Ukash Bingo

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Ukash is the new and easy way to play bingo for real money online. Playing bingo with Ukash is simple and secure, and we’re pleased to announce that Big Brother Bingo has joined the growing list of Ukash bingo sites that now accept this convenient and instant payment method. To register click here

What is Ukash?

Ukash is a brilliant way to make payments online because it’s uncomplicated, safe and free from surcharges. You can use Ukash to pay for things online as soon as you purchase aUkashvoucher.

How does Ukash bingo work?

You can purchaseUkash vouchers online or from one of the thousands of retail outlets that stock them (a list of stockistsis available on the Ukash website). The vouchers range from £5 to £500, and these can be bought on the spot using cash or a credit/debit card. When you purchase a voucher, you receive a unique 19-digit reference number whichallows you to transfer money from your voucher to your Big Brother Bingo Ukash account.

Is Ukash bingo safe?

Ukash provides an entirely secure way to credit your account. There is no risk of fraud or identity theft, as none of your bank details are required to fund your Ukash bingo account. This makes it a great alternative to using a credit or debit card for those who are worried about the safety of their financial details online. With Ukash bingo, all you’ve got to worry about is being the first one to hit that button when your numbers are up!

Great deals for Ukash bingo players!

Here at Big Brother Bingo, we’re rewarding Ukash bingo players with a fantastic first deposit bonus. When you make your first £10 deposit via Ukash, we’ll give you an extra £20 absolutely free! You’ll also gain FREE access to our Stairway to Swag bonus game for the chance to win an extra £5 cash prize! And if that isn’t enough, Big Brother Bingo’s Ukash players also get access to the 24/7 Surveillance room, which offers a guaranteed jackpot of £40 every hour between 3:30pm and 11:30pm!

Neteller Bingo

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Neteller is one of the fastest growing online payment methods, attracting millions of users with its instant deposits, quick withdrawals and charge-free transfers. And if you like paying with Neteller, we’ve got some fantastic news: we’re now accepting Neteller bingo deposits right here at Big Brother Bingo, adding yet another quick and easy payment method to the traditional PayPal and Ukash funding options. Register to get started right now!

What’s more, when you sign up for a Neteller bingo account, we’ll give you a brilliant 200% first deposit bonus, as well as the chance to win an extra £5 in our exclusive Stairway to Swag bonus game. And the freebies don’t stop there – play bingo with your Neteller account to win spectacular treats every week in our Weekly Task competition, or bag yourself free bingo money in our Monthly Wrap Party. For even more bonuses, why not encourage a friend to create a Neteller bingo account too? When they sign up, you’ll get another £15 of completely free bingo money!

Why play bingo with a Neteller account?

Neteller is one of the easiest and safest ways to play bingo online, offering more security than simply using a traditional debit card. You can sign up for free with just your e-mail address, and you can make an unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals for no extra charge. Best of all, Neteller lets you credit your bingo account instantly, meaning that you can start playing your favourite bingo games straightaway!

Neteller keeps your funds and personal details completely safe, with all of your account information password protected and securely stored. When depositing at Big Brother Bingo with a Neteller account, simply enter the amount you want to play with, type in your password and get winning!

Sign up for Neteller bingo today

Signing up to a Neteller account couldn’t be easier: just head over to, follow their simple sign-up process, and fill in your bank details. Then head back to Big Brother Bingo – one of the growing number of bingo sites now accepting Neteller – and create an account, selecting Neteller as your preferred deposit method.

Credit Card Bingo

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Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods worldwide, used by millions of people across the globe to purchase items everyday. And we’re pleased to announce that you can now play bingo with your credit card right here at Big Brother Bingo! This convenient payment method makes it easier than ever to start playing your favourite online bingo games, with no need to sign up to third party payment accounts.

Benefits of credit card bingo

Sign up for a Big Brother Bingo credit card account today to unlock a world of fantastic deposit bonuses, generous free plays and great cash prizes. Best of all, we’ll boost your new credit card bingo account with a generous 200% welcome bonus, giving you the chance to triple your first deposit –all you have to do is deposit £10 into your account and we’ll top it up to £30!

And for even more free bingo money to play with, keep an eye on our promotions page for redeposit bonuses too!

If that wasn’t enough, when you create a credit card bingo account, you’ll gain access to our Stairway to Swag bonus game for the chance to win an extra £5 cash prize! Plus, you’ll also get the opportunity to take part in our exclusive Home Comforts promotion,offering you the chance to win up to £25 in cash and a secret stash of luxury home goodies throughout the week.

Play bingo with your credit card today

Big Brother Bingo is the latest bingo site accepting credit cards in addition to the ever-popular PayPal andUkashpayment methods. With this wide range of ways to fund your account, it’s easier than ever to get playing online instantly!

