Community Hosts Bingo Fundraiser for Sick Teen

Augustus Conmy-Wing, a state-finalist snowboarder and high school student, suffers from a rare type of cancer. In order to raise money for his treatment and hospital visits, the community has set up a bingo fundraiser. Gus also likes to ride his dirt bike, and to play soccer and baseball.

Bingo Community Support

Seventeen-year-old Gus Comny-Wing was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, but that has not stopped him from chasing his dreams. He is a champion snowboarder and received first place in snowboarding during the state finals. After the finals, Gus experienced bleeding and had to be admitted into the hospital. Despite this, Gus felt that he had to get on his snowboard and finish the finals. As an inspiration to the community, a bingo fundraiser is being held in Gus’s honor at his high school. There are many people in the community who plan to attend the bingo event despite the financial devastation of Tropical Storm Irene along with the recent economic downfall. Those who are close to Gus have said they are proud to be part of a community that is willing to help their own, no matter what.

The Face of Cancer

Gus was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer about a year ago. The cancer was found when Gus had to go to the hospital after a snowboarding accident. The cancer was found under his kidney and has since metastasized to his bones. In the hopes of removing the tumor, Gus has been receiving chemotherapy. Gus has been involved in school and sports for most of his life. His other hobbies include baseball, soccer and riding his dirt bike. Unfortunately, Gus cannot do most of the activities he loves because of his cancer, and the chemotherapy treatment. Gus plans to study business technology and management at Vermont Technical College after he graduates from high school.