Can-CanThe famous French dance of the Can-Can performed by the ladies in long frilly skirts inspires this video slot of Can-Can. This power packed high intensity and high energy dance is brought to live in the reel slots of the game making your play something to look forward to.


The Can-Can Video Slot

The video slot of Can-Can has a beautiful French theme and the grid comprises of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a posh French gentleman, an old French lady, an indulgent French painter, a local French man etc. There are three reels for spinning with five pay lines. You can bet as many coins as you like on each line; since this video slot supports a multi-coin configuration. However, you must bet a minimum of one coin if not any less.

Winning with Can-Can

Only the highest win on an active pay line is awarded and is conveniently multiplied by the value of the coin or coins that have been bet on that particular pay line. Therefore, betting a higher amount most probably increases your chances of winning by up to threefold. When you win by spinning the reels to score a good match, you shall be awarded by having your winning patterns matched from the left most reel to the one on the right side.

For a better understanding of what you could win when you play the Can-Can slot, you must have a look at the pay table. The pay table has all the information on winning patterns and combinations as well as associated pay out values for the game.

If you love the exciting and provocative French dance of Can-Can, you shall love having a go at this fabulous game.