’ situation and always a feeling of community with the 888ladies. This was a phenomenal chance to experience the fun while learning the art of bingo.

Playing bingo and progressive slots offers charity donators a sense of community, social gaming intrigue, and fun. The competition results will be published so everyone can check-out the ‘who’s who’ of the bloggers, as well as how much they won during the promotion. The Joy of Bingo planned to donate a minimum of £20,000 to Breast Cancer Care. The winning bloggers will donate the amount they choose from their winnings to the charity with which they are most inspired. Various other promotions were also available during the course of the fundraising event. This promotional event was an experimental process that offered the added bonus of a community feel and a summer of ‘saving’ for benevolent causes!

At Bingo Pet Salon, the Dog is the Client

Bingo Pet Salon goes all out for your buddy!

The attitude at Bingo Pet Salon in Royal Oak, Michigan is to treat your pet with human needs in mind. Among the many services provided are dog grooming, cat grooming, pet sitting and dog walking. Bingo also offers pet accessories and loving care for your four-legged companion. John Beasley, the owner of Bingo Pet Salon, is a pet lover who prioritizes your dog and cat .

Bingo Salon Sponsors Animal Rescue Organizations

John Beasley puts his money where his mouth is. He sponsors New Beginnings Animal Rescue (NBAR). Founded in 2010, the goal of NBAR is to find new homes for indoor companion animals that are in need. Many pet owners who can no longer care for their pets, due to a variety of reasons such as a move to a “no pets allowed” apartment, work with NBAR to re-home their dog or cat. The Bingo Salon also sponsors the N.B.S. Animal Rescue. The honorable motto of N.B.S. is: “Homeless dogs one by one until there are none.” Aside from being a monetary sponsor, Bingo freely grooms the adoptable animals. Additionally, Beasley opens the Salon doors for a full week, to present the rescued dogs and cats to the public for adoption. John Beasley is dedicated to the welfare of dogs and cats.

Bingo Pet Salon

 Royal Oak is a town filled with great dining, shopping and entertainment. Bingo Pet Salon is located in the lively downtown area of this thriving community. Beasley has a vision. Why should you feel the pangs of guilt from leaving your pet home alone while you partake of a wonderful dining experience? Beasley envisions the conscientious dog owner dropping off the pooch for an afternoon and evening of pet sitting at Bingo’s. While the pets enjoy themselves at the Salon, the doggie’s human goes shopping with friends, and meets their spouse for a candle-light dinner. And what does poochie do at the pet sitting salon? The doggie enjoys a warm bath, a good brushing, a meal with water, and a great run with their poochie friends in the Salon runway. Ahhh…the life of Riley!

Dog’s Eye View

Would a dog ask to be treated like a human if the pet could talk? Maybe a mammal by any other name is still a mammal; then again, maybe not. That is, perhaps a human is a human, and a dog is a dog. The person seeks out luxury and the enjoyment of entertainment, such as an exciting bingo game played amid family and friends. The pet’s take on its surroundings is much simpler. Food, temperature control, an alpha-beta trusting and loving relationship and the opportunity to run and evacuate, comprise the worldly needs of dogs. Nonetheless, for a pet salon to give loving care to the pet you love, is a very comforting concept.

Bingo for Tulare Emergency Aid Council

Monthly bingo games take place at the Tulare Women’s Clubhouse. Everyone has a good time. The winners have a Great time. This past Saturday, as one person yelled “Bingo!” about six dozen others groaned. This is always an exciting event. The players experience not only the fun of the games, but also the pride of contributing to a worthy cause.

Tulare Emergency Aid Council (TEAC)

The recipient of the bingo profits is the Tulare Emergency Aid Council in California. This Council makes a difference. It feeds those in need. The aim of its “Brown Baggin’ for Hunger” campaign is to make givers of the entire community. The pledge they are seeking is $20 monthly: The price of a couple of meals each month.

Tulare Emergency Aid Council provides all of the necessities of life to anyone having trouble providing for themselves and their families. Services include transportation, gasoline, clothes, doctors’ prescriptions, housing and food. Anything necessary to get the individual on the road to self-reliance is freely given by the Council. Their aid spans the working poor and those unable to obtain employment.

