Celeb spotting at the Celebrity Big Brother Final!

The BigBrotherBingo team were lucky enough to attend the LIVE Celebrity Big Brother final on Friday night & we had a ball! Not only did we get to watch our fave housemate, Denise, claim the winner’s title, BUT there was also a fair bit of celeb spotting!

On the night we spotted our ex-CBB fave Amy Childs! And not only that, she was hanging out with the super cute Harry of TOWIE fame & previous Big Brother housemate Brian Belo! We’ve even got some sneaky pics on our Facebook page … excited much?

PLUS, we met our lovely player bbklj! He joined us on the evening for a few drinks before the show then to cheer on all the celebs. We’re going to miss the CBB eviction nights … we’ll apart from the snow ;-)

WTG to our 42 housemates who won a share of £3,000!

Denise was crowed the winner of Celebrity Big Brother & 42 of you clever housmates guessed correctly to win a share of £3,000!

Big congrats to the below housemates, who each received £70.42! Have fun with your funds!

becksta32, cazfur101, dozgam, edenise, elliek123, fran33, frazzeled, gregsmith0, haribo_star18, hunny43, im2hot4u38, jacci1962, jackie1982, jay2008, jimmybob1973, KELLx31, kevkev1966, lizzieallen1992, Loveduck, lovemonkey1984, lusky1804, LYNNE1, markanddebbie29, marra171284, MissLadyLuck11, missmichelle, mj2303, molliebella, mrsunlucky27, mum2kezie, mumstheword76, nasteenik, nifnafnof, oldskoolgirl, rachael091, red55555, reidy26, ripvanwinkle, shaz70sc, wrighty007, xxbrandysnapsxx & xxcuddlesxx

Bye Bye Nicola & Romeo!

Another eviction & another trip to the house with some of our lovely players – this time it was billyjolen08 & her friend! And yet again there was a shock in store!

We knew Nicola was going to get booted out & we were sure that the Twins would be next in the double eviction! From what we can gather no-one likes them … BUT somehow they managed to dodge the bullet again & it was the lovely Romeo that went! Eh?

We can’t get out head round the evictions at all this year, so who the winner will be is anyone’s guess … who are you backing???


Celebrate with the CBB winner & a share of £3,000!

Want to win a share of £3,000 this Friday? Of course you do … & it just so happens BigBrotherBingo is giving away £3,000 cash!

To be in with a chance of winning a share of the £3,000 prize fund, simply sign into your BigBrotherBingo account now & follow the below instructions:

  1. Deposit £10 or more before 18:00 on Fri 27th Jan
  2. Before processing the deposit, enter the first name of the below Celeb you think will win in the ‘Promotion Code‘ box

You can only vote once & everyone who guesses correctly wins a share of the pot!

Make sure you watch the final on Friday & GL housemates! We can’t wait to see who the winners are … both on Celebrity Big Brother & in the BigBrotherBingo house!

One entry per alias & only available on deposits over £10.
Competition closes at 18:00 on Friday 27th Jan.
Winners will be credited on Monday 30th Jan.

Girls Just Wanna FIGHT!

O … M … G! We can’t believe what kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother House last night. It was a dramatic hour of TV, to say the least!

We weren’t the biggest fans of Nicola or the Twins to begin with but after last night WE WANT THEM OUT! Maybe Denise shouldn’t have pulled down the poor playbunny’s trousers but it was in jest & I think it was obvious it wasn’t malicious.

It was horrible to see Denise so upset & the girls really ganged up on her, Nicola especially! We do NOT like her one bit … nasty & hypocritical are two words that spring to our mind.

The only sensible person of the evening was Frankie, & that’s something we never thought we’d say. He was the only one that tried to calm the situation down & give Denise some much needed comfort & support! We think it could be a turning point for him – we actually love him a little bit now ;-)

Looking forward to tonight’s awkward episode already! What did you guys think?

A VIP Trip to the Big Brother House with fluffykins21!

This Friday we took our first lucky player, fluffykin21, to the Big Brother House for the fourth live eviction! And boy was it a shocker!

