At Bingo Pet Salon, the Dog is the Client

Bingo Pet Salon goes all out for your buddy!

The attitude at Bingo Pet Salon in Royal Oak, Michigan is to treat your pet with human needs in mind. Among the many services provided are dog grooming, cat grooming, pet sitting and dog walking. Bingo also offers pet accessories and loving care for your four-legged companion. John Beasley, the owner of Bingo Pet Salon, is a pet lover who prioritizes your dog and cat .

Bingo Salon Sponsors Animal Rescue Organizations

John Beasley puts his money where his mouth is. He sponsors New Beginnings Animal Rescue (NBAR). Founded in 2010, the goal of NBAR is to find new homes for indoor companion animals that are in need. Many pet owners who can no longer care for their pets, due to a variety of reasons such as a move to a “no pets allowed” apartment, work with NBAR to re-home their dog or cat. The Bingo Salon also sponsors the N.B.S. Animal Rescue. The honorable motto of N.B.S. is: “Homeless dogs one by one until there are none.” Aside from being a monetary sponsor, Bingo freely grooms the adoptable animals. Additionally, Beasley opens the Salon doors for a full week, to present the rescued dogs and cats to the public for adoption. John Beasley is dedicated to the welfare of dogs and cats.

Bingo Pet Salon

 Royal Oak is a town filled with great dining, shopping and entertainment. Bingo Pet Salon is located in the lively downtown area of this thriving community. Beasley has a vision. Why should you feel the pangs of guilt from leaving your pet home alone while you partake of a wonderful dining experience? Beasley envisions the conscientious dog owner dropping off the pooch for an afternoon and evening of pet sitting at Bingo’s. While the pets enjoy themselves at the Salon, the doggie’s human goes shopping with friends, and meets their spouse for a candle-light dinner. And what does poochie do at the pet sitting salon? The doggie enjoys a warm bath, a good brushing, a meal with water, and a great run with their poochie friends in the Salon runway. Ahhh…the life of Riley!

Dog’s Eye View

Would a dog ask to be treated like a human if the pet could talk? Maybe a mammal by any other name is still a mammal; then again, maybe not. That is, perhaps a human is a human, and a dog is a dog. The person seeks out luxury and the enjoyment of entertainment, such as an exciting bingo game played amid family and friends. The pet’s take on its surroundings is much simpler. Food, temperature control, an alpha-beta trusting and loving relationship and the opportunity to run and evacuate, comprise the worldly needs of dogs. Nonetheless, for a pet salon to give loving care to the pet you love, is a very comforting concept.