This is such a worthy cause that the Tulare Women’s Clubhouse hosts a monthly bingo party to join the list of contributors and become a part of the giving. Bingo is the game of choice when looking to donate.

Bingo at the Tulare Women’s Clubhouse

In Tulare, California you can find a bingo party on the first Saturday of the month. The proceeds from the Tulare Women’s Clubhouse bingo are always donated to TEAC. Debra Thrasher, Executive Director of TEAC, has commented that bingo provides an average of $800 per month. According to the Council, that would be about 80 meals. Bingo is played for the fun of it, with an occasional winning thrill. The Tulare Women’s Clubhouse provides the bonus of giving something back to the community.

Old Greyhound Station May Become Bingo Center in Guam

Over 4,500 signatures were reviewed by the Guam Election Commission according to the director of the GEC, Maria Pangelinan. The advocates of the for-profit Bingo initiative, the Guam Japan Friendship Village hope to legalize for-profit Bingo and open a Bingo facility at the former Greyhound facility in Tamuning. After the signatures are certified by the commission, a ballot title must be presented and certified 90 days prior to the election in November. Many people are in favor of the initiative.

Legalizing Bingo in Guam – Due Process

Maria Pangelinan, GEC director, was not at liberty to determine at this point whether or not the Bingo initiative will make it onto the November election ballot. She was able to speak in general as to the process that must ensue now that the signatures on the petitions have been reviewed. Following certification, a ballot title must be assigned and the initiative must be certified 90 days prior to the November election. In the event that there are arguments to be made for, as well as against, the Bingo initiative then a brochure will be mailed to all voters describing both sides of the initiative. The commission’s legal counsel will prepare a timeline and validate the initiative to include it in the election.

Hard Work May See Bingo Initiative Through

Pangelinan expressed enthusiasm about being a part of this process to get the Bingo initiative on the election ballots. She said that reviewing the 4,713 signatures was no easy task but that it is a way for the people to voice their opinion and desire in the matter. The initiative, submitted by the Guam Friendship Japan Friendship Village in May would ultimately legalize for-profit Bingo in Tamuning and allow them to proceed with plans of turning the old Greyhound facility into a Bingo Hall.

The number of signatures received by the GEC represents at least 10% of the registered voters so the deal is essentially in the ‘hands’ of the legal counsel. Once a timeline is prepared, says Pangelinan, “we’ll go from there”. The bottom line is that the Bingo initiative is one formal step closer to reality and the possibility of legal Bingo in Guam could be as close as this November. Clearly many people are in favor of the initiative and Pangelinan feels that if that many people are in favor of the initiative then it should move forward.

Bingo Clubs in the UK Raise £500,000 for Charity

A Cow and a Bingo Community Drop their Chips for Charities!

Marie Curie Cancer Care is £500,000 ahead due to the efforts and generosity of the staff and players at Mecca Bingo and 96 other UK Bingo clubs. There are innumerable charities and civic projects that benefit from the creativity, hard work and generosity of the Bingo world.

The Cow Drops her Chip on the Bingo Board

In Pontiac, Illinois, someone had a bright idea. The 4-H Ambassadors held a Bingo event during the Livingston County Agricultural and 4-H Fair. Not your usual Bingo night, but certainly something akin to the game. Charity was the winner, along with Tom and Pam Schahrer of Forrest, Illinois.

The bright idea consisted, in part, of a bingo board on the 4-H Park grounds, each square being 2ft.X2ft. The other part of the idea involved a cow. There were 50 squares, each going for $50. The cow cooperated, and dropped her chip on Square 38 belonging to the Schahrers. Everyone had a good hoot, and the winners collected their $1,250 pot. The remaining $1,250 was happily given to the designated charity.

