Bingo Clubs in the UK Raise £500,000 for Charity

A Cow and a Bingo Community Drop their Chips for Charities!

Marie Curie Cancer Care is £500,000 ahead due to the efforts and generosity of the staff and players at Mecca Bingo and 96 other UK Bingo clubs. There are innumerable charities and civic projects that benefit from the creativity, hard work and generosity of the Bingo world.

The Cow Drops her Chip on the Bingo Board

In Pontiac, Illinois, someone had a bright idea. The 4-H Ambassadors held a Bingo event during the Livingston County Agricultural and 4-H Fair. Not your usual Bingo night, but certainly something akin to the game. Charity was the winner, along with Tom and Pam Schahrer of Forrest, Illinois.

The bright idea consisted, in part, of a bingo board on the 4-H Park grounds, each square being 2ft.X2ft. The other part of the idea involved a cow. There were 50 squares, each going for $50. The cow cooperated, and dropped her chip on Square 38 belonging to the Schahrers. Everyone had a good hoot, and the winners collected their $1,250 pot. The remaining $1,250 was happily given to the designated charity.

Bingo & Barbeque in Minnesota

The acquisition of land at Fish Creek, Minnesota is the object of a bingo and barbeque event set to take place on the evening of July 26th in the City of Maplewood. The St. Paul East Parks Lions are co-sponsoring the event. The Maplewood Community Center will be the spot for ribs, chicken, corn and salad. Tickets are reasonably priced and include a few bingo cards, dinner and children’s activities. Bingo winners will receive cash or other prizes.

Charity Bingo is Huge at Mecca Bingo and other UK Clubs

Marie Curie Cancer Care, with a little help from its friends, gives terminally ill people free nursing care in the home of the patient. The organization provides nursing services in communities throughout the UK. One group of contributors consists of 97 participating bingo clubs across the UK. The Team Members and players at Mecca Bingo in Skimpot Road are major supporters of the bingo charitable donation effort. That effort has been instrumental in raising £500,000 for Cancer Care.

The staff at Mecca Bingo used their imagination. Tea parties, body waxes and head shaves were among the successful events comically carried through by Team Members. However, it took the generosity of participating Mecca Bingo players to produce the huge sum that was donated. Mecca Bingo is part of the Rank Group PLC, which also includes Blue Square and Grosvenor Casino. Since 2009, the Rank Group has succeeded in raising almost £810,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Through its Community Fundraiser, Christine Brown, Cancer Care has acknowledged the amazing fundraising efforts of Mecca Bingo. Brown has recently commented that the enormous sum will enable terminally ill people to remain at home with family around them, receiving good nursing care during their last days. Bingo is an exciting and enjoyable way for individuals to provide for the needs of their community.