Love Lines

Love Lines Scratchcard GameCupid the love master is back in town! This time he’s dropped anchor at BigBrotherBingo with a fantastic new scratchcard game. Love Lines is the must-play attraction for all bingo fans and instant-win aficionados. Scratchcard games have gained tremendous popularity at bingo rooms, owing to the fact that they’re fun to play and they can be enjoyed in between games of bingo. This new game is the lovers’ choice and it’s clear why: players who hit 3 x golden hearts in a line instantly win cash prizes. The winning combinations can be hit in either a diagonal, horizontal or vertical manner. It’s that easy!

Winning Combinations in Love Lines Scratch Card Game

The game caters to players of all bankrolls. It’s quick, easy and affordable to play Love Lines – even on a shoestring budget. Scratchcard ticket prices range from 10 cents to £10 per game. The higher the wager placed, the bigger the payday. A top prize of £10, 000 is available when 3 x Golden Heart symbols form in a row on the max wager placed. The winning amount in the game is indicated by the Prize Heart Symbol. As soon as the bet amount has been selected, you simply click ‘Go’ to confirm the bet and reveal the hidden symbols. Symbols include gorgeous Red Roses, Teddy Bears, Cupids, Couple Hearts, Lips, Champagne, Love Letters and cute ‘I Love You, Be Mine’ hearts.

The Prize Heart Symbol Could Reveal Massive Payouts!

Love Lines scratchcard features 9 squares. Players are tasked with matching three golden hearts in a row. The attendant prizes associated with the matching symbols are paid out once they’re hit. If you’re keen to scratch one square at a time, that’s possible. Or if you prefer, you can reveal all 9 squares simultaneously. The game is available in a free game mode and a real-money mode at BigBrotherBingo!