Bingo in the Air

Lots of Rollicking ‘Bingo’ Entertainment is Destined for the Clouds!

Bingo Airways is a new and innovative charter air company from Poland that has recently opened its first flights with its first airplane A320. This new aircraft will be flying from the Warsaw Chopin and Katowice airports in Poland to the Mediterranean area, specifically to Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Greece, and Tunisia.

The most unique aspect of this innovative airline is its name: Bingo Airways. The name originated from the idea of providing passengers with the best possible comfort. Traveling is, in practice, a very tedious experience. From check-in to take-off, it’s go-go-go, but the flight itself is pretty uneventful. Most flights in economy class are spent in cramped seats with little or no entertainment on board. However, this boring experience has already been

converted into something really enjoyable with Bingo Airways.

Bingo Airlines Takes the Game to New Heights

Besides the beverages and refreshments offered on the plane, travelers can also play Bingo while traveling through the clouds and the flights are sure to be extremely pleasant. Bingo has always been a fun-filled game that helps people relax in every kind of situation. Moreover, playing bingo on board could even be better for those travelers who are afraid of heights or planes. They wouldn’t even feel they are in the air. Pretty amazing stuff!

Taking Bingo Airways to the Next Level

If this was not enough, Bingo Airways’ aircrafts have lots of space too. They come with 180 comfortable seats, worthwhile entertainment, and good cheer. What else would travelers want? Perhaps a game of 75 or 90 ball bingo?

According to Marek Sidor, the Chief Executive Officer of Bingo airways, their priority is to provide customers with the greatest possible comfort while they are traveling. In addition, he also declared that the A320 airplane will allow them to achieve those goals.

Bingo Airways’ plan is to increase the size of their fleet by adding 3 more airplanes by the end of 2012. Nonetheless, the whole team is already very happy, and extremely proud of their achievements. The flights offered by Bingo Airways are not very long, nevertheless, and when playing bingo time really flies.