Cappuccino Keno

The Cappuccino Keno Video Slot

Cappuccino KenoCappuccino Keno is a brilliantly designed instant video slots game that is lovely to play on. It boasts of a coffee theme so you shall be able to see bucket loads of coffee beans, as well as delightful coffee colours of browns, creams and pale marshmallow pinks. The minimum amount you can bet on each game is 50p and the maximum amount to bet on is £300. The amount of money you bet depends directly on how much money you can win whilst playing the game. The higher amount of money you bet make your chances of winning as well as your winning prize money go higher.

Game Method

You must choose fifteen numbers, between numbers one to eighty by clicking on the numbers you choose. Once they are all selected they will light up in pink. You shall see that the ball numbers will pop up in a cappuccino cup at the very top. The primary aim of this video slot is to match as many numbers as you can, so that you can walk away with a big cash prize. The more numbers you succeed in matching over the course of twenty balls, the bigger the cash prize you shall win.

If you find this game mode a bit slow for your liking, then you can change the game to an ‘Espresso’ mode which shall fasten the game to a higher pace. Since you have a chance to bet on a high amount such as three hundred quid, you will obviously have a chance of winning very big prize money such as a hundred thousand pounds! It is for this big win that Cappuccino Keno has gained much popularity in the market.