Creating a credit card bingo account takes just a couple of minutes. And once you’ve entered your details, you’ll never have to provide your full card number again, making it quick and simple to top up your account in future.

To get started, simply sign up for a brand new Big Brother Bingo account, select the Visa or Mastercard credit card payment options and fill in the required information. You can even add your debit card, giving you ultimate freedom in how you fund your account.

Paypal Bingo

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PayPal is one of the most popular methods of online payment processing, used by millions of people all over the world. It’s easy to see why – using PayPal for online payments is quick, easy and secure. And we’ve got great news: Big Brother Bingo has joined the dozens of PayPal bingo sites where you can use this convenient and safe system to deposit money and get playing!

PayPal bingo is the fastest and simplest way to play for real money online. And here at Big Brother Bingo, not only can you now make the most of this user-friendly service, but you’ll also get a fantastic cash bonus when you make your first PayPal bingo deposit! Credit your Big Brother Bingo PayPal account with just £10 and we’ll give you an additional £20 to play with, absolutely free! You’ll also gain access to our Stairway to Swag bonus game for the chance to win an extra £5 cash prize!

Why play bingo with a PayPal account?

The number of PayPal bingo sites is on the rise,and signing up for an account couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a valid e-mail address and a credit/debit card and you’re ready to safely store your financial details. Security is paramount to PayPal and they guarantee that your information won’t be shared with any third parties. Best of all, with a PayPal bingo account, you’ll never have to enter your card details for online payments again.Whenever you want to make a deposit on a PayPal bingo site, just click on the secure checkout button. You’ll then be redirected to your PayPal account where you can approve your payment using your password.

How to get started

The sign-up process takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to

2. Register for a secure PayPal account and fill in your bank details.

3. Register or Login to your favourite online PayPal bingo room and select PayPal as your preferred deposit method.

4. Credit your bingo account usingPayPal.

5. Start playing Big Brother Bingo for your chance to win big!

Pharaoh’s Luck

The Pharaoh’s Luck

Pharaoh's Luck Multi-scratchThe Pharaoh’s Luck Multi-scratch game is an online scratch game. It gives you up to four chances to win per ticket. In addition to the main game there are other games that add to the excitement, including a head or tails, lucky tails and of course the ‘Pharaoh’s Jackpot’ that climbs every single second. The game is scattered with a wonderful Ancient Egyptian theme that will bring you back in time when Pharaohs ruled the land.


The Game

Some of the symbols on Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch are dogs, birds and of course pyramids, which were all a staple in the Ancient Egyptian society. Rounding out the symbols is the standard nine, ten, the letter ‘J’, the letter ‘Q’ and the letter ‘K’ symbols. The more matches you get and the higher the symbol value, the greater the rewards.


To make the most of Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch, make sure you qualify for the progressive jackpot that continues to rise until it is won. This means that the longer it goes with a win, the bigger the jackpot is! With every game played, a certain percentage of the wagering amount goes into the progressive jackpot fund. All this shall add a tremendous amount of fun and allure to the game as a whole.

Aztec Rising

The Aztec Rising Video Slot

The Aztec Rising Video Slot comprises of five spinning reels and twenty five pay lines. It also has a bonus game and a fantastic free spin feature. Themed after the ancient legends in Mexico, this slot has gained immense popularity. The game grid board consists of letter of the alphabet such as J, Q, K and A which have been imprinted on the screen with stunningly beautiful calligraphy alongside golden symbols of the Aztec.


Bonus Rounds

The symbol of the Calendar is the wild symbol. If you should draw this lucky symbol, it shall multiply all your winning by twofold the prize money. It also doubles in its use to activate the bonus game. In the Bonus game you must pick five items from the Calendar of the Sun. When you make a selection, the calendar rotates and selects a position to reveal your prize which is then multiplied with the amount of money you have betted upon.

Free Spins and Scatter Symbols

The symbol of the coin is the scatter symbol for the Aztec Rising Video Slot game. It also doubles itself as the Free Spins symbol and is triggered easily when you unravel three or more of these coins. Unraveling three coins shall reward you with fifteen spins, four coins as such shall award you twenty free spins and five magnificent coins shall endow you with up to twenty five free spins! You cannot afford to not win in this game.

The Aztec Rising Video Slot is much loved as you always finish the game with good winning money. It is definitely a win-win situation here.

Cappuccino Keno

The Cappuccino Keno Video Slot

Cappuccino KenoCappuccino Keno is a brilliantly designed instant video slots game that is lovely to play on. It boasts of a coffee theme so you shall be able to see bucket loads of coffee beans, as well as delightful coffee colours of browns, creams and pale marshmallow pinks. The minimum amount you can bet on each game is 50p and the maximum amount to bet on is £300. The amount of money you bet depends directly on how much money you can win whilst playing the game. The higher amount of money you bet make your chances of winning as well as your winning prize money go higher.

