New Bingo Equipment for Ireland

The High Court of Ireland has ruled in favor of commercial bingo & the new distributor of bingo equipment for Ireland Transigo.

A New Era of Irish Bingo  

 Bingo in Ireland has previously been in the form of small bingo halls with limited seats and cash games. That, however, is changing since the High Court of Ireland ruled to allow commercial bingo operations. As the new Irish bingo equipment distributor, Transigo is  having an exhibition to showcase its latest lottery and bingo products. The products on display have been designed specifically for Ireland’s bingo market. Transigo is part of Purcell & Associates, a top professional service provider to the UK’s gaming and bingo industry. The new bingo surge is expected to create new opportunities for bingo companies to create, install and train people in the operations of electronic and commercial bingo.

The Future of Irish Bingo

Many people in the bingo and gaming industry say that the High Court’s ruling will bring prosperity to many bingo halls and companies. New electronic bingo systems should increase traffic in the bingo halls and in turn increase income for the halls, companies and charities involved in the bingo industry. The improved bingo games and halls will also allow Irish bingo players to enjoy more bingo games every day of the week. The Irish bingo experience will differ from England’s bingo systems. Some of the differences include lottery and Keno style bingo that will be available all across Ireland, even in pubs.