£666 Haunted Jackpots

You can run but you can’t hide from these spooky prizes this Halloween!

Pay a visit to the haunted mansion at Big Brother bingo and play for £666 jackpots in 3 ghostly rooms!

When: HALLOWEEN, 31st October @ 7pm, 8pm & 9pm


The Creepy Kitchen @ 7pm

The Spooky Study @ 8pm

The Ghostly Guest Room @ 9pm

Card Price: 6p 

Prize: £666 Jackpot in each game!

Prizes will be distributed as follows:

1L: Will get the biggest share of the pot with £333!

2L: £222

FH: £111

Pre-buy cards now…IF YOU DARE!





  • The £666 Haunted Jackpots take place on 31st October at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm GMT.
  • Cards are 6p.
  • Min 1 / Max 96 cards
  • To participate, you must be a funded player.
  • Winner will be the first player(s) to bingo on 90-ball bingo.
  • Prize will be credited into the winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • If there is more than one winner, the cash jackpot will be shared.
  • The £666 Haunted Jackpots are shared games and open to players at Big Brother bingo and all of the sister brands: Posh bingo, Red Bus bingo, Tasty bingo and Bingo Street.