Flaming Lips Fanatics and Groupies Bingo Cards

The drive to Big Sur for the upcoming Flaming Lips concert is sure to please fans that make the trip! While the band is incredibly boisterous and vivacious they are also quite a meticulous band, as well. To celebrate their detail-oriented presentation, the Riverfront Times in St. Louis created several Flaming Lips bingo cards that the band’s admirers can download for free and add a bit of zest to the agenda!

Exuberance for Bingo!

See who can get the first ‘bingo’ by paying close attention to the items on the card and the eccentric things that may transpire during the show. The cards feature a variety of items that may be displayed. There are some items that won’t be so easy to see, and solving the puzzles that are based on things the band is notorious for bestowing is the objective. Be part of the energized audience and have some extra fun with friends – find out who gets the first Flaming Lips Bingo! There are items on the bingo cards that the audience will not see at all. Other items will require some close observation and critical thinking, but if you are a Flaming Lips fanatic, then you can certainly spot the items and capture the moments!

Unique Flaming Lips Bingo Card

There are a total of five cards brought to you by the Riverfront Times, St. Louis. When the Oklahoma band takes the stage it will be ‘bingo go-time’! Fans will be looking for items such as Grateful Dead T-Shirts, Streamers, hamster balls, plastic fetus, creepy Santa Claus, Nun-puppets, fake blood, and numerous other things that will shock and amaze you! The confetti cannon shouldn’t be too hard to miss, but many of the items are going to challenge even the most avid Flaming Lips fan! Enjoy the show!