Captain Keno

The Captain Keno Video Slot

Captain KenoCaptain Keno is one of the oldest online video slot games. Here the players must simply choose their numbers and hope that they shall appear when the number balls are drawn. Playing the Captain Keno video slot game is easy peasy. The player must simply choose numbers, something close to picking lotto numbers. The game grid consists of eighty numbers from one to ten to select. You have also to decide the size of the bet you will wager on.


Matching Numbers

When you pick your number, you will notice that Captain Keno has also made a selection of three of the remaining numbers. If any of your chosen numbers should by any chance match those that have been hit by Captain Keno, you win! You wins shall be multiplied into one, three or nine times, depending on the amount of your numbers that have been matched with Captain Keno’s selection. This lets you win really big money with the Captain Keno video slot.

Lady Luck

This is purely a game of luck, letting even a first time player to win big. If you are lucky, you can win a lot of money playing the Captain Keno slot even on your very first go. Nonetheless to increase the likelihood of your winning, one must carefully read the rules and regulations of the game to play in the best possible way. This shall also make playing the game very enjoyable and interesting. Playing the Captain Keno  video slot online has its own special benefits. One of the many benefits is that a player cannot possibly get addicted to the game. The player can choose to disengage themselves from the game at any time they may wish to do so.