The Joinder of 888Games and Free Bingo Hunter Produces FBH Games

FBH Games is the offspring of 888Games and Free Bingo Hunter!

The well-respected gaming site, 888Games, has joined up with the major UK bingo site, Free Bingo Hunter, to form FBH Games. This newly-minted games page creates a new chapter in the history of Free Bingo Hunter.

888Games Paves the Way with Classic Bingo

 The most-quoted and popular gaming site, 888Games, features Video Slots, Instant Win, Numbers Games such as Keno and Trumps, and other popular games. In the sports betting world, 888 holds a position of respect, and is often quoted as to odds and other betting statistics. Since its inception in 1997, 888 has taken its place as a leader in the field of online gaming. 888 merits its popularity by providing top gaming entertainment, as well as sports analyses through its in-depth knowledge of the sporting field. provides a varied selection of gaming entertainment, from poker to bingo to sports betting. 888 offers these gaming options globally in regulated markets. 888 has a presence in 176 countries and can be accessed in 22 languages. The Government of Gibraltar has licensed 888, and provides the regulations for the company. Having established a policy of corporate and social responsibility, 888 is a prime example of the best that online gaming has to offer. The goal of 888 is to run a regulated and secure gaming environment that is safe, fun and honest. This is a fair-minded and successful gaming provider. 888 is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Free Bingo Hunter

 A popular bingo portal situated in the UK market, Free Bingo Hunter provides free bingo deals, bonuses, fun games, several exciting sites, news, blog entries and reviews. Arcade and casino games, along with bingo slots, can be found on the Free Bingo Hunter sites. To arrive at FBH Games, click on the “FBH Games” tab on the homepage of FBH includes all of the 888Games homepage offerings. The collaboration of two huge gaming sites offers to players the benefits of FBH Games.