Aztec Rising Challenge

The Aztec Rising Challenge

Aztec Rising ChallengeThis is a video slot game that comes with its fair share of fun and excitement as you tag along you jungle treasure hunt. The Aztec Rising Challenge comprises of a red and a blue leader board. You can use these leader boards to play and earn game points. To gain a point on the red leader board, you must score three or more challenge symbols on any of the pay lines available. To score on the blue leader board, you can win a point at random on any symbol, irrespective of pattern. As you play and collect points, you rise higher and higher up the leader board.



This is a community jackpot which means that there will be many contenders for the jackpot for the community. The high number of contenders contributes towards a big money jackpot. Therefore it comes as no surprise that you can stand a chance to win ten thousand quid within a matter of ten minutes. Now that is what I call the bee’s knees!

And don’t let such a big amount shy you away. Everyone gets a chance to win at Big Brother Bingo, irrespective of how heavy your pocket is. This has been made possible for you to wager a minimum stake of twenty five pence. Now isn’t that absolutely delightful? If you have been delayed for any reason what-so-ever, you don’t have to worry. You can join the current game anytime until it ends. So come, play along, have fun and get rich!