Bingo & Barbeque in Minnesota

The acquisition of land at Fish Creek, Minnesota is the object of a bingo and barbeque event set to take place on the evening of July 26th in the City of Maplewood. The St. Paul East Parks Lions are co-sponsoring the event. The Maplewood Community Center will be the spot for ribs, chicken, corn and salad. Tickets are reasonably priced and include a few bingo cards, dinner and children’s activities. Bingo winners will receive cash or other prizes.

Charity Bingo is Huge at Mecca Bingo and other UK Clubs

Marie Curie Cancer Care, with a little help from its friends, gives terminally ill people free nursing care in the home of the patient. The organization provides nursing services in communities throughout the UK. One group of contributors consists of 97 participating bingo clubs across the UK. The Team Members and players at Mecca Bingo in Skimpot Road are major supporters of the bingo charitable donation effort. That effort has been instrumental in raising £500,000 for Cancer Care.

The staff at Mecca Bingo used their imagination. Tea parties, body waxes and head shaves were among the successful events comically carried through by Team Members. However, it took the generosity of participating Mecca Bingo players to produce the huge sum that was donated. Mecca Bingo is part of the Rank Group PLC, which also includes Blue Square and Grosvenor Casino. Since 2009, the Rank Group has succeeded in raising almost £810,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Through its Community Fundraiser, Christine Brown, Cancer Care has acknowledged the amazing fundraising efforts of Mecca Bingo. Brown has recently commented that the enormous sum will enable terminally ill people to remain at home with family around them, receiving good nursing care during their last days. Bingo is an exciting and enjoyable way for individuals to provide for the needs of their community.

Can the Minnesota Vikings Win with Bingo?

Stadium not Scoring with Charities!

At least one of the over 70 comments posted about an online article on the new Minnesota Vikings stadium points toward the taxes charities already pay to the state, minus the formula put in place to pay for the venue. Charities already pay about half of their net profits from gambling, such as pull tabs and Bingo. The remainder leaves them with almost nothing to give to their beneficiaries – the poor.

Tax Rates May Squash Charitable Gaming

The bill for the stadium began with a formula that was raised when it actually went to vote in the Senate. While the results of the new tax tier isn’t clear, some charities are sure they’ll lose. A Lions Club gambling manager is quite sure he will pay $13,000 more because of the boosted rate. Four charities, including one that helps unwed mothers, fall under a Bingo emporium and the gambling manager there predicts a bleak future. She believes her taxes will be $28,000. Before she reflects on what charitable gaming is all about, the manager says the tax increase means the emporium will have to sell 350,000 pull tabs to keep up with the new formula. 

Department of Revenue Claims

 Charities could see tax cuts, although it is too early to tell, the Minnesota Department of Revenue says. The department foresees the cuts. A Lions Club in Burnsville, Minn., stands to see a cut of $109,000, but the manager is skeptical. In contrast, recently the department showed the numbers it predicts and many charities will see an increase. About 1,200 nonprofit organizations bear the responsibility of depositing $348 million into the state’s bank account, which will in turn contribute to the new stadium’s bill. One manager estimates it will take more than $2 million in pulltabs to make up the difference from before the stadium formula.

The Rich are Under Attack Yet Again

Many comments slam the ties between the corporate elite and Minnesota’s lawmakers for the new stadium formula. While nonprofits are kept in limbo until the results of the formula are known, public commentators are convinced state leaders continue to favor the wealthy.

Charitable Bingo Expands Job Market in Sault Ste. Marie

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is collaborating with Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN) to create 25 new jobs in Sault Ste. Marie. The newly created employment openings involve technical support and software development for the charitable bingo and gaming industry in Ontario.

Online Bingo Opens the Door to New Technology Jobs

Charitable bingo has been making money for Ontario nonprofit organizations in e-bingo halls since 2005. Charities have received an astronomical $40 million from the six e-bingo halls operated by the OLG in the past seven years. The technological support afforded to OLG through the joint efforts of the OLG and CBN is part of a Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative. This effort produces a win-win situation for all involved.

New Jobs on the Horizon

 The incentive to modernize the Ontario e-gaming industry has established a growing need for technology support. That necessity in turn yields the addition of 25 high quality software jobs to the Sault Ste. Marie economy. With the software development centered in Sault Ste. Marie, that local community remains a primary player in the lottery and bingo business. The new jobs strengthen the local hi-tech market and ensure a vibrant role to Sault Ste. Marie in the modernization of the gaming industry.

