Gets the Worm

How to Get the Worm!

Gets the WormThis game has five reels and twenty five pay lines. It is based on elegant birds sharply looking to pick worms from the ground. Your game board will consist of symbols that have everything to do with birdies. Bird feeders, bird baths, flowers, birds of prey, garden birds, letters and numbers are a few symbols to name. Playing the game is definitely not rocket science. You spin the reel to form a pattern that makes you a winner. There is also an interesting gambling feature. If you have a heart, you can risk your winnings to have them doubled for you.

Bonus and Jackpots

You can choose from a wide range of betting limits with the highest being up to two hundred spins. Get the Worm slot, thus becomes a favourable play for all people who wish to bet very low to very high. The game does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, it does offer a gigantic jackpot of fifteen thousand coins! If this generous jackpot cannot entice you to play, I do not know what can!

With a lovely creative theme, relaxing music to unwind and fun, Get the Worm slot game is definitely worth every try!