Drag Queens Host a Bingo Event for Dog Park

A fun and laughter filled bingo event for everyone to raise funds for Laguna Beach Dog Park.

Laguna Beach dog lovers recently enjoying a stunning day recently. A large crowd gathered at Henessey’s Tavern to help raise funds for the Laguna Beach Dog Park and animal rescue groups. What made the event such a success were the entertaining bingo games hosted by drag queens.

Free Bingo Games on Offer

The tickets were priced at $50 a piece. Everyone was allowed to join, even the kids, as long as they were accompanied by a parent or guardian, of course. The tickets included free dinner and 10 bingo games. Daniel Mulrenin, the event organizer, did a super job. He put his heart into this event because he has been working for the Laguna Beach dog park for 15 years and he wanted to generate funds for the expenses the city can’t cover.

The event started at around 8 pm and it definitely exceeded the participants’ expectations. It was hosted by Belle Aire and Jeffrey “Bingo Boy” Bowman. This made for a fun-filled night laughter, cheers and clever callbacks! Prizes included gift certificates to restaurants and yoga classes, t-shirts and many more. Aside from that, participants were able to bid on different items for auction. The items were random, from a private wine tasting experience to a dog gift basket and a mermaid art piece! Nevertheless, they were all bought. 2 years of petitions for this event paid off with a whopping $1,000!

Other Dog Park Bingo Events

Recently, another bingo event was held to raise money for a gated community dog park off Grand Street adjacent to Riverview Park. For $15, the participants got the chance to win awesome prizes including an Apple iPad2! Along with this was another fund raising activity by boy scouts who served dinner for a price. Turns out, bingo lovers are dog lovers as well! Bingo has been a means of generating funds for different causes because it’s fun. Moreover, the game is really simple and winning is as easy as ABC’s.