Canadian Bank Note Company

An office will be established by CBN in the Sault at the Station Tower on Bay Street. The purpose of CBN’s office is to provide the technological support, software development and system administration required by the charitable e-gaming industry. CBN is a venerable, Canadian-owned company, having been in existence since 1897. The headquarters of CBN are located in Ottawa, and the company has a global presence, serving in excess of 60 countries worldwide. The lottery systems division of CBN operates the entirety of the lotteries in seven Latin American countries. The plan of CBN is to grow a successful hi-tech business in Sault Ste. Marie. CBN’s vision includes a bingo hall owned by private enterprise, with CBN providing the e-bingo services for the hall.


The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is big business. Through all of its gaming activities, the OLG generates $3.8 billion in annual funds. This is a large slice of Ontario’s economic picture. The goal of the OLG is responsible gaming, where the player is protected, and fun remains the primary object of playing. OLG makes a full annual disclosure of its revenue and outlay. Of the $3.8 billion received in the April 2010 through March 2011 period, $2.0 billion was contributed to the Province of Ontario. Charities received $120 million, the Quest for Gold amateur athletics was the beneficiary of $10 million, and $1.8 billion was donated to hospitals, health-related programs and other public needs.

In addition, $52.1 million was donated to the cause of problematic gambling. $1.9 million was spent on sponsorships of community festivals and events. Charitable gaming revenues were distributed to local charities in the amount of $7.1 million. Local economies within Ontario were supported by OLG to the extent of $1.7 billion. The general economy of Ontario is the beneficiary of the success of the OLG. Two financially strong entities, CBN and the OLG, are joining together to modernize charitable e-bingo and the gaming industry for the benefit of everyone.

Video Bingo will Increase Charity Profits

Bingo business has been diminishing in recent years. This decline has significantly affected local charities. Industry pundits have been seeking a solution to this problem in order to save both the bingo industry, as well as the thousands of charities that benefit from it.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Introduces Video Bingo

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has thought about introducing video bingo to protect the bingo industry from failing. However, this might hurt the city’s economy. Politicians in Toronto will have to decide if they are willing to invest a lot of money to assist local charities in boosting their revenues. 2 of the 6 bingo halls in Toronto are enthusiastic about the OLG proposition. But the city is less excited about this. According to the terms of this proposal, the city will be getting 3% of the profits instead of getting $165 for each charity event. It might be true that under the OLG proposition many charities will benefit, but it might also be true that it could hurt the city’s resources at the same time.

According to the OLG’s head, the audience and the income will significantly increase at the 2 bingo halls in which video bingo will be introduced. But they estimate that the city will lose $70,000 per year, as opposed to $341,000 that the city’s staff expected to take in. In addition, gaming specialists have their own reservations about video bingo. They believe that video bingo could actually increase the problem given that players usually play on a monitor instead of playing with other people. However, they recognize that video bingo has the potential of increasing player participation rates and profits too. This will naturally have a positive effect on bingo charity takings.

Video Bingo is the Way Forward

According to the head of the Delta Bingo Sponsors Association, bingo halls need groundbreaking technology in order to be able to support the charities that rely on them. An OLG representative, Tony Bitoni, added that people currently look for new ways to have fun, and video bingo might just be the perfect way to give customers what they want.

Potential Bingo Charity Abuse?

Charitable Bingo is currently regulated by the Texas Lottery Commission’s Charitable Bingo Division. The Commission is examining methods to improve the oversight and regulation to ensure that charitable Bingo in Texas is not ‘taken advantage of’. During a recent investigation News 4 WOAI trouble shooter Mireya Villarreal reports that due to a possible lack of oversight, charitable Bingo in Texas could be taken advantage of.

Fraud Being Committed with Bingo Charity Causes?