Game Method

You must choose fifteen numbers, between numbers one to eighty by clicking on the numbers you choose. Once they are all selected they will light up in pink. You shall see that the ball numbers will pop up in a cappuccino cup at the very top. The primary aim of this video slot is to match as many numbers as you can, so that you can walk away with a big cash prize. The more numbers you succeed in matching over the course of twenty balls, the bigger the cash prize you shall win.

If you find this game mode a bit slow for your liking, then you can change the game to an ‘Espresso’ mode which shall fasten the game to a higher pace. Since you have a chance to bet on a high amount such as three hundred quid, you will obviously have a chance of winning very big prize money such as a hundred thousand pounds! It is for this big win that Cappuccino Keno has gained much popularity in the market.


Can-CanThe famous French dance of the Can-Can performed by the ladies in long frilly skirts inspires this video slot of Can-Can. This power packed high intensity and high energy dance is brought to live in the reel slots of the game making your play something to look forward to.


The Can-Can Video Slot

The video slot of Can-Can has a beautiful French theme and the grid comprises of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a posh French gentleman, an old French lady, an indulgent French painter, a local French man etc. There are three reels for spinning with five pay lines. You can bet as many coins as you like on each line; since this video slot supports a multi-coin configuration. However, you must bet a minimum of one coin if not any less.

Winning with Can-Can

Only the highest win on an active pay line is awarded and is conveniently multiplied by the value of the coin or coins that have been bet on that particular pay line. Therefore, betting a higher amount most probably increases your chances of winning by up to threefold. When you win by spinning the reels to score a good match, you shall be awarded by having your winning patterns matched from the left most reel to the one on the right side.

For a better understanding of what you could win when you play the Can-Can slot, you must have a look at the pay table. The pay table has all the information on winning patterns and combinations as well as associated pay out values for the game.

If you love the exciting and provocative French dance of Can-Can, you shall love having a go at this fabulous game.

Beez Kneez

The Video Slot Game of Beez Kneez

Beez KneezThe Beez Kneez video game slot consists of three reels and one pay line. Even though it does not have many pay lines it does have a fabulous jackpot of a hundred thousand coins. You can bet from as little as one penny to a maximum of five pence. So in reality it is a slot that can be played by almost everyone irrespective of pocket. The game will allow a maximum of one to two coins with each spin. As the name of the game also suggests, the board grid has everything to do with honey bees and honey combs. You also fine honey pots and other fruits like cherries, oranges and plums on the grid; not forgetting the star of the game the bumble bee. It is also in keeping with its sunny summer theme and seasonal fruits.


Bonus and Jackpots

The Beez Kneez Video slot also has a gamble feature, a bonus round and a multiplier. This means that if you have three honey pots on your grid, you shall activate the bonus round. In this bonus round, you must choose the hidden multiplier amongst one of the sixteen honey pots. Should you succeed in finding the hidden multiplier all your winning should be multiplied. The gamble feature allows room for a bit of gambling where you can risk all your winning in a bid to win a bigger prize. The gamble feature can be used on all wins.

Even though Beez Kneez may not need you to bet a very high amount or have many pay lines, the big money jackpot more than compensates for the lack of these features. And other features of multiplier, bonus round and gamble make the game all the more exciting and fun to play. Playing this sunny summer game is definitely worth it.

Aztec Rising Challenge

The Aztec Rising Challenge

Aztec Rising ChallengeThis is a video slot game that comes with its fair share of fun and excitement as you tag along you jungle treasure hunt. The Aztec Rising Challenge comprises of a red and a blue leader board. You can use these leader boards to play and earn game points. To gain a point on the red leader board, you must score three or more challenge symbols on any of the pay lines available. To score on the blue leader board, you can win a point at random on any symbol, irrespective of pattern. As you play and collect points, you rise higher and higher up the leader board.



This is a community jackpot which means that there will be many contenders for the jackpot for the community. The high number of contenders contributes towards a big money jackpot. Therefore it comes as no surprise that you can stand a chance to win ten thousand quid within a matter of ten minutes. Now that is what I call the bee’s knees!

And don’t let such a big amount shy you away. Everyone gets a chance to win at Big Brother Bingo, irrespective of how heavy your pocket is. This has been made possible for you to wager a minimum stake of twenty five pence. Now isn’t that absolutely delightful? If you have been delayed for any reason what-so-ever, you don’t have to worry. You can join the current game anytime until it ends. So come, play along, have fun and get rich!