Drag Bingo with Prism

Sam Lloyd, a freshman at Ithaca College was ecstatic when he found out that Prism was hosting a Drag Bingo event. Prism is one of four bisexual, gay, transgendered and lesbian (LGBT) student organizations at Ithaca. Lloyd immediately began asking his female friends for clothing so he could create his drag queen attire for the first Drag Bingo event hosted by Prism. Lloyd said he wore a red leopard print dress at the last drag queen event that he attended but this time he wants to wear a David Bowie-inspired outfit.

Bingo – Not Only for Drag Queens

Prism is an LGBT organization at Ithaca College and is hosting its 1st ever Drag Bingo event. This event is the 1st of the year and anyone is welcome to attend for free but donations are appreciated. Students are encouraged to dress in drag but it is not mandatory. Colton Bready, a junior at Ithaca and a secretary at Prism is the unofficial expert of drag. Bready says that because his organization works diligently to include everyone, Drag Bingo will not only accept drag queens but drag kings as well. He said that this is why it is named ‘Drag Bingo’ rather than ‘Drag Queen Bingo’.

Drag kings are women who dress to look like men and Bready says this group is greatly over-looked during drag events. Bready says that as long as he is involved in the event, he will work hard to make everyone feel included. Zach Mota, a freshman at Ithaca says he is excited to socialize and meet new people at the event. Mota says he wants to meet many different members of the community and talk with people who care about the same issues as he does. Lloyd also shares his sentiment as he wishes to meet new people in the LGBT community as well. Lloyd says it is fun event that is open to the community and it truly gets people involved.

Charitable Donations from Drag Bingo

Besides the fun, social aspect of Drag Bingo, the funds that are collected at the event will go to support LGBT causes. The treasurer at Prism, Linda Harrison says that the donations will be used to host a charity drag show in the spring. Harrison says the drag show is their biggest event of the year and the money from that event will go to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is an organization that works to prevent the suicide of members from the LGBT community.

This program also offers support to those who are experiencing emotional instability. The Trevor Project also runs the Trevor Line, an LGBT hotline that offers help and support to those in need. The spring drag show that was held by Prism last year raised over $250 on behalf of the Trevor Project – they hope to raise at least $500 next year. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to go to Drag Bingo. One of the goals of the Drag Bingo event is to educate those who may not be familiar with drag culture so the event is open to everyone in the community.