Villarreal found that some Bingo management companies charge so much for expenses and operations that there is little to nothing left for charitable contributions. Jose Menendez, State Representative said “We should do a lengthy audit of all of them (Texas Charitable Bingo) to see what percentage is actually helping charities. Menendez asserts that his office is already working on a solution to the issue. There is a clear need for a system of checks and balances to ensure that left-over money is allocated to the appropriate charities.

What’s The Scoop on Charitable Bingo Operations?

Bingo halls are regulated by the Texas Lottery Commission’s Charitable Bingo Division under the Bingo Enabling Act. The guidelines and monitoring protocol of operations however, are quite vague. The only mechanism of official oversight is that Bingo halls must claim that their expenses are ‘reasonable and necessary’. Therein lies the potential problem-Bingo companies are charging so much for expenses that there is very little leftover for charity.

The majority of the money brought in goes back out in the form of cash and prizes to the players. After salaries, fees, and operation expenses are paid, the remainder of the money is earmarked for charitable contributions. Villarreal spoke with Percy Spence, Commander of the Randolph Area Chapter 17 of Disabled American Veterans who said he studied the books in depth after 11 months of business and realized that there was money coming in, but the flip side is the money was going back out. Percy explained that his organization signed up for charitable Bingo a few years back. He claims that the Bingo hall they signed with was making lots of money, but they were in turn charging him exorbitantly for expenses.

Percy eventually had to surrender the non-profits Bingo license just to keep from going bankrupt. In answer to Villarreal’s question as to where the money was actually going. The bottom line is that Charitable Bingo in Texas is a tax-based, complex operation with ample opportunities for fraud. A very clear need exists for the program to be examined and monitored more closely to ensure integrity in charitable provisions are actually met.

The Texas Sunset Committee Convenes

A recent review conducted by the Texas Sunset Committee in early April points out that Charitable Bingo could very well be taken advantage of due to the lack of oversight. Phil Sanderson, Director of the Charitable Bingo Division declined an interview with News 4 during the investigation. Villarreal found video of him testifying before the Sunset Committee stating that monitoring needs to be increased. The problem, claimed Sanderson, is that they just don’t have enough money in their budget to audit or inspect halls as often as they would like.

Much of the bingo license fee revenue that the State collects is not appropriated back to the agency for Bingo regulation. Furthermore, the agency does not have authority to charge fees for some of the Bingo regulation that it does provide. Bingo licensing fees are insufficient to fully cover the costs of regulation. The committee made recommendations as to how monitoring can be improved, but when these recommendations could be implemented is not clear.

Enter Jose Menendez, State Representative that currently sits on the state committee that oversees the Texas Lottery Commission and Charitable Bingo. Menendez believes that audits are necessary. Menendez assured News 4 that his office is already in the process of working on potential legislation that will address these issues.

Relay for Life Bingo Team Event

Bingo for a Cure! The Relay For Life Team named Life-Savers is holding a bingo fundraising event called Bingo For A Cure to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Program. The admission to the event is one canned food item per person that will be donated to a local shelter. Bingo cards will be available for a $1 donation and players must be at least 13 years old to play.

Bingo for Cancer

The Relay For Life Program is a large fundraising campaign that was created by the American Cancer Society. The Relay For Life Program takes place all over the country with a variety of fundraising events. Funds raised from Rely For Life events will be used for cancer research and awareness programs. Team Life-Savers chose bingo as their fundraising event as it is a fun event that the whole community can participate in. The bingo prizes will be donated by local stores and there will also be concessions available.

Paint it Purple

Robin Storey, the captain of Team Life-Savers, asked the Sesser City Council to sign a proclamation for Relay For Life. The Mayor and City Council agreed to sign and there now be an event called Paint the Town Purple event at the end of May. Team Life-Savers will be encouraging people to hang purple bows as well as planting and hanging purple flowers down Main Street.

The Team is asking for a $5 donation in exchange for purple bows that may be hung on Main Street. The local businesses are also participating in a Moon and Stars event. The businesses will be selling moons and stars for a $1 and if you decide to donate, your name will be put on a moon or star and hung in the participating business. The proceeds of this week long event will all be donated to the American Cancer Society.