As we had VIP guest passes, when we all arrived at Elstree Studios we were ushered into the ‘Friends & Family’ bar, which was pretty exciting. There we sat down to a few drinks & a good old chinwag with Sylvia & David, whilst rubbing shoulders with Natalie’s family & Nicola’s footballer husband!

A little while before the live show began we were taken to our standing area, which is a special platform that looks on to the famous Big Brother Eye & is right next to the celeb’s friends & family area! There’d be no squashing in with the masses for us.

As 9 o’clock rolled in, there was a big countdown & then the Big Brother theme kicked in … we were all so excited! Next thing Brian Dowling burst out of the eye & we were going LIVE -cue our best TV faces & lots of hand waving to try & get the camera’s attention.
Over the next 45 mins we caught up on the previous days highlight on a big screen – every time the Twins came on the crowd were booing like crazy, surely they must go? But no, after lots of tension Kirk was announced as the first evictee! WHAAAAT?

Kirk bounded out looking a little nervous but as gorge as ever, while his mum & dad looked on proud as punch! In the interview Kirk was as lovely as ever, then Big Brother dropped a bomb – there would be a SECOND EVICTION! We could believe it but it was a nice treat as we got double the excitement.

After a break in filming, Brain was back & wasted no time in telling us that Natalie was the next evictee. We couldn’t believe it … was this one of Big Brother’s nasty twists? Apparently not, as Natalie was out the House five minutes later to a roaring applause. Everyone loved her & she gave a great interview. What a shame, she was great entertainment in the House!

So that was it, what a great evening we had had & double the drama! As we all headed home, we discussed the evening & decided that we were backing Denise now! Then it was time to say our goodbyes, what a great night we’d had with Sylvia & David! Hope to see you in the BigBrotherBingo House soon guys :)

Blue is SO your colour Natalie!

We just HAD to add this pic of Natalie Cassidy to the blog! Celebrity Big Brother you are very naughty making her bathe in blue colouring … but we love it. She just looks so cute!

However, we have now had ‘I’m blue da-ba-dee-ba-da-doo’ stuck in our head all day! Not liking that so much!


It’s our favourite time of the week … yup, another celeb is about to get booted out of the Big Brother House! But who’s it going to be?

We’re really hoping that Georgia goes, we can’t bear to watch any more of her being dull! She is a waste of TV space … bring back the Staman! No?

Plus, we’ve kinda got a soft spot for Michael. Yes he may be a tad grumpy & have a bad blonde hair-dye job but there’s something about him we love!

It seems you agree judging by our poll too, but you never can tell. We’ll just have to wait & see! Roll on 9pm!



Who’s going to be the FIRST Celeb Big Brother evictee?

The BigBrotherBingo team are waiting with bated breath to see who will be the first person evicted from the Celeb Big Brother House!

Who’s everyone voting for? The slightly annoying Andrew Stone, or the DULL Georgia Salpa?

We must admit we’re hoping Andrew will stay. He may be a little arrogant but at least he has provided some entertainment & we want to see some more house dance classes!

Only time will tell …?

Hello Celebrity Big Brother 2012, we’ve been waiting for you!

So, the wait is finally over & we have our 12 celebs for this year’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother. Well, really there are 13 people but we’re classing the twins as one entity!

We must say, it’s a great mix as always. Amongst them we’ve got Albert Square’s finest trumpet blower, a Hollywood hardman, four glamour models, a Loose Woman & that annoying boy that got booted off the X-Factor! We can tell it’s going to be a good one already.

And the word on the street is that Jodie Marsh is entering the House on Saturday. We’re sure she’ll stir things up a little … & probably parade around flexing her new found muscles.

Ooooh, we can’t wait until they are all settled in & the drama begins!

The full line up this year includes: Natalie Cassidy, Natasha Giggs, Gareth Thomas, Frankie Cocozza, Kirk Norcross, Denise Welch, Andrew Stone, Georgia Salpa, Kristina and Karissa Shannon, Michael Madsen, Nicola McLean & Romeo Dunn.