Community Hosts Bingo Fundraiser for Sick Teen

Augustus Conmy-Wing, a state-finalist snowboarder and high school student, suffers from a rare type of cancer. In order to raise money for his treatment and hospital visits, the community has set up a bingo fundraiser. Gus also likes to ride his dirt bike, and to play soccer and baseball.

Bingo Community Support

Seventeen-year-old Gus Comny-Wing was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, but that has not stopped him from chasing his dreams. He is a champion snowboarder and received first place in snowboarding during the state finals. After the finals, Gus experienced bleeding and had to be admitted into the hospital. Despite this, Gus felt that he had to get on his snowboard and finish the finals. As an inspiration to the community, a bingo fundraiser is being held in Gus’s honor at his high school. There are many people in the community who plan to attend the bingo event despite the financial devastation of Tropical Storm Irene along with the recent economic downfall. Those who are close to Gus have said they are proud to be part of a community that is willing to help their own, no matter what.

The Face of Cancer

Gus was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer about a year ago. The cancer was found when Gus had to go to the hospital after a snowboarding accident. The cancer was found under his kidney and has since metastasized to his bones. In the hopes of removing the tumor, Gus has been receiving chemotherapy. Gus has been involved in school and sports for most of his life. His other hobbies include baseball, soccer and riding his dirt bike. Unfortunately, Gus cannot do most of the activities he loves because of his cancer, and the chemotherapy treatment. Gus plans to study business technology and management at Vermont Technical College after he graduates from high school.

Pace University Bingo Fundraiser Raised $2,600 for Make-A-Wish

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee at Pace University held a Bingo fundraiser for the sixth year in the Goldstein Health and Fitness Center. With more than $2,600 raised from this single event, Bingo is the fundraiser of choice for Pace University to bring in donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With more than 250 faculty and students in attendance, the Make-A-Wish foundation is the Division II school charity of choice. Refreshments were brought in from Joe’s Deli and Lucio’s Pizza for no charge to the individuals who joined in on the fundraiser.

Race to the Goal

The goal for the year for the SAAC is $8000. With the $2,600 take on Tuesday the total raised for the year is over $6,000. This is the largest amount that SAAC has fundraised towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation in history of the University.

Upcoming Events

Over the coming weeks, there will be several other events to help the community. Players have multiple opportunities to join in. The fortunate players will be going to assist the Pleasantville PTA with beautification in the school’s courtyard. Other upcoming events include the softball team and the lacrosse teams going Pink to support breast cancer at sporting events.

Pace University’s SAAC will also be joining in for the Relay for Life on April 20, 2012. The SAAC will also be hosting an event on April 25, 2012 for developmentally challenged children at a Pace University Baseball game. The committee also worked with Colleges Against Cancer earlier this year. They were able to fundraise over $2,500 towards the Dickson Cancer Treatment Center located in White Plains, NY.

Mark The Calendar

With the success of raising over $2,600 from the annual fundraiser this year be sure to mark your calendar for next year. Players are encouraged to participate – enjoy the refreshments and the bingo games on offer.

Bingo Event to Raise Funds for the American Cancer Society

The Brown County, Texas Relay for Life team is organizing a bingo fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. There will be cash prizes for the bingo winners, door prizes, and snacks available for all who attend. The proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life initiative which seeks to improve cancer awareness and promote cancer research.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life organizers in Brown County, Texas are preparing for their annual fundraising event. The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money for the American Cancer Society which promotes cancer research and educates people about cancer. This fundraiser will include bingo games, food, prizes, and other fun games. The Relay for Life organizers have high hopes for this year’s fundraiser. They hope to raise even more funds than last year and are asking everyone in the community to attend to support this worthy cause.

Bingo Fundraiser

The bingo fundraiser for the American Cancer Society will take place on March 29th, 2012. Bingo cards can be bought starting at 6:00 p.m. and the games will start at 7:00 p.m. The funds raised during the bingo games will go to Brown County’s Relay for Life team. The cost of the packs are $5 and cards for the extra game can be purchased for $1 each. There will be door prizes and full payouts for all the bingo games. Luminaries can also be purchased for a minimum donation of $5 each. These luminaries can be decorated in honor of someone fighting cancer or in memory of someone who lost their life to cancer. These luminaries will line the track for the relay and event goers are asked to bring canned foods to put into the luminaries. The Relay for Life team will also be holding a breakfast where children can meet the Easter Bunny, a bake sale, and a Zumba class.

Bingo Event to Fundraise for the British Heart Foundation

Employees at TSB hosted a red-inspired bingo event to raise money for heart disease research. The employees have raise about £1,000 to be donated to the British Heart Foundation. The ‘Red for Heart’ program is geared toward raising money for research on circulatory and heart diseases.

Red Bingo for Heart Disease Research

The employees of TSB have helped raise about £1,000 for research on heart disease and have learned how to promote their own heart health. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United Kingdom. Employees as TSB branches around the country are now involved in the ‘Red for Heart’ program hosted by the British Heart Foundation. This event has helped raise millions of pounds for circulatory and heart disease research. The fundraising activities included red-inspired dinner events, wearing red to show support, and red bingo.

Promotion of Heart Health

The employees at the bank branches were inspired by this event to educate other employees and the local community of exercise and adopting a healthy diet. The employees were asked to support a healthy lifestyle by biking or walking to work and by participating in a yoga class every week. The bank will also give the same amount of money that was raised by the red bingo event to the Manx Charity that screens people for heart defects and to Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation.