Newbridge Bingo Anniversary and the Joy of Bingo Brigade for Charity

25 years ago Seamus Egan of College Park founded bingo in Newbridge and the anniversary celebration is set! A cheese and wine celebration is scheduled to commemorate a quarter of a century of bingo fun. Seamus promises that there will be some surprises that evening and expects quite a gathering. The wine and cheese are reason enough to come socialize with fellow Newbridge bingo enthusiasts, but the surprises add a dash of spice to the evening! In London, the Joy of Bingo group, a family of bingo is raising money for breast cancer care. A plethora of promotions were made available to customers at 888ladies bingo this summer in the effort to provide a summer of donating to good causes while enjoying the sense of community with the 888ladies! The 888ladies and promos put the ‘fun’ in fundraising! Receive bonus funds and welcome packages by signing up today!

Wine, Cheese, and Bingo Surprises

 Mainly a social gathering, the sense of camaraderie that bingo brought to Newbridge offered a fantastic purpose to ‘gather’. There were ‘regulars’ who claimed seats as almost as their very own! Seamus is said to have missed only two events during the entire 25 years. Seamus highlighted he fact that the ladies of bingo are absolutely brilliant and have been loyal participants. There are men that take part in the bingo festivities, as well. There funds raised go toward the needs of Newbridge’s football leagues including two junior teams and three adult teams. Many citizens of Newbridge have contributed their enthusiasm, friendship, and assistance to the football teams via active participation in weekly bingo events. In line with the technological advances during the course, Seamus ensured that the hall kept up ‘with the times’ and went to all digital bingo to continue to attract large crowds and a diversified age range.

He made note that although the regulars have ‘reserved’ themselves their favorite seats in the house, there are plenty more available and encourages everyone to come out and share the joy! Many members that have contributed to the development of Newbridge Bingo over the years and watched as the bingo hall evolved to what it is today. The contributions to the Newbridge football teams were priceless and the organization used to have three busses coming to four different bingos, now on Tuesday nights, from at least a 15 mile radius! While there is typically only one bus arriving these days, there is plenty of fun and lots of fabulous jackpots to be had! The young people in the community may classify bingo as ‘an older person’s game’, but according to Jimmy Dowling, club member, the facility has really kept up with modern technology. The young and ‘older’ alike can enjoy the games for £10.

Joy of Bingo!

The Joy of Bingo community launched a ‘fun-tastic’ summer of bingo exuberance with their Strawberry Tea Bingo Games. The £1k grand prize keeps the best of the best yummy-mummy bloggers coming back for more! Bloggers can share stories, ideas, and the joy of bingo camaraderie. Twenty bloggers were selected and given £50 in credits to play bingo! The bloggers were also able to contribute additional money of their own, as well. The idea – all bloggers agree upon an amount to be donated from their winnings, personal contributions, and even welcome bonuses to a good cause….their charity of choice. The more they play the more they raise – for charity! It’s a ‘win-win’ situation and always a feeling of community with the 888ladies. This was a phenomenal chance to experience the fun while learning the art of bingo.

Playing bingo and progressive slots offers charity donators a sense of community, social gaming intrigue, and fun. The competition results will be published so everyone can check-out the ‘who’s who’ of the bloggers, as well as how much they won during the promotion. The Joy of Bingo planned to donate a minimum of £20,000 to Breast Cancer Care. The winning bloggers will donate the amount they choose from their winnings to the charity with which they are most inspired. Various other promotions were also available during the course of the fundraising event. This promotional event was an experimental process that offered the added bonus of a community feel and a summer of ‘saving’ for benevolent causes!