Bingo at the Moose Lodge

Bingo may be added to the activities at the Moose Lodge in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The Lodge is rallying for support from the local city council before they get their Class B license. The Lodge plans on using the funds from bingo for their charities and to help seniors and children.

Moose Lodge Charity Bingo Proposal

The Prescott Valley Moose Lodge in Arizona has come up with a bingo proposal for their facility. The Lodge wishes to add charity bingo to their list of events in order to raise extra income and to raise money for their charities that support seniors and children. The Lodge is trying to get the city council’s approval before they attempt to get their Class B license. The Administrator of the Moose Lodge, Richard Cantere, sent a letter to Mayor Harvey Skoog to show what they will use the bingo games for. The Lodge wishes to have “Bar Bingo” on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Future Plans for the Moose Lodge

The Class B license that the Lodge is planning on applying for will limit the revenue to $300,000 as stated by the Arizona Department of Revenue. If all goes well the Moose Lodge hopes to start their games in May. The Moose lodge currently has 285 male members and 300 female members at its sister club and has been open for 102 years. If the Lodge is granted its Class B license, it wishes to open several bingo halls in Prescott Valley. The city council hearing for the Moose Lodge will be held April 12th, 2012 where the fate of the Moose Lodge charity bingo will be decided.