Traditional and Online Bingo Booming

Big cheeky promos are going on at Zingo Bingo. Meanwhile, at the Mesquite Vet Center bingo players are treated to snacks and exciting games. There is a world of difference between Zingo Bingo and the Mesquite Vet Center Bingo. Zingo is cheeky with major promos, while the Vet Center is down home social comfort. Both are exciting!

Zingo Bingo’s Big Promo

The hot promotion at Zingo Bingo is 50 Shades, happening 17 – 26 September 2012. Themed after the best selling paperback book, 50 Shades of Grey, the promo at Zingo offers steamy prizes like silk sheets and satin chemise. The daily draws will produce two winners a day who will receive a prize item found in the box of secrets.

So what does the player have to do in order to be eligible for this promo? Simple: Play more than 50 games of bingo in a single day, call bingo in the 75 ball bingo room on the 50 pattern and bet more than £50 on instants. Wait! There’s more! You may win a copy of 50 Shades of Grey from the runners up draw if you qualified for the major draw but did not win a box of secrets prize.

Vet Center Bingo in Nevada

The Veteran’s Center in Mesquite, Nevada is offering a monthly bingo event to provide an evening of fun for local residents. The initial bingo night took place on Thursday, August 30. Vet Center president Cliff Jenkins observed that all of the players appeared to be enjoying themselves.

49 happy gamers showed up and were treated to many bingo games, prizes and yummies. The treats included beer, popcorn, soda, water and coffee. Community stores and friends of the Center contributed all of the prizes. The contributors consisted of Eureka Casino, Carrie Tragale, Breadenstuffers Express, Blvd Hair and Salon, Suzanne Clayton, Pizza Hut, Susan Holecheck and C.I.T.Y. Shoppers. The great variety of prizes and enthusiastic volunteers from the Vet Center added to the bingo success of the evening.

Jenkins commented that the prizes also included a $50 pot from a Lucky Seven game and $112 from a 50-50 raffle. More than half of the players signed up for the next bingo evening, scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 20 at 6:00 PM. Flexible is the middle name of the Veterans Center. Jenkins said the Center has decided to let the players choose the day for the October bingo event: Any Friday at 6:00 PM or any Sunday at 4:00 PM. The players get the choice. Is this America or what?!?

In July 2012, the Sun City Mesquite presented the Veteran’s Center with $3,830 in honor of the continued community contribution of the Center. The money was presented to Jenkins and Vet Center vice president Ken Maynard. The Sun City Mesquite subdivision collected the funds from bingo, raffles, billiard tournaments and putting tournaments. There is one Sun City Mesquite homeowner who donates the entirety of her notary public fees to the Mesquite Veterans. The Center is truly appreciated for its consistent contribution to the well being of the community.

Zingo Bingo and Mesquite Veterans Center: Worlds apart; however, both offering bingo at its best.