£666 Haunted House!

In this room there’s no tricks – just treats! Win a spooky share of £666 cash this Halloween!

Hubble bubble…win some money on the double! Play our freakishly fun game the £666 Haunted House – if you dare!

At just 20p a card you’d be mad to miss out on our creepy cash jackpot – win £200 with 1 line AND 2 lines!

Fullhouse: £266
2 lines: £200
1 line: £200

The game plays on Halloween, Thursday 31 October @ 9:30pm, however you can prebuy your cards now!

Terms & Conditions:
Cards are 20p
Minimum 1 card.
Maximum 96 cards.
To participate, you must be a funded player.
The winner(s) will be the first player(s) to cover 1 line, 2 lines or a full house.
Prize will be credited into winners’ accounts immediately after winning the game.
If there is more than one winner, prize value will be shared.