Pharaoh’s Luck

The Pharaoh’s Luck

Pharaoh's Luck Multi-scratchThe Pharaoh’s Luck Multi-scratch game is an online scratch game. It gives you up to four chances to win per ticket. In addition to the main game there are other games that add to the excitement, including a head or tails, lucky tails and of course the ‘Pharaoh’s Jackpot’ that climbs every single second. The game is scattered with a wonderful Ancient Egyptian theme that will bring you back in time when Pharaohs ruled the land.


The Game

Some of the symbols on Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch are dogs, birds and of course pyramids, which were all a staple in the Ancient Egyptian society. Rounding out the symbols is the standard nine, ten, the letter ‘J’, the letter ‘Q’ and the letter ‘K’ symbols. The more matches you get and the higher the symbol value, the greater the rewards.


To make the most of Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch, make sure you qualify for the progressive jackpot that continues to rise until it is won. This means that the longer it goes with a win, the bigger the jackpot is! With every game played, a certain percentage of the wagering amount goes into the progressive jackpot fund. All this shall add a tremendous amount of fun and allure to the game as a whole.