Bingo Event to Fundraise for the British Heart Foundation

Employees at TSB hosted a red-inspired bingo event to raise money for heart disease research. The employees have raise about £1,000 to be donated to the British Heart Foundation. The ‘Red for Heart’ program is geared toward raising money for research on circulatory and heart diseases.

Red Bingo for Heart Disease Research

The employees of TSB have helped raise about £1,000 for research on heart disease and have learned how to promote their own heart health. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United Kingdom. Employees as TSB branches around the country are now involved in the ‘Red for Heart’ program hosted by the British Heart Foundation. This event has helped raise millions of pounds for circulatory and heart disease research. The fundraising activities included red-inspired dinner events, wearing red to show support, and red bingo.

Promotion of Heart Health

The employees at the bank branches were inspired by this event to educate other employees and the local community of exercise and adopting a healthy diet. The employees were asked to support a healthy lifestyle by biking or walking to work and by participating in a yoga class every week. The bank will also give the same amount of money that was raised by the red bingo event to the Manx Charity that screens people for heart defects and to Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation.