New Electronic Bingo Game Makes Its Premiere in Spain

A new electronic multi-player bingo system featured in the Spanish FER exhibition as drawn much attention. This exciting game features roulette-style wheels that randomly select numbers. Spain is among several countries that are targeted for these new bingo games.

Bingoson by Juno Gaming

Bingoson, made by the Japanese company called Juno Gaming, is a brand new electronic bingo game that features roulette-style wheels that randomly select bingo numbers. This multi-player game made its premiere at the Spanish FER exhibition and caught the eye of many who were attending the exhibition. Juno Gaming created this bingo game for the growing bingo market in Mexico. The game has now been brought to Spain by Comatel. A representative of the Mexican gaming company, Amusgo, has said that this game is a great alternative for Spanish roulette players. This game allows nine players to participate, with each able to play 16 cards simultaneously. Each of the players can win on full cards or lines.

The Bingoson Market

Amusgo and Juno have now started a partnership to oversee the Bingoson project. This game is being developed in Taiwan and Japan after it showed success in Mexico. A technician at Juno and Royal Ascot, Mash Matsuno, said that Bingoson is also being marketed in several other countries including Poland and Argentina.

Jedward take on the LA Marathon in Stars & Stripes!

If ever we’re in need of a little cheering up – we can always rely on the Jedward boys!

Today the boys have been running the LA Marathon dressed in matching Stars & Stripes outfits. However, the tight shorts should have come with a warning as the boys took to Twitter afterwards to say, ‘The swim shorts that we had have now given us baby rash! And we are not babies but now we know what it feels like.’ Ha ha!

Snuggle up in a Celebrity Onesie!

It might not be the sexiest piece of attire for Valentine’s but it’ll def get you a cuddle! We’ve got one of the Yellow Onesie costumes worn by housemates in the ACTUAL CBB ‘Sweet Dreams’ task to give away this weekend!

Just take a look at Georgia Salpa in her wonderful onesie above!

For a chance to win this one & only yellow onesie, all you have to do is deposit £10 or more between Thur 9th – Sun 12th Feb using SNUGGLE code. You’ll then be entered into a random prize draw which will be drawn on Mon 13th Feb!

Terms & Conditions

    • One entry per alias.
    • Competition closes at 23.59 on Sun 12th Feb.
    • The winner will be randomly drawn on Mon 13th Feb & contacted directly
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Bye Bye Nicola & Romeo!

Another eviction & another trip to the house with some of our lovely players – this time it was billyjolen08 & her friend! And yet again there was a shock in store!

We knew Nicola was going to get booted out & we were sure that the Twins would be next in the double eviction! From what we can gather no-one likes them … BUT somehow they managed to dodge the bullet again & it was the lovely Romeo that went! Eh?

We can’t get out head round the evictions at all this year, so who the winner will be is anyone’s guess … who are you backing???


A VIP Trip to the Big Brother House with fluffykins21!

This Friday we took our first lucky player, fluffykin21, to the Big Brother House for the fourth live eviction! And boy was it a shocker!

As we had VIP guest passes, when we all arrived at Elstree Studios we were ushered into the ‘Friends & Family’ bar, which was pretty exciting. There we sat down to a few drinks & a good old chinwag with Sylvia & David, whilst rubbing shoulders with Natalie’s family & Nicola’s footballer husband!

A little while before the live show began we were taken to our standing area, which is a special platform that looks on to the famous Big Brother Eye & is right next to the celeb’s friends & family area! There’d be no squashing in with the masses for us.

As 9 o’clock rolled in, there was a big countdown & then the Big Brother theme kicked in … we were all so excited! Next thing Brian Dowling burst out of the eye & we were going LIVE -cue our best TV faces & lots of hand waving to try & get the camera’s attention.
Over the next 45 mins we caught up on the previous days highlight on a big screen – every time the Twins came on the crowd were booing like crazy, surely they must go? But no, after lots of tension Kirk was announced as the first evictee! WHAAAAT?

Kirk bounded out looking a little nervous but as gorge as ever, while his mum & dad looked on proud as punch! In the interview Kirk was as lovely as ever, then Big Brother dropped a bomb – there would be a SECOND EVICTION! We could believe it but it was a nice treat as we got double the excitement.

After a break in filming, Brain was back & wasted no time in telling us that Natalie was the next evictee. We couldn’t believe it … was this one of Big Brother’s nasty twists? Apparently not, as Natalie was out the House five minutes later to a roaring applause. Everyone loved her & she gave a great interview. What a shame, she was great entertainment in the House!

So that was it, what a great evening we had had & double the drama! As we all headed home, we discussed the evening & decided that we were backing Denise now! Then it was time to say our goodbyes, what a great night we’d had with Sylvia & David! Hope to see you in the BigBrotherBingo House soon guys :)

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