Bingo Comes to Oakwood Elementary and Maybe to Guam

The residents of Guam may soon be joining the excitement of land-based bingo games as the initiative to legalize bingo presses forward. Pamphlets packed with information about the initiative have been distributed to all voters on the island in order to promote well-informed decisions about whether to say ‘yes’ to bingo at the upcoming September elections. Meanwhile, another island event is drawing attention in the Oakwood-River Valley school district as the elementary school prepares to welcome grandparents for a fun-filled afternoon of bingo at the Hawaiian themed event that is a guaranteed good time for all!

Guam Residents Await a Final Decision

Residents of the small island eagerly await the outcome of the September vote that will determine whether or not they will soon be playing bingo at a local bingo establishment. Patrons will be pleased with the entertainment while residents also benefit from the revenue that can be bolstered in Guam. The mainland casinos pay out an estimated thirty-two percent in taxes, and a whopping $250,000 in annual licensure fees. By adding bingo to the mix of legal entertainment options in Guam the small island may also see improvement via gaming tax dollars! At face value it appears to be a ‘win-win’ situation – albeit yet to be determined by the voters. All registered voters receive pamphlets that outline the initiative. They are then encouraged to make comments and submit them to the Guam Election Commission.

Go Hawaiian for Bingo – Time Treasured

Additional encouragement goes out to grandparents and close friends and family of all Oakwood-River Valley elementary school students. The students are prompted to invite their special guests for a fabulous time at the Hawaiian bingo event. Additional encouragement is in order – and entails the preferred attire for the island ‘get-a-way’. Staff would like to see all of the guests arrive in Hawaiian shirts, skirts, and tropical themed outfits. A photographer will capture the excitement in commemorative photos that will be taken of the students and their ‘special guests’. This is one bingo event that is going to be too sunny and delightful to miss!