Innuendo Bingo with Scott Mills

Scott Mills was born to be a radio presenter. As a young boy his dream was to become a Radio 1 DJ. Welcome to the real world: The Scott Mills Show –

Scott Mills in Action

At 16 years of age, when most teens are struggling for acceptance from their peers, Mills was making dozens of radio demo tapes and bombarding Power FM, his local station, with his tapes. Someone at the radio station recognized a talent. The result was a week of programs presented by Scott Mills. Mills quickly became the U.K.’s youngest radio presenter, with a five-hour show, six nights per week, 1 AM – 6 AM. That teen had a dream and the drive to see it through. Making a great impression during the early morning show, Mills was soon offered the drivetime program on Power FM. Mills was well on his way to radio stardom

GWR FM in Bristol gave him a two-year contract, after which Mills hired on with Manchester’s Piccadilly Key 103. He quickly went from the late night time slot to mid-morning program, expanding into high-profile interviews including a memorable chat with Robbie Williams concerning Take That, from which Williams had recently departed.

At the age of 21, Mills signed onto a contract with a new station out of London, Heart FM. He quickly branched out into live performances in Hyde Park and Battersea Park, as well as an appearance on stage in the center of Covent Garden. His early 20s were extremely busy years. He appeared on Sky News every Sunday night. Mills was also a performer for the British Forces abroad; and he put on a Middle East music program for six weeks. BBC 3’s Upstaged was hosted by Mills.

For a period of six years, from 1998 to January 2004, Mills presented the early breakfast show on Radio 1. For the next five months, he presided over the weekend afternoon program, shifting to the weekday 4 PM – 7 PM slot in June 2004. Almost eight years later, in April 2012, Mills’ show switched to its current 1 PM – 4 PM time frame.

The Scott Mills Show on Radio 1

Mixing it up with music, features and talk, The Scott Mills Daily is an Academy Award-winning radio show that  draws listeners throughout the U.K. Rebecca Huxtable and Chris Stark are co-presenters, and Scott Mills is the host.

One outstanding live special was aired in July 2008 on Barry Island in South Wales. This unusual broadcast fit into the shows regular Barryoke feature. Listeners by the name of Barry call in and announce a song, altering the lyrics to contain their name. The Scott Mills Daily tickles the funny bone of its listeners.

Innuendo Bingo with Scott Mills

One of the most popular features on Mills’ program is Innuendo Bingo. Clips from BBC programs are presented. Those clips contain statements that can be construed in a sexual or inappropriate way. A guest with a mouthful of water listens to the clips. The object is to refrain from spitting out the water when laughing. At a very early age, Scott Mills knew where his future would take him, to the joyful benefit of all his listeners.